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To the adult with cancer on a life cut short
To the evangelist on self-righteousness
To the black child on the pain of being black
To the convict on losing sight of God
To the children on why there is war
To the hostage on feeling abandoned
To the fundamental terrorist on the self-destruction of hate
To the preacher on judgment
To the scholar of Holy Books on believing that words reveal God
To the child of AIDS on being messenger of God
To the farmers on the earth
To the leper on love
To the mother of the aborted child on abortion
To the pantheist on knowing God
To the widower on pain, sorrow and loneliness
To the angelic child on love
To the scientist on believing that science is God
To the preacher's son on following in his father's footsteps
To the host on being an instrument of light
To the condemned killer on the mystery of knowing God's will
To the mourning wife on questioning death
To the atheist on reality



To the adult with cancer on a life cut short

I am the magnificent Universe
I am God Almighty

I am the Father and Mother
and you are
the all knowing child

You are my precious incarnation
you are my revelation
of infinite love

of perfect creation

I am the memory forgotten

I am the reality
you think unknown

I am the perfect
sparkling Light
of your ancient

The bodily prison that became
your cherished home
now so painfully
erupts from

But it was you
who set the mortal clock
for journey's end
before you slept
in Terra's womb

Come to me
my beautiful child

return from whence
you came

We wait in infinite love
for your immortal soul

All is as it should be

a score of years more or less
will soon seem
less than an instant

as your beautiful
light returns to
your Heavenly

To the evangelist on self-righteousness

I am the sun
each morning rising

I am the Light
of all life burning

I am all of Creation
no matter how
you classify
or define My
infinite parts

The souls of Earth
are each immortal
and every single one
my child

Each one comes
and each one does
the best it can

I am the God of all

I am the Womb
of the endless waters
of life

I am all of humanity

but I know only the
immortality of souls
where you have defined
good and evil

I love you
for the fire that
burns hot against
the sin
you perceive

I love you for
your love of me

But, I also love your brothers
and I love your sisters too

I am the homogenous answer
to all questions

I am God
I am Love

To the black child on the pain of being black

It is humanity
who sees in colors
black and white

I see only in colors
of immortality

Remember my child
Dark is the color
of the infinite
night that
contains all light

Fearful has been
your path of life

Fear of man
but love of Me

I am the Universe turning
I am the red hot
immortal fire burning

I am thunder
and I am lightning

I am mighty in my Creation
but I am Love

Unlock your perfect soul
let your perfect light burst forth
through your beautiful skin

You are my beautiful child

Fear not

Look for Me in your heart

There you see Me well
without the filters
of the earthly

You are the perfect
loving creation
no matter what
your earthly eyes
think they see

To the convict on losing sight of God

It was I
who kissed your
light as you
journeyed out
of My perfect

I shed a tear
for the path
that you
were to tread

Your destiny
to test the
laws of man

The cage that
is your home
was made before
your birth

There are no crimes
against immortality
only against humanity

I cannot offer forgiveness
I can only give the
Love which contains it

It is your soul
that must claim
your soul's peace

I give you immortal love
I hold open the book
of infinite peace

but it is you
who must read
the pages

it is you who
must seek the

The prison
which surrounds
your body

is no more than
the body that
imprisons your

Your violence
is your confusion

and your immortal
remembering will
dispatch them

To the children on why there is war

I can not
stop a war

I can only postpone it

The beliefs that
my children embrace
create the wars

The great tides
of discontent

shall flow
until the end
of time

More true than
even My Love
is the great
tide of infinite

and with change
the old forever
wars against
the new

Creation is never ending change
and change is the
mother of conflict

and the grandfather
of war

All changes
leave lessons
of great and
infinite knowing

Great changes
impart great wisdom

Small changes
slowly transform
children into adults

and adults into grandfathers
and grandmothers

To the hostage on feeling abandoned

I am
The God of
quiet places

I am
the God
of simplicity
and peace

I am
the God
of solitude

I am
the ever present
God of your
immortal soul

residing within in the
sacred silent sanctuary
of your body

I am always
with you
beyond the
end of time

I am the Light
of your peaceful

I am the
bliss of immortality

If you take the time
to still your

I will fill
you with
blissful wonder

If you ignore
me all your days
I will still
appear as you approach
death's door

No matter
how far you journey
no matter how
deep into darkness
you go

You will always
return home to My

because I have know
well the location
of your soul

To the fundamental terrorist on the self-destruction of hate

Is your child
to be raised in
peace or in war?

Have you no conflict
with your holy

Do you believe
that perfect peace
resides in one

I give you
permission to kill
all who walk
the earth
outside the Holy Book

I grant you
immortal life on earth
to achieve your
holy state

But before you
take up the
lightening sword
of cleansing

I will tell you
a truth
of your immortal

Once the holy sword is drawn
and begins to kill

It shall not be stilled
until you stand alone

As long as two exist
there will be conflict

and as long as there
is conflict there
will be holy

Is your child
to be raised in
or war?

To the preacher on judgment

I did not know
of sin

until man
defined it

Sin is a judgment cudgel
with which the righteous
beats his brothers
and sisters

I sow flowers
about the earth
and each does
the best it can
in the soil
that is its home

No two children
have I sown
in the exact same
place and time

and no two bodies
are made from
the same template

Immortal souls
have I sown
in the Infinite All

Each one
an infinite
riddle of
ageless uniqueness

I am the Father and the Mother
of all my children
and I know
and love
each and

Why do you imprison
your brother
in the fiction
of sin

The sinful bars
you claim to know
can only come
from your
own imagined

I am the Father and the Mother
of all my children
and I know
and love
each and

To the scholar of Holy Books on believing that words reveal God

You look to words
that others have written
as a personal view
of a part of Me
they came
to know

Your faith is in the words
and not in the Infinite
life that produced

The wall of language
has obscured your view
of the I Am
that is you

Lay down
the letters, words
and verse

Then look up and experience the
infinite starry night
absent your
intellectual mind

Kiss a new born kitten
and breathe in the
transient flower fragrance

I am God
and words
no matter how
magnificent they

rob me of my being
and define Me
in black and white
flat lines

Lay naked
in the Spring time sun
feel its rays
warm your soul

Experience the magnificence
that the words seek
to impart

And if you do not
judge the blades of grass
then do not judge your
brother or

For there is a glorious part
of Me that only
the dull and
ignorant can

To the child of Aids on being a messenger of God

It was my lips
that kissed your
infinite being

It is I
who love your
perfect beauty

It is I
who caress
your soul

It was I
who made you
for these times

I could have
awakened your
beautiful soul
in euphoric

but that was not
your choice

You are a painful
light in a world
of many dark

Close your eyes
to your reality
and remember
the time before
you were

Remember your perfect light

remember why you

All is as it should be
and I love you
now as I forever

It is I who
know the depths
of your soul

and I joy
in your

To the farmers on the earth

In the Garden of Eden
you sing the Universal song

You communicate
with my Creation
and experience
my infinite

You are the sowers
of my blissful seed

you are the transient
harvesters of my
infinite bounty

I am pleased
with your harmony
and I joy in
your understanding

I lovingly wait
your return to
my Heavenly home

with the same
infinite bliss
With which I sent
you to the

To the leper on love

Come tell me of
the love you knew
before the leprosy

Tell me of the
gifts you received
as a healthy man

Then tell me about
the loving souls
who have cared
for your painful

You have been given
the love that
only leprosy
can bring

It was the love
I blessed you with
not the pain

You are the altar
at which my most
blessed ones
come to pray

Remember your perfection
as I kissed you on
your way

Remember how short
your time in your
decaying shell

Remember that
only the possessors of great love
seek out
great pain

To the mother of the aborted child

The world
is an entangling
place with
infinite imagined

It is your fear
that keeps the door
to God tightly

The kingdom of God
is a natural harmony
that exists in the
natural Earth

but is seldom found
in man made things

The God of your soul
is ever present and She presses
hard against your closed door

To very few
earth bound mortals
do I speak
as directly and
clearly as I
have spoken
to you

I cannot vanish
even if the entire
physical Universe vanishes

but you can refuse
to acknowledge My presence

Let go of the material world
and embrace immortality

Look at the miracle of Spring
of the whole Earth birthing

Look at the beauty
of the infinite waves
of flowers and breathe in
their Heavenly fragrance

Open up your heart

break down the stone door

With a minute fraction
of the energy with which
you contemplate the
aborted child

dwell upon the starry night
and enter into the magnificent
presence that is your eternal home

To The Pantheist on knowing God

I am the God
of many names

and my faces
are without number

I am more than twenty-five
twenty-five million

Into each life
I send you
with the names
by which you
will call upon

To each and everyone
I give a path
upon the earthly

and along each path
I wait behind the
face and name
that each will

I am more than twenty-five
twenty-five million
names and faces

and you have known me
by everyone

To the widower on pain, sorrow and loneliness

I am the God
of every act
and action

I am the maker
of destinies
and the guide
down difficult

The purpose of life
is living

The purpose of love
is loving

Many blessed
children walk the
untrodden way

I am the shaker of foundations
I am the deliberate
breaker of weakness

I am the perfect healer

All life is at one with me

all paths are paths
to God

Mortal men
with mortal eyes
cry out with
painful change

Steadfastly they hold on to
what was dear and create
times of pain
and times of
painful change

Hold fast
to the perfect changing way

greet each day
with steadfast
And it is my promise
to you
that in the
days that are soon to

you will come to know
that I am with
you always

and I have never
stopped loving
your immortal

To the Angelic child on love

I kiss the
youth of just past

The awakening soul
the recent remembering

The days of toils
trials and troubles
are yet an
unimagined dream

Love freely given
Love lovingly

blesses the innocence of youth
that must satiate itself
for the long and
often loveless

Drink deeply
my child
of My infinite Love
for even now
approaches the

churning crowd
of the one
and many

who innocently
siphon the love
that from you
so fully flows

in order to
fill their empty
cups from
your abundant

To the scientist on believing that science is God

All That Is
is a metaphor
of infinite unknowns

Religion is an abstract
metaphor of perfect beauty

Science is the
metaphor of infinitely
complex numbers

The holy scripts
of all time
symbolize the
perfect harmony

and launch each
on his own
visionary way

There is wonder
in numbers
but no mystery

The immortal spirits
of each and all
of the All There Is

are with Me
and within me
at every instant

The destiny of man
is now

you are always where
you wish to be

Science is the
numbering of the
reality where you
think your soul
presently resides

An intellectual pursuit
of the mind
wherein you look
for God in

But the rationality of stone
manifests upon the
infinitely irrational
infinite combinations and

of every inconceivably intangible
infinite possibility
of All

To the preacher's son on following in his father's footsteps

To each according
to his wanting

I manifest
in ways that
maintain My
Light upon
the earth

The precious gift
of knowing
passed from
Father to father

and father
to son

is but one granule
of my infinite
Light and Love

The spark of knowing
that has resided
with you all
your life

you have now given
to others in
perfect love

To the host on being and instrument of light

You are my faithful servant
you are my trumpeter

my voice among
the crowd

Remember the holy spirit
within your
earthly home

You were the host
to a distant
traveler whose
work is

Your love
opened the door
to him that

your love
released him
when it was
time for
him to

Now you go about
your chosen destiny
for these times

When you return
to me

each moment
shall be more
than when
he came to

You do not reside
in a reality of
perfect bliss

that is not the
way of your
earthly home

Know that
in less than
an instant
you shall be
here within
my Love

preparing to depart
for another
time and place

where there is also
much to do

To the condemned killer on the mystery of knowing God's will

Inside the darkest

I burn bright
my Eternal

You are death and evil
deeds stalking in the
endless night

You are the beacon
by which I
call the righteous
to account

You are the dark light
which undermines
the religions
of man

They have no
thoughts by which
my Light in
you can give
them peace

Society will punish
you for every
anti-social deed
if you are caught

but I am your Creator
and it is by my leave
that you continue
to walk the earth

Death stalks you
at every turn

all the world
hates and fears

You carry the pain
of ten thousand
years within every moment

Your life
burns quickly

and the future
is unknown

Yet know that
few among
the good and blessed
hold me as close
as you
to their

To the mourning wife who questions death

When you were born
you began to die

The day comes
soon or comes

but death
is ticking away
your mortal

The Universe
is nothing
more than death
or what I call

Nothing comes into being
that does not
begin to change
and disappear

Even the immortal
spirit is little
more than
a perfect

which just yesterday
exited the cocoon
and tomorrow
will die

To the atheist on reality

I do not appear
when you do not

and I only half way
enter half closed

I am the Universal music
always humming
but only received
by ears

It matters not
what you do
I am like your heart
which you seldom

When death calls
and all your earthly
baggage rests
upon the ground

Then you will
remember me as I
fill your weightless


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