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Poems 2002

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

All rights reserved

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She comes through the door
with a mischievous grin of “guess what today”

She checks the eyes
and senses for what is different-
what’s new.

Cautiously she enters,
reclaiming her space.
Integrating her energy with the others,
relaxing in the constant tension that
goes always with her tiny frame.

Her mind dances;
wanting to play-

Heavy thoughts are locked tightly away
in dark places.

A small kitty
spritely flitting from here to there-
housekeeping this and typing that.

And all the while eyes want to play
they want to go deep
to feel the dream.

The mind wants to speak,
the spirit wants to engage;
but oh the years between-
they are ever present.

The difference between
eighteen and fifty four
is not the same as between
one eighteen and one fifty four

The tension tingles the mind and soul.
The small fear of the unknown and unexplored.
The curiosity, oh the curiosity
it never stops quivering.

The female mouse always experiences the male cat
even as she dances in his moonlit night.

John WorldPeace
04:49 P.M.



We walk they the forest
and we come through the clearing

I was studying in the light
waiting for you

High above the earth
I am in a melancholy state

I could hear you

Whispering words of wisdom
and voices of love

Sweet causes that caresses the were 
never felt

Rainbows butterflies were dancing around
magically more about

blissfully happy and totally complete

overhauled and enthusiasm
and laughing out loud
with not core in the world

John WorldPeace.



The Four blades
soft roar
keeping me company
in my office

Only the fan and I.
everyone else is gone

I write up the old
round card table
of my grandfather
prairie home

I see by the light
of a stained glass lamp
hanging from the ceiling

The memories of this and that
place sound the room.
speaks out in noisy

The rain falls outside
and as always creates
an artificial womb

I sit still
relaxing with pen
and yellow pad
I my rocking chair
my son gave me
after my heart

The world tries to box
Me in
but it will never succeed
all things or but a dream

I have my faith
and it serves me well
I have my wife and
children and
lovers too.

All things have their enduring
all worries are just
the mind at play

I am the captain of my life
this small space could
be an ship or shore
here or there
the place matters not

I sit here in peace of mind
I sit here and consider the
fullness of my life to date

The energy life force is strong
the flow of the unfolding
future is powerful

I synchronize the me of me
to what I know supports
this reality
I become the force
and pulse and surf

I pleasure in the ____ of being

John WorldPeace
07:11 P.M.



Days and Nights

The forces of the night
give way to the
work of the coming day

The thresholds of the nightly house
weakens as the tasks of the
day demand the bodies awakens

Thoughts came crackling in an the
sleep numbered mind and body.
The mind actuates in a fog

The eyes open to the darkness outside
and move to the clock to verify
the time the body already knows

So begins the day
a blank page
of undone deeds laid
on the table

Later today as the body
collapses into sleep
the blank page will
have transformed in
an immutable
tablet of clay

John WorldPeace 02/08/16
07:12 A.M.

John WorldPeace Poems 2002 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2002 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2002 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2002 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2002 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 2002 | World Peace Poems