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Forever In Bloom

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1987 by John WorldPeace
Houston, Texas USA

All rights reserved


Forever in bloom,
love is forever in bloom.

Love is forever Spring
when all that is the universe
channels through the loving Mother Earth.

Love is man, love is woman.
Love is the eternal celestial bonding
that is forever in bloom.


What will there be to say
when it is all said?
What will there be to write
when it has all been written?

When all has been said,
I will say I love you.

When I have written all there is to write,
I will write "I love you" for eternity.


I love you from the mountains and the valleys,
from the center of the galaxy
to the edge of All There Is.

I love you from the depth of my soul
to the being of each of my physical atoms.

From here to eternity and back again
and beyond;

from all that is me
to all that is you;
I love you, I love you.
I sincerely, totally completely,
eternally love you.


Hand in hand we walk through the sun dappled meadow.
The summer heat rises from the green earth
and the flowered nectar fills the air.
So much peace, so much tranquility.
These earth bodies are filled
with the pleasurable vibrations of the earth.
And I am filled
with the lovely physical presence of you.


Candlelight flickers on the wall
while butterflies dance above our heads.
The rhythm of life surges and flows between you and me.
The love builds then flows and expands and releases.
Over and over, round and round,
we float and turn in magic spaces.
The butterflies multiply with each gentle surging,
while Heaven's fairy's lights come to join the dance.
Eons and time immemorial comes and goes
as we love and caress on these inner planes.
All time and life suspends
as we lock in this immortal embrace.
Oh beloved one, how majestic is our bonding,
how magnificent our merging.
Come now, take my hand
and travel with me on that celestial blissful path.
Join with me until day becomes night
and All That Is,
is no more.


The day unfolds and memories of you
begin to possess my consciousness.
The bond that grows between us
creates a morning longing for your touch.

It matters not how much I caress you with my mind.
It is your touch that I need to calm my restless soul.

Come to me my love.
Come quench this lonely fire of wanting.
Come caress me with your lips
and fill my emptiness.


Out of my heart came songs of love,
of heaven's forever amour.
Melodies so sweet and pure
that my soul could hardly bear to receive them.
Love's garden of infinite perfection
cosmic, exquisite love.
Oh heart of my heart,
love of my soul,
life of my life,
I love you.

Oh beautiful dreamer
come dream love's celestial fantasy with me.


The encircling compass spreads wide,
comes close.
The binding screw make one of the two.
The point of one remains fixed,
the point of the other
moves round and back again.

Then the traveler becomes the rock
and the center becomes the circumference.

Opening and closing,
together and apart,
life's lessons in steel.

The point of you
and the point of me
often close but never touching.
The spirit of you,
the soul of me;
always touching, never apart.

So it is my beloved.
Two beings are we
orbiting close and far
around a universal sun.


I bring forth an image of you
standing there gazing at me.
I walk toward you
and bring you into my arms and kiss you.
Hoping that wherever you are,
you felt it.


I reach out and touch the hand of peaceful harmonious bliss.
You are the vibration of total euphoric serenity.
You are the harp of love.
I step out of my body
as my body steps out of its clothing.

My milky energy comes to bathe
in the golden light of your vibration.
With outstretched arms,
you welcome me.
With love without bounds and pure,
you envelope me in your perfect harmony.

My vibration in you love.
I melt into your perfection.

From the beginning of light,
so has it been.
Until the end of time,
so shall it be.
I thank God
and All There Is
for the wonder of you.


You are like a golden pool
which I visit every day.
I come to admire your beauty
and to gaze at my reflection
in your eyes.
I come to drink of your passion
and bathe in your presence.
I come so that I may live
in your love for an endless moment.
I come because I am in love with you.


The Universe fills the chair where you rest.
And all that is comes
to lay down at your feet.
You are love beyond imagination
and the light that emanates from your presence
can melt even the coldest heart.
Your are the Universe
and I am but a solitary star
orbiting closer,
trying not to be totally absorbed
by you.


I heard your soft voice say my name;


I awake to find you are not here.
But I know you were calling me
to come and see something tender.


Wonderful thoughts of you.
Wonderful thought of blue.
Lonely thoughts of me.
Lonely thoughts of me
without you.


How can I write the music of you soul?
How could I ever write what I hear?
I hear the whole universe singing in perfect harmony.
I feel the universe in perfect rhythm
when I feel your wonder.

I meet you in the universe
and expand and integrate
and merge with you.
We expand and contract
and touch and turn.

The yellow star filled light
opens up the indigo void
and we bathe together as One
in the Golden Light.

We come together touching
each atom to each,
each particle to each,
so that all that we are
touches one to the other.

Oh how magnificent this is
to send my conscious thoughts
bonded with yours
racing from atom to atom
and part to part.
Racing to each instant of our being
like frenzied etheric bumble bees
gathering the energy
from each tiny infinite bonding.

Off we race hand in hand,
touching, sailing, speeding,
darting, turning, loving, loving, loving.
While back in this reality
on this earth
in this room,
I remain locked in your close embrace
wanting never to let go.


Beautiful light projects through
soft brown eyes:
the gentle loving soul that lovingly caresses
all that she sees.

How peaceful and loving her being.
God kisses her awake each day
and holds her tight each night.

How much love comes through those soft eyes?
How much heaven resides in that heart?
How much light draws each and all?

What a lovely delicate creature that God has made.
What a beautiful angel he has allowed
to walk among us.
What happiness and joy fills my heart
when I am near.

Oh gentle one, God holds your hand
while his angels caress one of their own.

Oh gentle one I love you too.


I know not of the origin your cosmic dust.
I know not the birthplace of you soul.
I only know it was in th rarest parts of the cosmos.
For there could never be another you.


Down from the heavenly host
out of the presence of God's light.
Comes an Angel so pure and full of beauty
that all who touch her bow in love.

I watched her leave the magnificent light
and descend to this earthly plane.

I am just a player on this earthly field
but I keep my eyes fixed on heaven's gate.

I watch the coming and goings
to and from the presence of God.

I saw this one so special
and was entranced by her light,
so pure and full of love.

My heart and soul began to shake
as she descended toward my light.

I saw her beautiful eyes
I saw them embrace my gaze
and penetrate my soul.

I stood my space,
I stood fast and braced myself
against the emotional flood.

To my presence she came and all that I am
began to dissolve as all the world vanished.

She came to my lips
and we transcended this reality to listen
as all of heaven sang.


Come to me my sacred love
and breathe with me the spiritual smoke.

The fire that burns between us.

Our child - the fire,
the warm smoldering
flaming fire of us.


Dark eyes from foreign lands
penetrate my being and hold fast my heart.

I gaze into a universe of thoughts
and traditions that are strange to
my present reality.

As I stare as I look,
I see times past.

I see the same dark eyes staring,
but I see a foreign land.

I use my peripheral psychic vision
to observe the place and time.
My physical eyes locked to hers
and hers to mine.

We again leave this place of ancient time
and travel to one more ancient and more distant.

Like slides in a modern projector
we watch the past times
and shared lives flash upon the psychic screen.

Oh, dear one, how many times
have there been for us and
how many more between now and eternity;
I don't know.

But I now know how it is that
your presence entrances me
and holds fast my soul.


What golden hair in this
that lays next to me?

What soft flesh that caresses mine?
What tenderness beneath my finger tips?
The incredible love of you
that intercepts with the loving from me.

Who are we? I don't know.
But we fill the universe with
our love.


I sit here in your presence
looking into your eyes
and floating like a balloon
filled with helium.

I look into your eyes
and I began to float up
and out into the universe
where we make etheric love.

Then I feel your gentle tug
on the string that holds
my being fast to this earth.

You pull me down
down to this earthly plane;
you ground me.

Then, then you kiss me,
release the string and let me
float again away.

I receive my etheric kiss,
then I am retrieved,
then my earthly kiss,
then released.

O what wonderful pleasures
exist in being loved
by both of you
by all of you.


I hear a bird
I smell a rose
I feel the sun
I see the sky
I taste the grass
I think of you.

I hear a cricket
I smell the night
I feel the breeze
I see the moon
I think of you

I hear the waves
I smell the sea
I feel the sand
I think of you

I hear the thunder
I smell the rain
I think of you

I hear the music
I think of you

I think of you.


What is a rose in perpetual bloom?
A rose with infinite blossoms
one at a time.

A rose that blooms
each time it's touched.

That rose is you.

When my light
caresses your face,
your light breaks
forth into a million red petals.

When I say the words
you've longed to hear,
you erupt into
Eternal Spring blooming
and bathe me in celestial love.

Come with me my love of life.

Come with me to light the world.


I look into your eyes
and move into your energy
so that I may feel your
loving vibration.

Who are you? I do not yet know.
I only know there is an attraction.
I will wait for you.
I will not rush but
I will move closer.

I will gently caress
your vibrations with mine.

I will bathe
you in my love.
I will enjoy you with my eyes.

I will patiently
wait your attention.

You make me want to jump and shout
and act a fool.

I want to climb a mountain
I want to swim the sea
I want to fly the skies
I want to kiss your lips.

I want to skip
I want to hop
I want to run.

I want to hurry here
and holler there

I want to run naked in the cold
I want to lay naked in the sun.

I want to dance
I want to play
I want to ride
I want to slide
I want to stand
on the mountain top
and shout.

I want to shout
from North Pole to South.
I want to shout I love you.

I want to shout to the world
that you love me:
that you and me,
that we are in love


I had a dream
that we visited
a flowered meadow
on a starry moonlight night.

And as we strolled
hand in hand
breathing the flowered nectar,
I raised my eyes to the heavens
to see a billion stars

I thought about the nectar of your body
and the lights in your eyes.

I thought how your gentle self
embodies the pleasures of the universe.


What light is this that radiates from
your beautiful skin.

Is your soul so pure?
is your light so clear?

You radiate all that is of worth.

Your are the pearl of great price.

I have never touched one so pure,
so full of love

Oh beloved one, come close.
Place your soft hands
upon my head
and hold it gently between
your tender breasts.

Let love from
your wonderful soul
flow through your loving heart.

Oh beloved one,
give peace to this
one of old.

Let me lay in the light
of your God kissed soul.


Where upon the plane of earth
lies the magnificent beauty
of the universe?

Where is the light that shines so pure?
where is God's perfect gem?

Far and wide on the etheric plane
I have wandered
searching the Infinite Potential
for God's perfect incarnate angel:
the one in whose being
God has mirrored his creation.

In this wonderful
day of days,
I look into my hand and find yours.

I find your delicate and beautiful hand.

Like a child at Christmas,
I move my eyes to meet yours
in anticipated jubilation
of what I shall see:
God's magnificent
universe shining bright from Thee.


The light from your eyes
comes forth in blue and pink and

The whirling lights
and stars of
All There Is
dance far inside
your beautiful soul.

I send my light
deep within your being
merging with your celestial presence.

I fill all that is you
with all that is me
as we dance eternity's dance


Who is this who sits with me
on this could and wet winters day?

What joy is this and from
whence did it come?

What love is this
that gently touches my heart?

What happiness is this
that brings forth the sun each
waking day?

What soul is this
that brings God's light
to this earthly place?

What and who are you
I may never know
but my life each night and day
is all it is
because you touched me
this cold and wet winter's day.


I slip from conscious thoughts
into the night dream.

I await at the door
a moment longer
slowly closing
the door of day.

Slowly closing,
softly, silently closing
the door;
turning now to grasp
your hand to travel
our nocturnal rounds.

Loosed of physical containers
and mental walls,
Loose to absorb the Universe
with you.


Oh lovely one
who vaporizes all my tears
and fills each lonely moment,
come to me now,
fly to me on angels wings.

Gently carry my tiny soul
into your loving heart.

Bathe me there
in love's golden pool.
Kiss my immortal needs
kiss me with love vibration

And as you return me
to this earthly plane,
hold fast my hand in love's
eternal bond.


To what shall I compare you?
Shall I compare your soft skin
to the moonlight on summer's eve?
Shall I compare your cheeks
to the soft velvet pastel
or a new born rose?

Shall I compare your eyes
to the Heavens on a clear night?

No I shall
not compare you
to any of these
or anything else.

Because anything I
compare with you
will be embarrassed
by your mystical beauty.


I set the fires
of you passion
and the flames
consume your body in
fires you thought were confined
to Hell.

The writhing pain of passionate
fire for which only I have the relief
calls out for me.

I come to you
with my passion and together
we mix our infernos and explode
into another realm


The sweet harmony
of your loving vibration
maintains my soul on
a constant high.

The strong waves of love's pulsing,
sweet caring, cushions me from
All That Is.

You are my love
and from eternity's past
you have come with your love
to this time of need.

You have waited and watched
from on high.
You have lovingly waited
your chance to intercept.

Thank God for you.
Thank you for you.
Thank you for your
healing love.


I kissed your lips and the melody
of a thousand songs filled my ears.

Spring blossomed pastel flowers
in a giant display of overwhelming beauty.

A thousand delicate birds
adorned the trees and envied our experience.

The blue sky built magnificent
fantasies out of marshmallow clouds
as the sun and moon
radiated our bodies from on high


Kiss me awake each morning
and I will be your slave.

I will do your bidding
and I will love you like never before.

Kiss me asleep each night
and I will come to you in your dreams
to grant all your wishes
and love you like never before


Night is dark and the light is dim
from yellow candles
burning cold crisp night air.

Music comes from electronic plastic;
songs of sad
songs of joy.

I lay here in my aloneness
watching this pen track this paper.

I lay alone wondering,
deeply crying for you.

Where are you my love?
Where are you?

The future cannot
unfold fast enough for our meeting.

I wait for you
on this lonely night.
I wait anticipating your coming.


Love is a beautiful
and precious gift from God.

And as I lay here
half asleep, I think of the
beautiful gift of love
that came with you.

With outstretched hands
you gave the gifts of peace and love
and understanding.

With humble eyes
you filled my needs and soothed
my aching heart.

For all my life
and then beyond,
I shall carry
your precious gift of love.


Dark eyes look cautiously
through veils of imagined fears

Love calls out
from deep within
and strong hands caress soft skin.
like a tiger
in the night
with only eyes
revealed in light,
hiding from pleasure and pain.

Cautiously watching, she tensely rests;
body and soul on fire

All ablaze an iron clad will
denies the emotions that call out.


Two sailplanes
traverse the valley
in perfect skies of blue.

Below the earth
passes acknowledging that above.

Two sailplanes of perfect red and yellow
sail and roll over velvet
waves of earth's blue sky.

You and me in perfect union,
we flow from here to there for all to see.


What a wonderful day that came
what a joyous night that comes.

Two spirits of immortal light
traveling in the silent night.

Here we sit and be,
loving in each others energy.

Who is to say what
tomorrow brings;
Only that tonight
the whole universe sings


White summer lace gently lay
on gentle smooth skin;

The nakedness
of one so beautiful
kissed by white lace
in summer shade.

The personification of all the beauty
that this earthly reality
can produce.

Soft golden hair
caresses the face
and lays softly
on white lace
while soft and gentle
loving eyes caress me
as I marvel at all the beauty
that is you.


I wrote a thousand poems
of perfect celestial
love; I wrote.

Time and again
my thoughts
went to that perfect love.

Always a dream
always a fantasy
always someone else's
wish come true.

Then I met you.
I looked into your
mystic eyes.

I held your soft body.
I kissed your loving lips.

Then I understood
that all that I had written
of love's emotional bliss
was only straw in the winter wind.


Love lives on paper and ink.

Hearts merge and souls rejoice.

Angels sing and God smiles.

On bonds of love between one and two:

Love lives on paper and ink.

Forever recorded in the book
of forever.

Love's eternal vibrations
move, forever expanding
within the Infinite Potential.


Past memories flood my crown;
black hair on white satin pillows.
The soft breathing,
the moments of peace
of you in your sleeping.

As for me, love in the watching.
The gentle gazing,
the cosmic touching of me and you.

intangible vibrations
of a meandering mind
uncover past touching,
a secreted soft remembering of you.


I sit here waiting for you to call.
I wait patiently for you to
start my day.

I am a tin soldier
and you are a princess.
Each morning you whisper
in my ear and I come alive
to meet the day.

I am a tin soldier on a shelf
and I wait for your attention.

Patiently waiting for you to give me
a ration of you love


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