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Poems 2001

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

All rights reserved

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And the men of the
Indians Natives shall
come forth

In this bright colors
will the dance
an announcement for

And from the sacred
Earth the harmony
will grow and all
that has been fouled
will be mode pure
down to the 7th generation.

John WorldPeace
03:00 A.M.

Sticky Poem

Sticky earth from which I cannot easily escape;
Sticky family for which I am grateful
but sometimes feel confined;
Sticky words in my throat;
Sticky thoughts in my head;
Sticky candy I love to taste
but unfortunately sticks to my waist;
Sticky engines that sometimes need a thump;
Sticky friends who mean well;
Sticky problems with sticky solutions;
this reality is a sticky place.
But, if the truth be known,
I am here for the sticky honey
and peanut butter and jelly
on my tongue.

John WorldPeace
07:11 A.M.


The twin pillars of New York
catch the morning sun
and reflected light
toward the East white marbled
like the pyramids
of ancient Egypt
not so long ago

The two mighty towers;
miracles of steal and
concrete and glass,
wonders of the
modern world
testimony to power
of mankind

High above the earth
the “WorldPeace Star”
the international space station
orbits the earth
as a beacon
in the heavens above
the towering light

Inside the three dimensional
matrix of corridors, shafts
and cubed space
thousands of human
beings toiled in
world affairs.

John WorldPeace


John WorldPeace Poems 2001 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2001 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2001 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2001 | World Peace Poems