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I may not accomplish much with my WorldPeace Advocacy
but I will not go to my grave without being able to say, "I tried" !

WORLDPEACE ONE WORD. Unless and until it is written as one word, it will remain two things.

1) How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone 
(all races, all religions, all nations, both genders) in our vision of peace?

     We can't. Consider that A Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim vision of peace will never manifest WorldPeace because the dictates of all religious
bureaucracies are elitist and exclusive and WorldPeace is an all inclusive secular democratic determination.
Consider that an American vision of peace will never manifest WorldPeace.
Consider that a White race vision of peace will never manifest WorldPeace.
Consider that a Male vision of peace will never manifest WorldPeace.

If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth. Dr Jwp JD

2) “Can we expect the level of peace to significantly increase in the world human society if we do not teach peace in our colleges and universities?” The answer is obvious. We cannot. Colleges and universities must have a significant, focused, critical examination, discussion, conversation regarding peace in the world human society as part of their curriculum.

Dr John WorldPeace JD -Albuquerque, NM - Balloon Fiesta - October 7, 2017

















Dr John WorldPeace JD                                                        October 27, 2017
5901-J Wyoming Blvd NE Ste 120
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
713.825.8665 voice/text

TO: President David McFadden
c/o Manchester University
604 E. College Ave
North Manchester, Indiana 46962Manchester, Indiana 46962

on, OK 73050
Regarding: This is a letter follow up to my email sent to you the week of September 11, 2017, about establishing a Teach Peace curriculum leading to a Bachelor, Master and Ph.D.

President David McFadden,

The upfront question that I have is “Can we expect the level of peace to significantly increase in the world human society if we do not teach peace in our colleges and universities?” The answer is obvious. We cannot. Colleges and universities must have a significant, focused, critical examination, discussion, conversation regarding peace in the world human society as part of their curriculum.

Teaching peace is about teaching undergraduates the reality of an integrated world human society and the interactions of government, religion, the law, economics, education within nations and within the developing federation of nations. We have to teach what actions lead to peace and what actions lead to chaos and why. Without a template to gage the various aspects and dimensions of a global society we are going to graduate young adults without the foundational reality that without mutual respect for each other as human beings and a determination to work together in peace to solve issues which face the entire world human society, the chaos of primal predatory mindsets and nationalism is going to continue to create chaos and pain and suffering that ripples through every aspect of the world human society.

Donald Trump is attacking too many super complex problems that he simply is unable to comprehend or is just apathetic regarding them. His overall fascist apathy allows him to ignore the unnecessary level of chaos in America and the world human society that he is manifesting. Trump has made it obvious that the American system of politics has some serious flaws like the Electoral College which subverts majority rule.

We must teach a significant understanding of the foundations of peace and WorldPeace that impacts on every act and action individually and globally in the world human society. We must examine every action against a template of peace; a template that does not presently exists even in the most rudimentary form.

We have huge amounts of money invested in universities to primarily teach business and economics and science and technology. Yet the budget to teach peace in the world universities is basically non-existent. The reason for this is twofold. 1) No one really knows where to start and so peace is written off as ivory tower wishful thinking when increasing the level of peace is very much possible. 2) To get to the core reality with regards to the level of peace in the world human society requires a foray into the workings of Religions, Governments and the Courts of Law and confronting the undeniable subordination of women to second class citizenship worldwide.  When you start looking at these four areas, you have to acknowledge their flaws. The conservative orientation of churches and nation states and the courts is not open to criticism much less change. To challenge them, will negatively impact academic funding to some degree.

Global structures of religions, governments and courts of law are maintainers of peace. Yet these bureaucracies have stagnated in the area of increasing the level of peace in the world human society. In fact, in many ways they are negative impactors. I have just recently realized that academic institutions are a positive social creation but they have been passive in teaching peace. If we do not teach peace, we cannot really expect the level of peace in the world human society to increase at more than a snail’s pace. Peace positively affects religions, governments and courts of law as the subordination of women negatively affects them. Therefore, I have added academic institutions as a fifth foundational factor with regards to increasing the level of peace in the world human society.
The universities unlike religions, governments and the courts of law do not significantly promote and support impediments to peace. But they have been almost totally passive as social institutions with regards to attempting to increase the level of peace in the world human society by teaching peace. They are just as guilty as all the other global social entities in supporting the subordination women. The list of college and university presidents is undeniably skewed to the masculine. I assume that trickles down into the faculties.

My attempts at increasing the peace in the world human society now includes five areas of focus; religions, governments (politics), courts of law, universities (education) and the subordination of women globally which negatively impacts all of the other four social entities.

The current curricula in peace generally address how to mediate and arbitrate without really speaking to the underlying human prejudices that are the foundations of rejecting change regarding the human biases toward other religions, governments, courts of law, the subordination of women and the significant prejudice against higher education by those without it. I had a loving father but he hated those with college educations.

The present academic courses focus on how to resolve conflicts that have developed whereas I am focused on how to reduce the number of conflicts that reach the point where they must be mediated. This is a huge difference in focus. I am trying to raise the consciousness of the world human society not just resolve conflict that has already boiled over a tipping point and is cascading down into more chaos and tension.

I have spent a lifetime in general and the last 30 years specifically, since I changed my name to John WorldPeace, committed to trying to determine how to increase the level of peace in the world human society.

I feel that my life experiences and my formal education and self-study make me uniquely qualified to head a department to Teach Peace at the university level; a department that would craft a curriculum that would lead to a Bachelor, Master & Ph.D. in Peace studies. Then the curriculum would be propagated to all the universities in the world and in time down to the kindergarten level. I do not believe that a person who does not have significant real world experience AND formal or self-education in race, politics, the courts, academia, and gender bias can effectively develop a Teach Peace curriculum. You can’t effectively develop what you have not personally experienced but only observed from the sidelines.

I have created a web page within my main website to keep a record of my attempts to find a university to work with me on this project and benefactors to fund the university where I establish it. I update this web page almost every day.
I am also working on a Teach Peace website.

I would suggest that my home page would be the best place to begin to understand who I am and what my philosophies and cosmology encompass. The next place to go would be to my site map on this website. Getting through all I have written is not going to be easy. There are in excess of 7,000 pages; more are added daily. The primary impression should be that I have over my lifetime significantly explored the question as to why the level of peace in the world human society has stagnated.

The foundational answer, which people at the least know subconsciously, is that our primal nature refuses to see others as human beings first and as a certain religious stripe, a certain race, a certain nationality second and the determination to keep women subordinated globally.

People are not open to change generally and they are much less open to changing their core beliefs that other religions, other nations, other races are inferior to their own; and the belief that women are inferior to men. None of this is true but believing it allows people to discount, demean, demonize, marginalize and prey upon other human beings if not commit outright genocide; to exploit other nations’ natural resources and economically enslave human beings around the world under the guise of capitalism. (Note that I am 100% supportive of capitalism recognizing that it is a very workable but none-the-less a predatory economic model.) Americans committed genocide against Native Americans and promoted the atrocities of slavery for economic reasons; neither of which have to this day been addressed in the form of an apology by an American president. There is no closure on these two issues. The truth is often paradoxical.

Teaching peace is, at its core, a challenge to local and global stability. At the present time in America it is a threatening challenge to everything that Donald Trump represents, which is a deconstruction of American values into an exclusionary, elitist fascist society.

Jesus was a threat to the Jewish religious bureaucracy and he was crucified. King, Gandhi, Mandela, Yitzhak Rabin threatened political stability. The Dali Lama was an impediment to political change. The consequences were personally severe for these peace advocates. Peace Advocacy is a risky and for the most part a thankless endeavor.

The truth is that people give lip service to peace but they hate peace and they hate those who advocate peace even more. This is my experience as John WorldPeace for the last 30 years. People give lip service only to Jesus’ “Love one another.”

That being said, you can probably expect a visit from the FBI or other Feds with regards to this letter. This is not a joke. I have been illegally jailed for a year by the Feds in 2008, based on the lying testimony of a Deputy U S Marshall who said I knocked him down and kicked him when he was trying to serve me with a CIVIL bench warrant. How ridiculous. The real problem was the Democratic Party who I relentlessly attacked in the 2002 Governor of Texas race as a Democratic Candidate. I have never been arrested or even in a physical altercation in my life but the judge was still stinging from an encounter I had with him during the campaign. A jury will almost never go contrary to a cop’s testimony. I plead guilty to a misdemeanor and the judge gave me the max sentence of one year after 6 months of trying to revoke my plea agreement.

The Feds began to watch me when I changed my name in April 1988, but intensified due to the problems they were having with David Koresh and thinking I was going to start a similar cult. I have no organization, no followers, disciples, members, etc. and never have and never will. I have not to date solicited money or set up a non-profit vehicle. I am soliciting grant money to be paid to a university to support my Teach Peace curriculum.

And all the above was before we had a fascist alt-right racist President. Peace Advocacy on my level was dangerous under Nixon and W. Bush but Trump is a rogue President with the will to use the Federal Government illegally for any purpose he chooses.

Being a Peace Advocate is a tricky business. That is not a statement I make lightly. I am going to make this Teach Peace University curriculum a reality. I am one person so I can only anchor the hub of my activities in one university even though I intend to propagate the curriculum globally to all colleges and universities and below.

As long as Trump is president, my timing is coincidentally perfect to bring home the need to teach peace. I have no peers in the position I am seeking. You can see why I make that claim in the first referenced URL above.

Three Questions: 1) Do you have a Department of Peace Studies within your college or university? 2) If not, why not? If yes, what is the focus? 3) Will you lead or will you follow?  THINK NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!

(Lastly, yes, there are Anonymous trolls who have posted negative things about me on the internet. That should not be a surprise to anyone. Responding to trolls is a waste of effort; more so to anonymous trolls. Trying to remove trolling posts from the internet is impossible.)

Thank you for your consideration,
Dr John WorldPeace JD

Updated 171027

My life is an open book. See: or just search “John WorldPeace” 



The following is added to the primary letter to College and University Presidents who head Christian based academic institutions. It speaks to the fact that I am proposing a Teach Peace curriculum that will challenge the basic concepts of religion. (Religion for me is the bureaucratic adjunct of Spirituality. It is in essence a corporation . It has all the aspects of a for profit corporation from selling its brand, gaining and achieving power, interacting with governments, and so on. There is a flaw to bureaucratic religion in that when there is a conflict between the teachings of the religions designated founder and the survival of the bureaucracy the message of the designated founder is skewed and subordinated for the survival of the religion. An example of this is the denial of women access to the top positions of power within the religious bureaucracy.) These Notes apply to all academic institutions but it is more of a problem for religious based academic institutions.

Dr. John WorldPeace JD

My opinion about the impediments to increasing the peace in the world human society are summarized in the letter to which it is attached. This attachment is sent to Christian based universities.

You are a religion based university, so I have to assume that you have some aspect of your peace studies program that speaks to the core issues of various religions that make them intolerant of each other. This is something that secular universities are always going to be hesitant to approach. One has to deal with the reality that there is a global belief in God but there are wars between religions and denominations within religions about the true path to God. A Christian peace is not going to manifest WorldPeace unless it finds a way to be inclusive of all religions which is virtually impossible when you are coming from a position of insistence that is grounded in the belief that your path to God is the best if not the only path.

I have reinterpreted most of the major texts of the major religions and my position is that if a person does not have some basic knowledge of all the sacred texts of all the major religions as well as some understanding of spirituality outside of religious doctrine and dogma, one is not going to have a good grasp on God. Just the basic understanding that there is the anthropomorphic God concept and there is the all-inclusive, omnipotent, omnipresent eternal God concept is more than a little difficult for humans to understand. The Tao te Ching states that statement of God is not the true God because in logical linear language God is always a limited concept. God is in truth infinite and immortal. You see even trying to relate this is almost impossible due to the realities of human communications.

Therefore, in a nutshell, in my opinion, if a teach peace program does not get into these kinds of discussions with regards to governments, race, religion, and gender (as regards to the subordination of women globally to second class citizenship) your attempt at increasing the peace effectively is only going to be marginal.

There is another anomaly in the world human society which is the lack of academic institutions willingness to even set up a Teach Peace program because to teach peace with my focus is going to create conflict. It is unfortunate that a subject that is so critical to the world human society is also one of the most contentious.

It is time to breakout. It is time to enter into the discussions of peace that are going to create disagreements but discussions that actually have a chance to break through the current stagnation of the level of peace that currently exists in the world human society.

Here is another truth, we live in a dreamscape (a spiritual concept I have adopted) that is constantly changing. Human beings cannot conceive of a reality that does not constantly manifest from the Oneness of Infinite Potential (another concept of mine) and disintegrate those manifestations back into the Infinite Potential. In the Infinite Potential, all things exist, have always existed, and will always exist. There was no beginning and there will be no end. In these human bodies, we are only able to relate to a limited part of any spectrum relating to the duality of this dreamscape. We cannot conceive of the far superior vision of an eagle and how we would deal with that.

We cannot conceive of an Infinite Potential in which there is beginning or end, no light or dark, no hot or cold, no up or down and yet includes everything. We cannot conceive of the concept that there is no past or future but only the now which is inclusive of all three. In a word, how can things be an indistinguishable part of the Infinite Potential and yet be a unique part at the same time.

Human beings cannot increase the level of peace within themselves much less within the world human society unless they expand their consciousness. And that will require dealing with some very difficult concepts and how they impact on one’s concepts of race, religion, government, gender and education as in teaching peace. (Whose peace do we teach?)

Your peace studies, like virtually all peace studies is focused on resolving existing conflict as opposed to getting into the foundational mindsets that cause conflict in the first place. I think many people would say working at peace on the level I am proposing is a waste of time because the nature of humanity “is what it is”.

The key to my teach peace program is to demand that the program be taught in a way that is successful in allowing disagreement without being disagreeable. There needs to be an introductory course that focuses on teaching being peaceful in the process of disagreeing.

Dr John WorldPeace JD



Letters mailed and date:

My intention is to mail every 4 Year College and University in the United States and in selected colleges and universities in Canada, UK, Paris, China and Russia and other nations if necessary. I will also send letters to the UN Ambassadors of all the other nations. (Side note. My intention is to in time send requests for dual citizenship to every country in the world with the intention of becoming the first World Citizen.)

"C" designates a religious based academic college or university:
"TP" designates some level of a Teach Peace curriculum:
171027 Year/Month/Day Letter mailed.

Chancellor Carol Christ, University of California Berkeley 170929
President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Stanford University 170929
President Christopher L. Eisgruber, Princeton University 170930
President Peter Salovey, Yale University 170930
President Jacob Adams, Claremont Graduate University 171002
President G Gabrielle Starr, Pomona College 171002
President Lara Tiedens, Scripps College 171002
President Melvin L. Oliver, Pitzer College 171002
President Marie Klawe, Harvey Mudd College 171002
President Hiram Chodosh, Claremont McKenna College 171002
President Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard University 171002
President Lee Bollinger, Columbia University 171002
President Gregory L. Fenves, University of Texas 171003
President Chaouki T. Abdallah, University of New Mexico 171003
Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos, Vanderbilt University 171003
President Vincent Price, Duke University 171003
President Philip J. Hanlon, Dartmouth College 171003
President Amy Gutman, University of Pennsylvania 171003
President Lee Bollinger, Columbia University 171003
President Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard University 171003
President David Leebron, Rice University 171003
Chancellor Renu Khator, University of Houston 171003
President Bruce D. Benson, University of Colorado 171004
President Adam Falk, Williams College 171004
Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton, Washington University of St Louis 171004
President Clayton S. Rose, Bowdoin College 171004
President Martha E. Pollack, Cornell University 171004
President Carolyn Martin, Amherst College 171004
President Joe A. Stepp, Alice Lloyd College 171004
President Christina Paxson, Brown University 171004
President Jerry C. Davis, College of the Ozarks 171004
President Morton O. Schapiro, Northwestern University 171004
President Sonya Christian, Bakersfield College 171009
President Harvey G. Stenger, Binghamton University 171009
President Sian Barnard, Barnard College 171009
President Roger Parrott, Belhaven University 171009
President Jay Barnes, Bethel University 171009
President Steven Leath, Auburn University 171009
President Mary Ellen Mazey, Bowling Green State University 171009
President David Finegold, DPHIL, Chatham University 171012
President Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D., Chapman University 171012
President Heidi R. MacPherson, Brockport State University 171012
President Leon Botstein, Bard College 171012
President Dr. Rebecca L. Sherrick, Aurora University 171012
President Richard B. Williams, Dixie State University 171012
President Dr. Harry Lee Williams, Delaware State University 171012
President Adam E. Weinberg, Denison University 171012
Presdient Robert Helmer, Baldwin Wallace University 171012
President Jeffrey D. Armstrong, Cal Poly 171012
President Barbara R. Snyder, Case Western Reserve University 171012
President David S. Wolk, Castleton 171012
President Tom LoBasso, Daytona State College 171012
President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D., Chestnut Hill College 171012
President Aminta H. Breaux, Bowie State University 171012
President Dr. Jennifer L. Frum, Armstrong State University 171012
Chancellor Dr. Sheri N. Everts, Appalachian State University 171012
President Seth Bodnar, University of Montana 171012
President Dr. Brian J. May, Angelo State University 171012
President James H. Mullen, Jr., Allegheny College 171012
President Dr. Katricia Pierson, East Central University 171012
President Dr. J. Timothy Cloyd, Drury University 171012

President Allison D. Garrett, Emporia State University 171015
President Troy D. VanAken, Elmhurst College 171015
President James L. Gaudino, Central Washington University 171015
President Aaron A. Walton, Cheyney University 171015
President Brian W. Casey, Colgate University 171015
President William J. Craft, Concordia Univesity 171015
President Maria Thompson, Ph.D., Copping State University 171015
President Daniel R. Porterfield, Ph.D., Franklin and Marshall College 171015
President Dr. Andy Tompkins, Fort Hays State University 171015
President James P. Clements, Ph.D., Clemson Universtiy 171015
President Karen M. Whitney, Clarion University 171015
President Laura Sparks, The Cooper Union 171015
President Katherine Bergeron, Connecticut College 171015
President Brian Noland, East Tennessee State University 171015
President Joseph G. Joyner, Ed.D., Flagler College 171015
President Denise A. Battles, Geneso 171016
President Laura Ahrens, Georgia College 171016
Presidnet Elizabeth Davis, Furman 171016
President John E. Thrasher, Florida State University 171016
President Dr. L. Fred Carter, Francis Marion University 171016
President Benjamin J. Allen, Iowa State University 171016
President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, Hartwick College 171016
President Dr. Neal Weaver, Georgia Southwestern State University 171016
President Dr. Raynard S. Kington, Grinnell College 171016
President Bob Kustra, Boise State University 171016
President Dr. Robert C. Robbins, University of Arizona 171025
President Kent J. Smith, Jr, Langston University 171025
President Elizabeth Bradley, Vassar 171025
President Daniel J. Bradley, Indiana State University171025
President Johathan R. Alger, James Madison University 171025
Chancellor Douglas A. Girod, University of Kansas 171025
President Dawood Farahi, Kean University 171025
President Dr. M. Christopher Brown II, Kentucky State University 171025
President David L. Coppula, Ph.D., Keystone College 171025
Chancellor Ronald Eisenbaumer, IPFW 171025
President Shirley M. Collado, Ithaca College 171025
Chancellor Philip L. Dubois, UNC Charlotte 171025
President Michael A. McRobbie, Indiana University 171025
President Larry Dietz, Illinois State University 171025
President Dr. Michael Fiorentino, Lock Haven University 171027
President William T. Luckey, Jr., Lindsey Wilson College 171027
President Brenda A. Allen, Ph.D., Lincoln University 171027
President Dr. Joseph Savoie, University of Lafayette 171027
President David McFadden, Manchester University C TP 171027
President Kent Trachte, Lycoming College 171027
President F. King Alexander, Louisiana State University 171027
President Kevin William Wildes, S.J., Ph.D., Loyola University C 171027





I am seeking funds to set up a Department of Peace to Teach Peace in a 4 year college or university and then propagate it globally and down to the kindergarten level.

How can we expect to increase the level of peace in the world human society if we do not Teach Peace in our colleges and universities? We cannot.

Everything you need to know is at

I have no organization and do not intend to set one up. I expect funds to be paid directly to a college or university trust set up to finance my department and collateral WorldPeace projects. I would be paid via this trust managed jointly by the participating foundations and the university where I anchor in..

Ideally, I would like a separate building in the architecture of the campus for the purpose to Teach Peace. I would like about 10-15,000 square feet to display my art and sell my books and prints of my art. 1000 square feet for a residence for myself. For the last 15 years I have lived and worked and displayed my art in the same place. I sleep poorly and nightly get up to work and I do not like wasting time driving to an office as opposed to opening a door and walking into the work area. I intend to have art apprentices to work on my art 24/7 and I expect these art apprentices to come from the university art department. My goal is to produce 50 oil on canvas paintings a year. These apprentices would be compensated as employees out of my personal funds not from the trust.

For 30 years I have promoted my WorldPeace Advocacy, for 45 years I have been writing, for 50 years I have being creating art more so in the last 30 years and I have been self employed in insurance, accounting, tax, law and web design since 1972. I have always had virtual unlimited energy and I do not expect that to fade. My family genetics have long lived genes and I fully expect to live beyond 100. Since age 13 I have exercised regularly, I have never smoked, used recreational drugs or marijuana, and drink alcohol so seldom that I can say in good conscious that I do not drink. In some ways you could call me a Renaissance man. Virtually all my creative writing and art has a WorldPeace theme.

I also expect to put up WorldPeace Beacons in the form of murals, 3-D art, walkways and peace kiosks similar to the designs of Shito Shrines all over the world. Virtually every dime I make will be used to promote and advocate WorldPeace. For more details see:

Also, I want to create and maintain a database of all the peace organizations in the world.

Thanks for your consideration.

Dr John WorldPeace JD
713 825 8665 voice/text

REQUESTS SENT TO the following foundations and their responses are noted.

Ford Foundation 171004
The Annie E. Casey Foundation 171009
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 171009 We only consider submissions to our open grants. We have no open grant to Teach Peace. Subscribe to our online notices of open grants that come available. 171011.
Carnegie Corporation of New York 171009
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 171009 Your project falls outside the scope of our programming interests 171019
MacArthur Foundation 171009 Teaching Peace in not within the focus of our grants. We concentrate our efforts to maximize our impact. 171010
Lumina Foundation 171009 We are not currently funding projects to Teach Peace and we have allocated all our funds for 2017 171013
The Wallace Foundation 171009
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 171010
TheWaltonFamilyFoundation 171010 Your project to Teach Peace is not closely aligned with our programs and we typically do not accepts unsolicited requests. 171018
Silicon Valley Community Foundation 171026 Teaching Peace is not our priority 171026
Bloomberg Philanthropies 171026 We are not funding unsolicited grants to Teach Peace at this time 171025

EMAIL TO COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY PRESIDENTS AND CHANCELLORS (1100 emails sent the week of September 11, 2017)



This email is directed to the President/Chancellor. If you received it by mistake, please forward it. Thank You. 

1) This is an exploratory query regarding a teaching position for the purpose of developing or further developing a university curriculum for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Peace and WorldPeace and then to develop and propagate that curriculum to all the colleges and universities in the United States and then the world and with some luck this curriculum will filter down into the high schools and maybe lower. I am not sure if a curriculum can be marketed to other universities. It is not my agenda just something I am curious about. 

The core question is if there is not a focused Peace and WorldPeace curriculum taught in the colleges and universities in the world, how would you expect the level of peace in the world human society to increase? 

2) My name is Dr John WorldPeace JD, I changed my name in April 1988, from my birth name Kenneth Edward Wolter. This was done in part as a result of my 1987 divorce from my first wife of 19 years and wanting as much disassociation as possible. And it was done in part to do something proactive to increase the level of peace in the world human society. At a minimum, by changing my name, people would have to spend a moment thinking about WorldPeace when they heard, read or spoke my name. And it was a time of transition and metamorphosis in my life and a new name in line with my perceived new life focus seemed appropriate even though unconventional. 

My life is an open book. See: or just search “John WorldPeace” 


Age 69 
From Houston,Texas 
Moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in September 2011 

I have degrees from the University of Houston Main Campus: 
BA Political Science 1970 
Bachelor of Accountancy 1978 
Doctor of Jurisprudence 1984 

My GPA was a consistent “C” due to boredom. 

Self employed 90% of my career in: 
Insurance, accounting, tax, law and web design. 
I am working full time in web design now and have been since 2003 

US Army Oct 70 to May 72 Sgt Infantry posted to Vicenza Italy by the grace of God as opposed to Vietnam which I spent a year in training. 

I was a member of Mensa and the Masonic Lodge until I changed my name. I feel that all memberships demand some degree of an exclusive elitist mindset and as John WorldPeace I feel committed to democracy and all inclusiveness. So organizational memberships are contrary to and an impediment to my WorldPeace Advocacy. It is Ok to belong to anything as long as a person considers himself and others as human beings first. 

I am twice divorced from 19 year marriages. I have 4 children with wife one in their 40’s and 9 grandchildren. 

I am in good health. Far better than the majority of my peers. I tell people I am 69 going on 40. I have 100% medical coverage with the VA. 

4) I have other significant endeavors which can be viewed at 

see specifically 

I have devoted significant time in the following areas: 

WorldPeace Advocacy especially since I changed my name to John WorldPeace April 1988. 
I have significant writings on WorldPeace and political commentary on Bush and the Iraq war based on the lies of weapons of mass destruction and significant negative commentary on Donald Trump since he officially began his campaign. 

I am an advocate for peace; not a pacifist. If you want to see what happens to serious and dedicated peace advocates go here:

I have a significant presence on Facebook. I have accumulated 4000 friends and 500 followers on Facebook this year through my postings. 

My art which I have been working at for 55 years but more focused since 1986 

Written a SciFi novel and Political Suspense novel with intention to create on going sequels. 

I have written about 2500 poems. And a couple of hundred Haiku and intend to write more. I have been writing poems since 1970. 

I have reinterpreted the foundational texts of the world's major religions. I have reorganized the four Gospels and eliminated the repetition and added some things from the Gospel of Thomas 

I respond to other author's books like The Purpose Driven Life 

I ran for Governor of Texas from 2000 - 2002. It was a significant endeavor but not a high finance one. I received 20,000 votes using auto phone dialers and attending political gatherings. Although I detest Donald Trump my relationship with the Democrats in Texas was very similar to his relationship with the Republicans. 

I spent a year in jail as a political prisoner based on the lying testimony of a US Deputy Marshall as a result of my aggressiveness in the campaign. I have a journal of that experience on my website. I therefore have my Peace Advocate bona fides. Like other notable peace advocates I read and wrote in jail. About 3000 page of 250 words each. It was a very productive time. I was in solitary confinement for 6 months because I was White is a prison of Hispanic drug dealers and immigration violators. The 4 blacks were also segregated. It was a Federal contract prison and I was only out of my cell 13 hours of the 6 months. 

I have not had the time to have my 2003 disbarment overturned. There is no statute of limitations because the judge in my case had no jurisdiction to hear my case for several reasons. Globally speaking, I was the ultra liberal in a radical right conservative Texas and received the treatment that Texas ultra liberals should expect.. 

I wrote a short biography about St. Francis. 

I have declared an intention to run for President in 2020. This is not a frivolous intention. And I have a significant Impeach Donald Trump website. I have been posting almost daily since he officially began to campaign, 

I have an auto biography on my website that needs to be updated since 2009. 

5) Summary, 

a) I have intentionally and deliberately spent a lifetime in studying political science and engaging in running for political office. 

b) I have a law degree and practiced law for 20 years from 1984 to 2003. I was illegally disbarred as a result of running for governor of Texas. 

c) I have been involved in religion and spirituality all my life and have written over a dozen small books about religion. 

The point of the above is based on my position that the Courts, Governments and Religious bureaucracies have the most influence on increasing the level of peace in the world human society. I therefore have devoted time to acquire the experience as well as the time to acquire the education in these areas to determine why the level of peace is stagnated.

d) Goal of teaching. I feel I have something to contribute in a university atmosphere. I do not want to spend the rest of my life with my peers who are for the most part dead even though still breathing. Unless you are my age and have consistently gone where only fools dare, you are not going to have the bona fides to seriously discus the reality of peace and WorldPeace in the world human society. 

I am not interested at my age in pursuing a Ph.D. I feel I have already done that work with regards to Peace over my life and certainly over the last 30 years since I changed my name. 

I would keep my web design business functioning and continue to pursue my other endeavors but all those other endeavors could be worked around a teaching schedule and would as quickly as possible be subordinated to the above project. 

I live an extremely minimalist life in order to spend max time on my chosen endeavors. 

Whatever help or direction you can give me I would appreciate it. Ideally I would like to have a teaching position in the university to communicate with faculty and students about increasing the level of peace in the world human society. 

I am sending this email to all the four year colleges and universities in the United States and if I cannot find a home, I will starting looking overseas. 

Thank you for your consideration, 
Very sincerely, 

Dr John WorldPeace JD 
713-825-8665 Voice or Text any time 

Mailing address: 

Dr John WorldPeace JD 
5901-J Wyoming Blvd NE #120 
Albuquerque, NM 87109 




The question is who is more qualified to head a department to Teach Peace in a university than Dr John WorldPeace JD?

Resume of Dr John WorldPeace JD

  • I am an Advocate for Peace but I am not a Pacifist.

  • Age: 69: b. 1948

  • Marital Status: Divorced: 4 children, 9 grand children. Presently: Single live alone

  • Education: BA Political Science 1970; Bachelor of Accountancy 1978; Doctor of Jurisprudence 1984:
    All from the University of Houston (Texas) Central Campus.

    For the 10 years of college I worked full time and went to school full time from 1966 to 1969. I married in 1969 and went to school full time until graduation in August 1970. I was drafted and reported for duty in October 1970. May of 1972 I was discharged from the Army. 1972 to 1977 I worked in my own insurance business and raised 4 children with wife one and acquired my Charter Life Underwriter CLU 1975 & Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter CPCU 1978 (each designation required 30 college hours equivalent in insurance studies along with 3 years of working experience in each of the fields) . 1977 to 1980, I worked full time for various companies as an accountant, and went back to school full time, raised 4 children with wife one. 1981 to 1984 I worked full time in my own accounting and tax business, raised 4 children with wife one, and went to school full time until August 1984 when I graduated from Law School. In 1985 I passed the Bar and began to practice law along with accounting and tax in my own businesses. On January 1, 1986, wife one wanted a divorce. We divorced in 1987 after being together for 19 years.

    I gave her the accounting business, primary custody of the children, and our house. I took the Law and Tax business. 1988 she abandoned the children. I met wife two and I shut down the tax business and quit taking any new law business and lived off residuals until my youngest son graduated from high school in 1995. In 1996, wife two and I came back to Houston from Denver where we had moved in 1993 to get away from wife one. I reopened my law business.

  • Career: From 1972 to present; self employed 90% of the time providing services to small businesses in Insurance (8 years), Accounting & Tax (13 years), Law (20 years) & Web Design (20 years) (some business services overlapping in time)

  • Military: U S Army Sgt 1970-1972. In 1966 when I started college the Vietnam draft was a reality of a growing war. I knew if the war was not over in 1970, I would be going into the Army. So I applied for Air National Guard located at the old Ellington Air Force Base in Houston. It was the unit that George W. Bush was flying in to avoiding Vietnam. In 1968, I got a call to come and sign up. I decided I did not want to be a weekend warrior and turned it down. In 1969, I signed up for Marine Corp OCS. And in early 1970 I was discharged from that program because the Vietnam War was winding down and only men with an engineering degree were allowed in the OCS program. When they held the lottery for the Vietnam draft in 1969 based on birthdays, my number was 2. So I knew as soon as I graduated from college in August of 1970 I would be drafted. After I graduated, I volunteered for the draft and left for the Army on October 12, 1970. On October 15, I got a call from the Marines who said I could go into OCS in March of 1971. I told them I was already in the Army and was not going to discharge and wait around another 6 months to begin my service. I could not trust them not to change the OCS program again. In boot camp at Fort Polk Louisiana, half the men were college graduates and the rest were men they dug out of the backwoods of Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. After 8 weeks of boot camp, I was sent to North Fort Polk for Advanced Infantry Training. They were sending 2000 men a week to Vietnam from Ft Polk. In December 1970, I volunteered to go to NCO school which meant I would not go to Vietnam in March of 1970 but after additional 26 weeks of infantry training go to Vietnam in September. The school graduated 165 sergeants every two weeks and had done so since 1965. The school at Ft. Benning Georgia, was strictly set up to put more NCOs on the ground in Vietnam to hopefully reduce the high rate of casualties in the field. I had a chance to go Airborne and Special Forces at Ft Benning but I wanted to go back to Fort Polk after NCO training so I could go home every weekend during the last 12 weeks of training. In September 1971, I reported to Ft Dix New Jersey to ship out to Vietnam. When I arrived at the receiving station I was miraculously sent to the Southern European Task Force (NATO) in Vicenza, Italy. I was there until May 1972 when I was discharged 5 months early because Nixon was honoring his promise to get America out of Vietnam. So I was drafted, made sergeant, went to Italy, and was discharged 5 months early and only served 19 months instead of 24. And there were enough men volunteering for weekend warrior that I did not have to do that for the balance of my 6 year obligation.

    John WorldPeace Military legacy: (From family history handed down to me. I was told as a child that my sister, mother, grandmother were eligible to join the (DAR) Daughters of the American Revolution which I never personally verified. Copies of documents I have do seem to verify the lineage.) William Rountree died 1776 (Ameican Revolutionary War); William Rountree; Mary Rountree Wilbourn; Dracus Lucinda Wilbourn Nance; Clarienda Emaline Frances Nance McPherson wife of Dr Rhese Reed McPherson (Surgeon Confederate States America); Charles Wilson MacPherson who I remember died 1954 at 99 when I was 6: Charles Adrian MacPherson; Esther Bryan MacPherson Ellis: Joyce Elaine Ellis Wolter; Kenneth Edward Wolter (John WorldPeace) My father was a U S Army Staff Sgt at the end of World War Two who processed the Korean ex-patriots from China back into Korea at the end of World War Two.

    My Father 1945-47; Myself 1970-72; My three sons between the two Iraq wars.

  • Commitment as Peace Advocate: Changed name to John WorldPeace April 1988. In 1988, I changed my birth name from Kenneth Edward Wolter to my legal name John WorldPeace on April 1, 1988, both April Fool's day and Good Friday. When I changed my name I withdrew from: The Masonic Lodge and Shriner's Mensa and all other organizations I was a member of. (not American citizenship - citizenship is required and dictated by place of birth: not the State Bar of Texas because it is required to practice law) I believe that all memberships create an exclusive elitist mindset and WorldPeace is democratic and all inclusive. I thought if I changed my name to WorldPeace that when people said my name, heard my name, wrote my name they would have to think about Peace and WorldPeace even for a moment. If I did nothing else to increase the peace in the world human society this would be something.

  • As I related above, 1) I have a Political Science degree and I have run for political office. I have experience to bolster my education. 2) I practiced law for 20 years and I have experience in the truth about the justice system in America. 3) I have experience of attending church virtually every Sunday until I started college and I have reorganized the Gospels of the New Testament, and re interpreted all the foundational texts of all the major religions of the world. So in the three areas of increasing the peace (the law, politics and religion) I have the education and the experience to give me credibility as someone who has something to say.

  • Further, I am the only peace advocate who is not oriented in any religion, politics or race or gender. I am an American because I was born in America to American parents. I am white because my genetics are white. I began life as a Christian because my parents were Christians. I define Christian as a member of a Christian Church. I am a follower of and believer in the teachings of Jesus but I am not a Christian because I do not belong to any church.

  • Peace Advocacy bolstered by being a Political Prisoner: Political Campaign: 2000-2002 Ran for Governor of Texas as a Democrat. Wikipedia 2002 Primary and Election results.

    I received 20,000 votes in the primary. In retribution for my attacks on the Democratic Party of Texas I was disbarred and sentenced to 6 months in jail by a corrupt Red Neck judge from north Texas assigned to do the dirty work of seeing to it that I was disbarred. (Also illegally disbarred (Judge had no jurisdiction because he was not appointed by Supreme Court of Texas to hear 5 of the 6 complaints against me and because the State Bar never pled for disbarment but only monetary damages. The disbarment is Void but as yet not appealed. The judgment being void for lack of jurisdiction, there is no statute of limitations for appeal in the Federal Courts.)

    In 2007, I was falsely accused by a Deputy US Marshall of knocking him down and kicking him when he was trying to serve me a Civil (Not Criminal) Bench warrant. A federal judge who I disrespected during the Democratic Primary took charge of my case illegally and sentenced me to a year in jail under a Misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. I have never been in a fight in my life but I plead guilty because I knew no one wins in court against a cop's testimony. I served six months in the Harris County Jail on the State Bar warrant which ran concurrent with the Federal sentence, then I was moved to a Federal Contract prison in Falfurrias, Texas, where I was held in solitary confinement (administrative segregation) for the six months left on my Federal sentence. I was not allowed out of my cell for more that 13 hours in 6 months. While in prison, I read 55 books, and wrote 8 more. This seems to be typical of political prisoners, ie Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King to name a few. I am one of the few peace advocates who has his bona fides as a polical prisoner due to my illegal imprisonment for my political acts.

    A Campaign Placard
    In 2002 the Texas Democratic Party decided it was time for a Hispanic governor. So they got behind Tony Sanchez who had been a $500,000 Pioneer contributor to George W. Bush. Yes a Republican. Tony Sanchez owned Tesoro S&L and made money on the bailout. And he was being investigation by the Feds for laundering $25 million in Mexican Cartel money through that S & L. As an opponent the Democrats selected Dan Morales ex Texas Attorney General who won the billion dollar suit against the cigarette companies and then colluded with his attorney friend to try to steal hundreds of billions from the award to the State. Then Dan married a stripper. (Eventually he went to jail for 5 years I believe).

    I kept saying that Texans were generally biased against Hispanics (going back to the Alamo in 1836) and they would never put a corrupt Sanchez or Criminal to be Dan Morales in the governor’s mansion. I would not shut up about it. I went to many political rallies and would not shut up.

    The problem was the Tony Sanchez was worth $500 million and was spreading money around all through the state from the top to bottom of the Democratic chairs. He spent $64 million on a governor”s race that never saw more than $8 million. The chair of the Democratic Party in Texas was another ex-Bush key supporter. I said Sanchez could not win no matter how much money he spent. In the election against Rick Perry, he only got 40% of the vote. see. Wikipedia 2002 Primary and Election results.

     I also sued in federal court because I was barred from a Hispanic only debate on Telemundo TV. I lost of course. The Texas Democratic Party could not touch me while I was running so they waited until after the election and them came after my State Bar License and got it. The Federal judge who I confronted about Telemundo had himself appointed over the back end parts of prosecution and put me in jail for a year but not before he spent six months trying to undo my misdemeanor plea agreement. There is a whole lot more but that should answer your question about the foundation of my disbarment and eventual incarceration.

     I also said that Texas would never put an ex stripper in the governor’s mansion nor make her first lady of Texas. Different mentality in Texas than in the United States about sexual exhibition as in the present First Lady in the White House. I also said if the Democrats stayed on course it would end the Democratic Party in Texas. It did.

    You have to understand that Texas was a Lincoln Republican state and went Democratic during  Reconstruction along with the rest of the Southern states. It was just a matter of time before Texas went back to their its Republican colors. The Republicans were laughing all the way at the Democrats. Especially Karl Rove who Blue Washed two died in the wool Red Republicans and sent them over to the stupid corrupt Texas Democratic Party at that time. And they jumped on the money.

  • Personal Habits: I have always had virtual unlimited energy and I do not expect that to fade. My family genetics have long lived genes and I fully expect to live beyond 100. Since age 13 I have exercised regularly, I have never smoked, used recreational drugs or marijuana, and drink alcohol so seldom that I can say in good conscious that I do not drink. I will never retire. There is a good chance I will die working. Per Helen Keller, "Life is a daring adventure, or nothing." I will live completely until I die and even then I will not go quietly into that good night.

  • Other: 35 books written, 2500 poems, 100 paintings

  • My military duty gave me basically 100% medical coverage in addition to about $65,000 in for education which I used to acquire a 5 year Bachelor of Accountancy and a Doctor of Jurisprudence. In December 1997, when I was 49 and in excellent shape but not healthy due to a cholorestoral buildup, I had a major heart attack. When I got to the ER the doctor told me I had 30 minutes to live but he had an experimental drug that would kill me anyway, vegetate my mind or save my life. But my heart was shutting down and if I did nothing I would be dead in 30 minutes. I took the shot and survived. But I lost 20% of my heart and refused the bypass and went on a zero choloresterol diet against the doctors advice. I was aware of all the symptoms of a heart attack. In January 2016 I was at the VA to get an MRI because of severe vertigo I was experiencing among many other health issues. While I was at the VA I began to have a shortness of breath that I could not overcome. I walked to the ER. Insisted on an EKG. They found I was right at the threshold of another heart attack. They did an angiogram, said all my major heart arteries were blocked and I had to have a bypass. All my ailments, which were many, went away. In July they installed a pace maker for the purpose of reviving me in case of another heart attack and only marginally to adjust my heart beat. The healing I experienced was with the pacemaker was equal to the healing I had with the bypass. I tell people now I am 69 going on 40. I have no health issues. I survived these two events because in part I kept in shape my whole life and did not smoke, drink or do drugs of any kind.

  • I came within 10 seconds of drowning in Galveston in 1966; was drafted in 1970 and even though trained for 11 months to go to Vietnam as an infantry sergeant, did not; was at death's door in 1997 and 2016 due to my heart. One thing I learned in 1997, is that I have no fear of death. I have always had a very strong faith in God. The fact that I was close to death and aware I was about to die in 1997 and 2016 as well, I had no fear or concern about it. I plan on living past 100 and it is good to know whenever the time comes that I will be still be wanting more time but not concerned if I am not allowed it.

  • I am fearless but not foolish.

  • My life is an open book. See: or just search “John WorldPeace” 





In 1988, after changing his name, John WorldPeace withdrew from all organizations (Membership in Church, Mensa, Masonic related organizations, etc) because to be a member of any organization (not American citizenship - citizenship is required and dictated by place of birth: not the State Bar of Texas because it is required to practice law) is to have an elitist, exclusionary attitude in the world human society: WorldPeace is all inclusive and democratic.

It is the intention of Dr John WorldPeace JD to in time apply for dual citizenship in all the nation states of the world human society for the purpose becoming the world's first global citizen.

Jwp 171004
WorldPeace is one word but Dr WorldPeace
uses Jwp as his initials.

Birth Certificate

Baptism Certificate

High School Diploma

Master Mason Certificate - Kenneth Edward Wolter

Master Mason Certificate - Jwp's
Father's Certificate

Kenneth Edward Wolter a/k/a Jwp
Masonic Apron

Jwp's Blue Lodge Membership Card

KEW's 32 Degree Scottish Rite Certificate

32 Degree Scottish Rite Certificate KEW's father

Jwp's Arabia Shrine Temple Fez

Order for Name Change from
Kenneth Edward Wolter to John WorldPeace

10 Year Mensa Membership Certificate

Jwp Dicharge from USMC Officer Candidate School because he did not have an Engineering Degree. After being drafted, Jwp was offered a place in the March 1971 OCS class which he rejected because he had entered the Army October 12, 1970, and did not want to discharge and trust the USMC not to change their mind again.


Honorable Discharge

Bachelor of Arts - Political Science

Bachelor of Accountancy - 5 year degree

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter - CPCU

Chartered Life Underwriter -CLU

State of Texas Bar License -
Jwp no longer practices Law in any jurisdiction



A short list of Local and Global peace issues:

Women must achieve parity with men in all areas of the world human society.
Free movement of people globally needs to become a reality.
Global Warming needs to be addressed because once a tipping point is reach it will take millennial to recover.
The Kurds, Palestinians, Scots, Irish, Catalonians must be given sovereignty.
Kim_Jong Un and Bashar as-Assad must be removed from power.
Contraception needs to be distributed free globally.
Anti abortion laws must be accompanied by entitlements for unwanted children.
The corrupt Electoral College in America needs to be abolished in favor of Majority rules.
The high school drop out rate in America needs to be significantly reduced.
Marijuana and illegal drugs need to be legalized globally.
The drug problem globally is anchored in American purchases.
The discrimination and demonizing of LGBT must end.
Billion dollar Jesus shows need to be taxed.
Genetically modified seed needs to be abandoned. One virus will in time wipe out wheat, corn, rice globally.
Nuclear weapons must be banned. India and Israel must acknowledge their nuclear arsenal.
Fossil fuels need to be eliminated.
Plastic packaging must be biodegradable.
Recycling must be mandatory.
Plants, animal and fish must all come under strict international management to avoid extinction and a barren planet.
Fracking must become illegal.
University education must be subsidized.
Universal health care must be a right not a privilege.
Euthanasia must be developed for the biologically doomed seniors.
Justice has to be established in courts world wide.
Consumerism must be reigned in.
Christians must reconcile their sexual Puritan talk with their indulging their children in deifying sexual role models.
People must see each other as human beings first and categories of human being second.
Human beings must be shown a path to spirituality around religion.
Voting must return to paper ballots to avoid the hacking of elections. Nothing digital is above hacking.
Society must be ruled by democratic secularism and not sectarianism and its dark side.
We must become a global federalist society.
The poor must be accepted as a reality of humanism.
The accumulation of assets must be limited. We cannot allow a 100 families to control 99.9% of the global assets.
We must prepare for Artificial Intelligence.



A more fully developed (but evolving) intention regarding a Teach Peace Curriculum can be found at Dr John WorldPeace Teach Peace University

I want to reiterate that what I am proposing is going to require one university as the hub of the Teach Peace Curriculum and that university would be a global hub.

What I am proposing is global so the curriculum will draw a global presence almost immediately. You cannot Teach Peace with a Global agenda and not try to tap into the entire world human society. What I mean by that, is that as soon as I set this program up in a university, I am going to reach out to all the universities globally. The hope is that they will take my basic 101 course and set it up. Then they will give me feed back so that I can refine the curriculum. I want to create a hub which takes in and disseminates information between universities world wide.

I am not looking at this a a money making venture. I do not know how universities market their courses. But I know there are Online universities now and it seems that in time money could be made licensing the curriculum if the money went into a trust to continue to promote teaching peace. But I would not want to do that if it stops the flow of information because someone is trying to clone the curriculum for the sole purpose of making a profit. I want a free flow of information because I am primarily interested in increasing the peace in the world human society and not at all considering this as some kind of academic franchise.

What I also know is that if this program is pushed to the max, within a year there will only be one hub. I will have a global Teach Peace matrix that cannot be duplicated. It could be duplicated but no one who is participating is going to input and try to receive information from multiple hubs if they can do it in one hub.

I have always worked 70-90 weeks. Probably one reason I could not keep marriages functional even after 43 years experience. So you can expect that I will be working that many hours in this endeavor. Incidentally, I hope to be able to reside on campus in a small 800 foot apartment. I have worked and lived in the same space for over 15 years. I do not sleep very much and generally get up at 2 AM and do not want to have to get in my car and drive to work. I work until I burn out every day and then I lay down or go the gym or take a walk. I have no social life and have not had one for decades outside wives or family.


The online textbook for this course will be THE BOOK OF WORLDPEACE. THE BOOK OF WORLDPEACE that was initially written and self published by Dr John WorldPeace JD as THE BOOK OF PEACE in 1988. As this course develops THE BOOK OF WORLDPEACE will naturally evolve.

I have a simple grading plan. If a student does all the assignments on time, and attends all classes, then they get a B. If their responses to the narrative questions show more than a cursory interest or effort, they will get an A. If their responses indicate they copied the responses from someone else even once they will probably get an F. WorldPeace cannot be grounded in lying and cheating. If a student came away with that impression, I would be decreasing the potential level of peace in the world human society.

The daily news nationally and definitely globally will provide plenty of questions. I will use my book "The Book of WorldPeace" initially for the primary categories of peace and WorldPeace related issues. As time goes on my book will expand to include all topics of peace that come up in my administering this endeavor. So if a female subordination issue comes up there is a section on that issue in my book. It is very exciting to me that I could end up with global input on all these peace related issues. It will go a long way to quickly building the curriculum as well as making inroads into increasing the peace in the world.

So the curriculum will be based on commenting on and discussing real time events and whether they increase or decrease the level of peace in the world human society.

Have no delusions some of these topics are going to create an emotional and hopefully passionate debate; always disagreeing without being disagreeable.

I would expect that for every day of class it will be necessary for the students to write a minimum 250 - 500 word response to the issue of the day. I do not see any multiple choice tests. The final will be maybe 2000 words on what a student learned during the semester and what effect what they learned had on their thoughts about whether it is or is not possible to increase the level of peace in the world.

I also, would hope to bring in other educators to lay out the nuances of complex issues based on their field of specialty; whether that is academic or real world experience. This may apply more to the graduate level. I don't know.

The curriculum will be based on daily discussions so I cannot see how the curriculum could ever get boring. The discussions would keep Teach Peace relevant and contemporary while foundational issues would be examined in light of current events.

However, with this level of narrative responses, I am going to have to have some assistants. Maybe graduate students. Maybe volunteers from the classes, maybe volunteers from the community with an interest in this project, ie. stay at home mothers or company presidents and even clergy. Who knows?

Further, I want to create a Teach Peace data base with input from all sources globally. A data base free of charge to all academic institutions whether they teach peace or not.

What I believe is that I can make this project go viral to some degree.

That is the general framework. It is a new approach to teaching a subject matter. It will be fast moving. It will be interesting. It will be exciting. It will not be boring.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 171008, 171017





I have a dream that all the World abides in peace. 

I have a dream that I and my colors travel the world path creating beacons
of WorldPeace.

I have a dream that all the angels of the heavens and the God of all the
universe travel by my side as I carry the light of love and love of peace
to each and every mountain, valley, sea and plain, to each and all that travel
the blessed earth.

One simple man WorldPeace; One simple message WorldPeace

I have a dream that with each passing, with each creating, a beacon of love
and understanding is forever established, forever ignited, forever to radiate
Peace and Light.

One simple man WorldPeace; one simple message WorldPeace.

I have a dream that all that is pure in love and light comes continuously to
touch each tiny beacon, to add Light to light, to make the earth a beacon in
the infinite heavens that radiates into the hearts and minds of all of
humanity; Peace and Light.

I have a dream that all who come, that all who are called to each tiny
beacon, receive the infinite gifts of God; wellness and love, peace and

I have a dream that all who come, receive; each according to his need, each
according to her love, so that as they travel one by one their separate paths
each carries the love and peace unconditionally given to each and every
vibration of the earth; until that never ending day arrives when each and
every one, when all in all, forever flows, in love's most precious gift

Dr John WorldPeace JD
April 6, 1988

I expect and intend to put up WorldPeace Beacons in the form of murals, 3-D art, walkways and peace kiosks similar to the designs of Shito Shrines all over the world. Virtually every dime I make will be used to promote and advocate WorldPeace. I have no desire to burden myself with material things beyond necessities.

In addition to my own creations, I want to have annual global juried competitions to solicit projects for spaces that a dedicated group of employees and assistants will have acquired world wide. Then the local artists or not artists, adults or children, will submit works to go into the space we have acquired. We will have significant production teams that can work in any medium who will go to the site to produce the Beacon. The winning artist will supervise the project. Hopefully this idea will propagate itself globally. This project would in my mind be so worthy that I could not manage it. My intention would be to show the way and as I promote these projects I would also help others to promote their own projects.

These WorldPeace Beacons are unlimited in their potential manifestation. But it is important that local artist be used in order that they can bring the local culture into the Beacons. It is a bit silly to have Americans design beacons for Bejing for example. But I would not insist that all entries come from local artist. The submissions need to be open to all. And there needs to be a database of the worthy concepts that have yet to find a display space. I would expect that over time some of these Beacons would need to be refurbished and we would help make that happen.

There is also a hope I have that the whole world would be tagged with the words WorldPeace. The way gang-bangers tag neighborhoods, Peaceniks (LOL) would tag the world. An global army of WorldPeace taggers makes me smile because it will raise the consciousness of the world human society. When I determined to change my name I felt that if I did nothing else regarding promoting Peace and WorldPeace that people would have to think about WorldPeace for at least a moment when they saw my name, said my name, heard my name and that would at least be some contribution to increasing the level of peace in the world human society. The message is WorldPeace. And everyone in the world would be free to join the conversation as well as myself and comment.

Everything that I communicate beyond the message WorldPeace is just personal commentary. Some will agree some will disagree. My legacy is my commentary. I want no organization of any kind manifesting around my personal commentary. I am in a sense anti-bureaucracy because when ideas are managed they become restrictive. For instance, I promote religion as a vehicle to connect people to their spiritual nature but I rebel against religion handing out set in stone doctrine and dogma which enslaves the connected soul. I respect rites and rituals as a path to connecting people and maintaining that connection to one's soul but reject those rites, rituals, doctrine and dogma as the only true path to Heaven.

Says the Lord: "I will put my laws into their minds, and I will write them on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall NOT teach everyone his fellow citizen, and everyone his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord', for all will know ME, from the least to the greatest of them. For I will be merciful to their iniquities and I will remember their sins no more." Hebrews 8:10-12

I also hope that my WorldPeace Beacon would become a part of consumer products. Think about a WorldPeace Banner on every Coke can in the world. On every car manufactured. On every Starbucks cup. A WorldPeace Banner in the local language. The positive effect on the world human society would be incalculable. Unity and inclusiveness as opposed to the exclusive mindsets of Nationalism that is presently gaining momentum at a time when we need to pull together as opposed to pulling apart. To move to a higher level of consciousness rather that retreat to a dead end mindset that will lead to a decrease in the level of peace in the world human society.

Needless to say my vision is far to expansive for one man to manage or much less control.




I want to reiterate with emphasis that I am not a Pacifist.

Jesus said, "Do you think that I come to bring peace to the world? No, I tell you, but division." Luke 12:51

What he meant was that he knew that change was hard for human beings and great change could be devastating and he had brought unimaginable change. (Consider the American Civil War as a near past example.) 

There is not one single quote in the Four Gospels where Jesus had anything positive to say about the Jewish Religious Bureaucrats. He got in their face and stayed in their face. And one of his last acts was to create chaos with the priest's designated merchants in the Temple courtyard. Threatening the income of the High Priest was the last straw I would say. And he was crucified knowing all along exactly what he was doing and exactly what the ramifications would be.

I am not Jesus. I am not seeking martyrdom. But great change is coming as the world human society moves toward a spiritual ascension on earth. I can see over the present and growing chaos to the other side where lies a greater peace and a more sane and just world human society.

The purpose of Donald Trump is to show Americans just how far down we have come. To show what the price of conservative alt right mentalities can do to a great nation. (As if Adolph Hitler was not a significant enough example of the ultimate reality of fascism.)

No I am not a Pacifist. I am an Advocate for WorldPeace. I am not Jesus. I have a different agenda and that is an all inclusive democratic world of a greater peace and harmony and not of elitism and exclusionary fascist mindsets that will never increase the peace in the world human society but only bring chaos and darkness.

Donald Trump is not a nice guy. And that means that Donald Trump can only hear in a language that he understands. I will meet him on his level. I am not Gandhi, King, Mandela. I will not speak quietly to an obnoxious loud mouth.

I am personally absolutely non violent and will not tolerate any level of violence in this present conversation. I am not a violent person. But I am a disruptive voice in conversations regarding the obvious growing dark future of the world human society and Donald Trump trying his best to lead others there with great satisfaction.

I will not go quietly into that dark night and I will not go quietly into each day. Donald Trump has too many Nazi leanings for me to be quiet.

Donald Trump is not my only agenda. Donald Trump is a national issue. All national issues permeate the world human society.

I have miles to go before I sleep. That is all I can say.

Below are a few examples of what I am talking about above. For more go to Impeach President Trump. "


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The few examples below are simply to demostrate that I am not a Pacifist and believe that playing nice with Hitler would have accomplished nothing. I have been John WorldPeace for 30 years and I have been very active as such. . I have learned a few things that only came with experience and engagement and standing up. Peace activism about core issues in a conservative world is a very dangerous endeavor.

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If you agree with this commentary, comment on it, Like it, friend me, follow me, and/or share it. If you want to share outside the group, I have it on FB my timeline. Please do something other than just keep abreast of what is happening. I have the flag. I have set myself up as Trump’s primary nemesis. Without a qualified figure head, activism is just an impotent mob of irritated and angry people. - Sen. Jeff Flake announces retirement with fiery speech in the Senate. October 24, 2010

This video of Senator Jeff Flake announcing his retirement from the Senate is the most important video you have watched in the last two years since Donald Trump entered the campaign for President. This is a historic speech. This is a heroic speech. Senator Flake has said enough in the most dramatic way by walking away from his Senate Seat in protest to where America is heading under Donald Trump.

You have heard from President George W. Bush and you have heard from President Barack Obama and now you hear from Senator Jeff Flake. Senator John McCain has spoken and you have heard from Senator Bob Corker about Donald Trump.

I hope that this is the beginning of the end of Donald Trump. The beginning of the end of the dysfunction of government. The end of Make America Great Again - the Donald Trump poison pill for America and the world. The end of the insanity of allowing Donald Trump to continue his deconstruction of America, his lies, his contempt for just about everyone on the planet. His lack of empathy. His ignorance. His overall worthlessness as a human being. His dark henchmen and women. His contempt for Americans who have sacrificed all for this country. His greed. His contempt for women. His contempt for non Whites. His manipulation of the Christian right... - Sen. Jeff Flake announces retirement with fiery speech in the Senate. October 24, 2010


Dr John WorldPeace JD 171024