The WorldPeace Banner was envisioned by John WorldPeace in April
1988. Its purpose is to call attention to the vision of WorldPeace.

The twelve figures represent all the diverse people of the world.

The word WorldPeace is lettered as if chiseled into stone. This symbolizes
that WorldPeace will be imprinted upon the foundation of the earth and
upon that foundation a new era will begin in which a commitment to
WorldPeace will permeate the world society.

The sun rising above the word WorldPeace has five rays. Five is the
symbolic number of humanity. The sun is midpoint between the word
World and the word Peace. This symbolizes that it is humanity who must
bring together the reality of the World and a vision of Peace to form a new
vision of peace for the future.

The sun also symbolizes an open hand. Many use two fingers to symbolize
Peace. However, the hand has five fingers and the open hand symbolizes
humanity and communicates not just Peace but WorldPeace.

One day a WorldPeace banner of some design will fly above all the flags of
the world. When this happens, we will have subordinated our nationalistic
interests to a commitment to WorldPeace and there will then, in fact, be
Peace on Earth.

The WorldPeace Banner







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