[Rcik and Tony]


Rick Perry the ex- Democrat


Tony Sanchez the ex-Republican

at a pre-debate photo op

Tony is on the right.... at the bottom...in pumps...covering his yellow belly.








Three and a half things are going to give Perry a victory: Tony's Race, Tony's lack of military service, Tony's drug connection, Tony's height.

I said it at the beginning of my campaign for governor in January 2001 and I repeated until the end on March 12, 2002, Texas is racist and exclusive and the John Sharp's rainbow dream ticket was going to render the Democratic Party meaningless in Texas.  As the Democrats ruled Texas for decades, now the Republicans are going to rule.

There is no Black or Hispanic United States Senators or State Governors and Texas is not going to open that door.  The ultraconservative Phil Gramm would have never retired if he thought for one minute that he could not pass his seat on to a Republican; and a white Republican male in particular.  We enjoyed the show, but Kirk is Black and he will not be going to Washington.

The White folks still are a majority in Texas and what is more they vote in much higher percentages.  Democrats along with the Republicans are going to vote White and Perry, and White and Cornyn.

Maybe during this week's debate, which will no doubt be scripted and staged, Perry may bring out the big gun; the fact that Tony Sanchez is a Vietnam Era draft dodger.  Texas does not need cowards at a time when the United States is under siege.  Any Vietnam Era veteran who votes for Tony Sanchez betrays every single man and woman who was killed or wounded in Vietnam.  This is the Perry ace in the hole.

The war monger little George is drumming up his kill Saddam campaign and Saddam and bin-Laden will be on everyone's mind when they go to the polls.  If Perry does not use the draft dodger bullet on Sanchez, then I am going to be very surprised.

The fact that Tony Sanchez is Mafia connected and a proven Mexican drug money launderer is going to finish him off.  If Perry keeps the ads coming, and especially if he puts a harder edge on the ads, showing children who have been affected by drugs that Tony brought to town, Tony is finished.  And yes this sends a negative racial message as well that Tony the Hispanic brought in the Mexican drugs to Texas via the Laredo corridor.

And lastly, I want to see if Perry has the guts to walk across the stage and shake hand with little Tony.  Perry is over six foot tall and Sanchez is 5' 2" in his little pumps.  Texans are tall and Tony is short.  With his other negative baggage, that one handshake is going to characterize Tony as a little coward and a greedy little Hispanic who is responsible for drugs in Texas.

John WorldPeace
October 6,  2002

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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