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1948 to Present


Dr John WorldPeace JD - Autobiography


Dr John WorldPeace JD Biographical Timeline and Micro-Summary

Part I. - Dr John WorldPeace JD Autobiography (b)1948 to 1969
- beginning pages are typed but not edited (pdf format)
- subsequent pages are the cursive original pages  

Part II. From 1969 to 1988 when Dr Jwp was married to
Sandra Lyn (Morris) (Wolter) Jacobs CPA - Houston, Texas
- beginning pages are typed but not edited (pdf format)
- subsequent pages are the cursive original pages  

Part III. 1988 to 2007 Wen Dr Jwp was married to
Elizabeth Kay (Goldman) (Long) (WorldPeace) (Long) - Georgia
- beginning pages are typed but not edited (pdf format)
- subsequent pages are the cursive original pages  

Part IV. 2008 See: Dr John WorldPeace JD Prison Journal 2008

Part V. Jan 2009 to May 13, 2011 Jwp without companion
- In the process of being written.

Part VI. May 13, 2011 to 2015 Jwp informal relationship cohabitating with
Rachel Anne Stone
- In the process of being written.

Part VII. 2015 to present Jwp without companion
-In the process of being written


1948 - Born Kenneth Edward Wolter: April 24, 1948, 9:55 PM, Houston, Texas (1/4 German (Wolter), 1/4 Swedish (Poulson), 1/4 Scot (MacPherson & McQuaig), 1/8 French (Haipel), 1/8 Irish (Ellis)) American ancesters in Revolutionary War, W? Rowntree and Confederate Surgeon, R R MacPherson.
1966 - Graduated SP Waltrip High School June 1966
1969 - Married Sandra Lyn Morris - May 1969
1970 - Graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Houston, August 1970.
1970 - Drafted US Army October 1970, trained as infantryman, promoted to rank of E-5 Sergeant 1971
1971 - First child born July 1971, Stephanie Anne Wolter, Houston, Texas
1971 - September 1971 stationed in Vicenza, Italy, SEATF (NATO).
1972 - May 1972 discharged from US Army Fort Dix, New Jersey.
1972 - Raised to Master Mason at the same time my father. Joined Scottish Rite and Arabia Shrine Temple. (After changing my name to John WorldPeace in April 1988, I disengaged from all memberships except the State Bar which was required to practice law.)

1974 - March 1974, Second child born, Brian Edward Wolter, Houston, Texas
1975 - July 1975, Third child born, J M, Houston, Texas
1976 - December 1976, Fourth child born, David Morris Wolter, Houston, Texas
1977 - July 1977 returned to college to study accounting.
1977 - My grandfathers both died. Marvin August Wolter (@80) and Norman John Ellis (@77). I was very close to both.
I was the old grandchild on my father's side and oldest grandson and second oldest on my mother's side.
1978 - Acquired Chartered Life Underwriter and Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter
1978 - Graduated with Bachelor of Accountancy, 5 year degree, University of Houston
1978 - August 1978, entered University of Houston Bates College of Law.
1981 - January 1981, began Bookkeeping business.
1984 - August 1984, Graduated Law School.
1984 - November 1984 purchased 1200 client tax business.
1985 - Passed the Texas State Bar
1985- May 1985, opened Kenneth Edward Wolter Attorney at Law, Houston, Texas.
1987 - February 1987 divorce final between Kenneth and Sandra Lyn Morris Wolter (Jacobs). I know of no person as evil and without any redeeming value as this woman. I have not spoken to her since 1988. She destroyed our family and abandoned our four children a year later. Sandra (who I have referred to as the Snake since the divorce so I will not forget what a dark soul she is) was a high school graduate. At the time of the divorce we had a bookkeeping business, tax business and law business and would have made $1 million in 1986. She took the bookkeeping business, I kept the law and tax business both of which I shut down a year later when the Snake abandoned the children and the boys came to live with me. I became a full time father for 5 years and worked a menial job for 2 more. The divorce was uncontested but there was 7 years of post divorce custody hell created by the Snake.
1987 - My grandmother, Inez Poulson Wolter, died (@82). I was very close to her.

1988 - April 1, 1988, (April Fool's Day and Good Friday) Kenneth Edward Wolter makes a personal commitment to change his name to John WorldPeace and begin his WorldPeace Advocacy.
1988 - September 1988 Brian Wolter moved in with JWP, October 1988, Elizabeth Kay Goldman Long moved in with  JWP as his wife, October 1988 John Wolter moved in with JWP,. December 1988, David Wolter moved in with JWP.
1989 - Stephanie Anne Wolter Jackson Cluver ??? ran away from Sandra Wolter, got pregnant and then married and eventually divorced.
1990 - January 1, 1990, John WorldPeace marries Elizabeth Kay Long in private ceremony, Houston, Texas
1990 - John and Kay move with John, Brian and David to Olethe, Texas, 17 miles from Groesbeck to take care of Kay's ailing father. We live on 125 acres basically isolated in the woods.
1991 - June 1991, Charles Goldman, Kay's father dies.
1991 - my oldest son Brian told a huge lie about me, which he has never admitted and left the farm. I helped him go into the Marines in 1995. I have not talked to him after 1995.
He was enabled in his alcoholism by his mother. He is clean and sober now at 42. He, my youngest son and my daughter are cut too much from the dark cloth that is their mother. I have one stellar son.
1992 - June 1992, Kay sells her interest in the farm to her sisters and moves with John WorldPeace and his sons back to Houston. Kay had two sons same ages as mine, Scott and Cody.
1993 - January 1993, John and Kay WorldPeace and John and David Wolter, move to Broomfield, Colorado, to get away from harassment of Sandra Lyn Wolter.
1994 - John Wolter graduates from High School in Colorado and joins U S Marine Corps in Houston.
1995 - Brian Wolter comes to Broomfield, lives with John and Kay for 2 months and joins U S Marine Corps.
1995 - David Wolter graduates from High School and joins U S Marine Corps in Broomfield.
1996 - John and Kay return to Houston and John reopens his law practice
1996 - My grandmother, Esther Brian MacPherson Ellis Clooney died (@91). I was very close to her.

December 1997, I had a widow maker class heart attack. It took out 20% of my heart. I refused the bypass. I was very fit but not healthy with cholesterol issues.
2000 – George Bush governor of Texas wins Presidency. Jwp decides to run for governor of Texas. From January 2001 to the Democratic Primary in March 2002 Jwp subordinated his business to running for governor.
2001 – LeAnne Lyne (18) hired by Jwp and in a few months moves in with John and Kay.
2003 – Jwp is disbarred illegally mostly due to his aggressive campaign and refusal to get in line with the Democratic Party’s lies and manipulation. A campaign similar to Donald Trump but I don’t have billion dollars.
Oct 2003 – Jwp starts a web design business with Kay acting as operations VP. Jwp ran sales. In Dec Jwp hired his youngest son David who was in the Philippines to run production.
August 2005, Leanne Lyne quit working with me and disengaged from me personally, married a woman and joined the US Army. A loss I have not been able to begin to replace.

December 2006, WorldPeace Web Designs billed $75,000. The business was growing at 30% a month. We had 45 employees. 17 allegedly in the Philippines.
January 2007 David tried to blackmail Jwp for money and shut down production. We had 432 websites in production and we were on target to make $5 million in 2007. The business began to crash. I disowned him for his treachery. I have not spoken to him since.
February 2007, Kay says she is quitting the business and the marriage due to the chaos.
July 2007 a US Deputy Marshall swore that he tried to serve Jwp a civil bench warrant to appear as a witness in his mother’s bankruptcy case and Jwp knocked him down and kicked him. A lie of course. More fallout from the run for governor.
December 2007 Kay walked through the divorce of Jwp and Kay Long. I know of no woman more angelic in her constant cheerful attitude, endless reserve to help others regardless of the abuse returned, carries no grudge, harbors no evil, goes around always doing good. She was significant collateral damage due to my son's bad acts.
December 23, 2007 Jwp allowed himself to be taken into custody for the Federal criminal warrant arising out of the Deputy’s lies.
Jwp was taken to Harris County Jail and put in a special cell block for cops and lawyers and immediate family of cops. My son is a cop.
In May 2008, I was given a max sentence for a misdemeanor of one year on a plead out. No way for anyone to overcome the testimony of a lying cop.  Judge Lyn Hughes Federal District Court Houston who was challenged by Jwp during the governor campaign got himself illegally appointed my Judge and made it known I was one of two people he hated the most in the world.  He is an ultraconservative effeminate male. I had agreed to plead out for one year misdemeanor the second time in court with my appointed lawyer. When the word got around the judiciary that I was in jail they tried to deny the plea bargain and asked for a felony and a 40 year sentence in court. I would have received 5-10. My cop son was a witness to the plea agreement between my lawyer and the prosecutor and the powers that be could not void the plea with his testimony.
July 2008 my 6 month sentence for allegedly practicing law without a license post being disbarred, another lie, in the county court I was taken in custody by the feds and sent to a contract prison in Falfurius to finish the rest of my Fed sentence for resisting arrest. I was in solitary confinement for 5 months with only 13 hours out of my cell during that period of time. Contrary to Judge Hughes desires my sentences ran concurrent and I did a total time of 12 months as opposed to 18.
December 19, 2008, I was released after serving my time and returned to Houston.
January 2009, I moved in with my 82 year old mother who was living alone with Alzheimer’s and colon cancer which she successfully concealed until early 2011.
March 2010 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my prostate was removed by robot surgery at the VA in July. No side effects to speak of. I am cancer free since the operation.
May 2011 I hired Rachel Stone (29) as an art apprentice. She moved in with me. My mother’s Alzheimer’s went into overdrive and Rachel and I moved out May 31, 2011, and prepared to move to Albuquerque NM.
September 2011, Rachel and I arrived in Albuquerque. I turned my mother over to my dark sister Cheryl Ann Wolter Harwell Gahm who lived 10 blocks away and had abadoned my mother 5 years prior and did all she could to stop her children from seeing my mother. Broke my mothers heart. My sister just allowed my mother to die in pain and suffering in her home doing the absolute minimum. My sister uses Christianity to pass judgment on virtually every human being on the planet. She stinks of religion and the worst that dark side of religion foists on the world. She and my first ex-wife joined forces to destroy me and my second wife and my children. My first ex, was successful in various ways in destroying the lives of 3 of 4 of our children.
May 2011 I had hernia surgery at the VA.
March 2013 Joyce Elaine Ellis Wolter, mother of Jwp, died of cancer at 86.
July 2013 Vernon August Wolter, father of Jwp, died of old age at 86.
March 2015 Rachel moved out into a nearby apartment in Albuquerque and continued to work for me for a few more months.
Jan 15, 2016, 18 years after the original heart attack, while coincidentally at the VA for an ENT appointment I began to have the precursor signs of a second heart attack.
January 20, 2016 I had a quadruple bypass. I recovered very fast. I had many ailments all of which seem in hindsight to be related to my deteriorating heart functions. They are all gone now.
Jun 2016 I had to have a laser surgery to remove a kidney stone.
July 2016 I had a pacemaker put in my chest more for the chance of my heart stopping than needing a pacemaker to control my heart.
August 2016, the various surgeries seem to have had the effect of returning my health back 25 years.
September 2016 Rachel moved to Sedona Arizona.

It is important for me to relate that I have never used illegal drugs and drink so little I could say I dont drink.

Dr John WorldPeace JD, October 3, 2016.

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