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Poems 2010

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Houston, Texas USA

All rights reserved

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The energy showers down on me
my vibration intensifies
my body shakes
my mind can find no place to attach

A million thoughts
an opening in the void
a window through many dimensions
I feel a call to return home
but that is not what is going on

No one can understand
I have broken the mysterious seals
between worlds, between realities
at the inter dimensional intersection
I can feel all paths course through my mind

I am moving at warp speed
but not going any place
that anyone would notice

I am a kid anticipating
Christmas birthday and my own puppy dog

I feel like I am about to disappear
over there


Peace Prayer

Almighty God
hear this our prayer for peace
with joined hands we pray looking up
we feel each one of us as One
we see no skin, acknowledge no color.

We fold our cranes and doves of peace
we touch to them the fires
of our passionate prayers for peace
and bless their sacred smoke
sent to you.

Great Spirit
we people of the earth
with joined hands and bare feet on the
sacred ground
feel each one of us as one
nation without division.

We beat our drums
and send the vibration of our hearts
to your great lodge
this our most sacred prayer of peace.

Oh Infinite Oneness
from which all things manifest and
back into which all things disintegrate
we lay our religious symbols and sacred
clothes upon the ground
and chant no holy hymns but
pray as one spiritual human fellowship
for peace within our humble human society.

We uplift our spirits as one
and open our hearts in tears
of peace drops raining upon the earth
that is our sacred home.

Oh people of the earth
let us acknowledge the masculine strength
and embrace the feminine love
together as one in peace and harmony
angels everyone on the ground.

Oh people of the earth
join our prayer for peace
and merge your primal light
with ours in blindness to
race, religion, nation, and gender.

In committed prayer
join us now as one
that we may give one to the other
the blessing of peace on earth
in our children’s name.



Morning came at 00:30
and I find that I have been allowed
another day in this reality.

Who knows how long it was
between the time I went to sleep
and when I awoke

It could have been a million years
no one knows how long one really sleeps
or if there is such a thing as sleep.

No matter,
I am conscious of what I am conscious of
these eyes see
these ears hear
the magnificence of this time and place.

It is all just a dream
and I am the dreamer
of it all.


another day on this
traveling this destiny
with millions of
most asleep

But I am awake
and that awareness
leaves me exhausted
even when I
am rested

I look around
I see my art
another project
another time

In my mental closet
many unborn paintings
sit on easels
waiting for time to
view them and
then produce them
in this reality

Off to the gym
I must keep fit
to stay alive in this life
then off to ride my horse
my connection to
unbalanced past lives.

I wonder how much time
really elapsed from when I
went to sleep last night
and when I woke
this morning

There is no time on the inner plane
who knows how long I
put this life aside

I am just a tiny traveler
in a place where there is
no time
a place where there is
only now

The awesome reality of time
can only be experienced in
this human vehicle
which reveals it.


The familiar pen
returns to my hand
a fountain pen
like the one I learned to
write with
so long ago

But this one is more expensive
heavier and black and white

I feel the weight of all it
has yet to write
I feel the weight of
staring eyes gazing
upon it in its
glass case hundreds
of years from now

I wrote in solitude
no one knows my name

I have peace
in anonymity

Jail was punishment
but it was freedom
from the cares of the
world. So much peace.

Now my life of freedom is
crowded with so many things
obligations and goals
plans and dreams ongoing

The minutes
tick by,
I creep toward my death
my end.

Yet the more I write
the more that fills my head
my connectivity to the
universe is so strong
dynamic and intense

Oh I wanted this pen so bad
in prison
but I had to write
with the cheapest of pens

Pens bought in corruption
pens that wrote 4 pages
and cost 79 cents
more harassment

Now I am free
I can’t sleep
too tired to write
and yet I do

The new day comes
my agenda is full
I am tired
I want some coffee
but I am out

The clock approaches 0400

I want to go to bed
but I know I will dream
and my body will not

I begin to sleep
under an umbrella
on the beach
all day
just sleep

And wake completely rested

But if I sleep
I can’t ride my horse Cal
slowly down the beach
between the crowds
and the water

I have miles to go
before I sleep
before this pen
retires in motionless bliss

My hand falls asleep
my defective right eye
hampers my focus
yet I write on and on

Even when I get up
I will write on the
inside back of my skull

There is no rest
no peace
for WorldPeace.


The days of my life
rush through the neck of
the hour glass

Decades lay before me
but I know it will be
just a flash of light
then a burned out

Only a small
puddle of wax remains

I know I will be back
and very soon
maybe only a few months
certainly not a year

I don’t acknowledged death
I die each night.


The early morning has come
I am awake at 02:00
after 4 hours of sleep

The day is too full
more events than can be done
something must give
such is life

For a busy man like me
just not enough time
and I know in the
coming days the time
I have to be free
will be greatly reduced


The future begins to unfold
the past is being shadowed
and soon will be covered
by the turning of a giant
page in the book that is my life

The visions I saw two years ago
begin to manifest in many
unexpected ways
what I saw comes true
but I only peripherally
understood what
I visualized

I have my peace now
the more I let go of my family
the more peace I find
the family I so wanted
as a young man and received
became my nemesis in time

A new day, a new life I have come through
many storms. Survived enemies
survived to fragility of being
human prone to decay and decrepitude
all the past
condenses into a tight
ball of light
and fades like a distant star
receding merging into the
universe of galaxies and stars

I am now born
as a child, helpless
but as an old man
fully grown aged in experience

The old rules dont apply
I am free to make my
own rules now
to travel any road
I please

I dont move as fast now
but I didn’t need to,
the dance of life at this age
is slow but intense
with dynamics I could
never have imagined.


Let love bathe
you in its

Experience the
love of me
for you
it matters
not that
we have
but a
little room

Our love
shall fill
this house

It matters
not where
we may

Our love
shall always
in our private
little heaven

To Kay
From John Worldpeace
Happy Birthday



Old warriors
sit in the waiting room chairs
everyone a strike soldier
in the past

All the memories
over the decades
death and aggression
disconnected not form
those violent places
so far away

Now the bodies
deteriorating in old age
rusty like the equipment
they long ago used
to kill
other human beings

Now off the battlefield of war
past the conflicts of simply living
they now sit in plane chairs
arranged in rows
being called and ordered
to this room or that

As each day goes by
some of them pass on
never to return to this
place of ordered chairs

This is a place of old men
a few women come here too,
but mostly just old men
and I am one
within these ranks



My little woman
short and blond
with coke bottle glasses
magnifying pale blue eyes

Her determination
makes me smile
she has been more of a
conventional warrior than I

But she had charted her course
and kept in her chosen path
she has my respect
and she has my love

She is pushy and a bit all knowing
she fires and her opinions
dictate her orders
but I smile and do as I please

She is glued to me
caught by an invisible line
with a bracelet on both wrists
holding fast me to her
and her to me

She thinks she is not caught
but I know better
because I am caught
and she is at the
end of the line

When I am near and close
and look down at her little
five foot frame
I just fill with joy
and smile in peace

My path in life is still quite long
it will be a while before I
lay down and forever rest it will not seem

Two wives left me after two decades each
this little lady some how
I think will never leave
my side

I am happy
because I see her light up inside
when she catches me looking at her
as she scurries
around in my presence


The clock hand spins
and digital numbers advance

Where has my life been
so much is gone

The road now appears to be long
decades or more until the end

Many long lived projects
or more mature

It is easy to see where
and what has been productive

I have not worked my life
but so much is almost finished
my death now would dissipate
it all into nothingness

I hold fast to my faith
God is still my focus
my promise still intact

The word up to now has been dynamic
and brutal some important things
have advanced
some important things have
forever passed by

It is late at night
the house is quiet
I am happy with the
significance of what
I presently am


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