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    ABOUT Dr John WorldPeace

    Some people in society are destined to live a life far different from that of the average “normal” human being. I am definitely one of those individuals.

    I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law (Doctor of Jurisprudence). I am an ex-Mason, Mensan, U S Army Vietnam Era Veteran (Sgt Infantry), candidate for Governor of Texas 2002, and ex political prisoner because of my candidacy (and therefore have my bona fides as a Peace Advocate), author of many books, poet, Visionary/Outsider Artist.

    I have never used illegal drugs or stimulants. I have imbibed alcohol so infrequently that I could say that I don't drink. I was never a hippy nor a right wing fascist.

    At a very young age I decided to find out whether or not there is a personal spiritual God who along with other non physical spiritual beings can help and guide human beings through their lives in this physical reality. There is. I wanted to sort through the Bible and determine what was true and valid and what was myth and nonsense. In my investigation of and experimentation with religion, I have rewritten the most important sacred texts of the major religions and I have prosecuted a legal cause of action in the Texas courts to stop the theft of funds from the church of my youth.

    In addition, I have been determined to come to an understanding of why it is that religion has created so much hell on earth in the name of Jesus. Why is it that religions which conceptually should be at the forefront of the WorldPeace movement are in fact intransigent in their exclusive mentality to the point of having a history of fostering the most horrific wars in human history.

    Later in life, I added to my goals a determination to see if the American system of justice was in fact just. Whether, a predator corporation can be stopped from its crooked practices. And I have determined to understand the reality of politics by seeking political office.

    The over riding objective of all these endeavors is to see if there is a chance for the peace in the world to be increased. Perfect peace will never be achieved because everything in the world is in a constant state of change. From God all things manifest and in time all things disintegrate back into the Infinite Oneness. Therefore, there is a moment to moment growth and decay going on in the universe in general and in human society in particular.

    In 1988, I changed my name to John WorldPeace. The idea was to foster WorldPeace by at the least requiring people to consider WorldPeace when they heard my name, said it or read it. I never had any intention to create an organization, solicit money, or encourage a group of followers; so that has never happened. I simply intended to disseminate my thoughts and comments about peace in the world to the world human society. Interestingly, the Internet came along and all of sudden I had a forum wehre I could easily speak to the world.

    One thing that confuses people is the fact that I am so aggressive and at times combative. The truth is often paradoxical. I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist. If you try to harm my family I will stop you.

    Another interesting thing I have learned about being John WorldPeace is that people generally hate peace and fear those who advocate it. Just like when Jesus advocated loving everyone, His message was rejected because people refused then and now to let go of their prejudices against others based on religion, nationality, race and gender. Universal inclusiveness is an idea whose time has not come.

    In addition, the fear of a human being who is so radical as to change his name, has allowed my enemies to use my name change against me. I have been called the anti-Christ even though I am not a religionist and I am continuously watched by the FBI, CIA, NSA and local police.

    The truth is that I have never advocated violence. I have never been arrested for a crime (not related to my being a political prisoner). Never used illegal drugs. I have for the most part have lived a normal conservative life while advocating the radical idea of WorldPeace. I was not a hippy in the sixties. I was an observer and not a participant except where it came to being drafted into the U S Army in 1970.

    I do not belong to any organization because I believe that to belong to any organization generates an exclusive mindset of us and them. I withdrew from Mensa and the Masonic Lodge when I changed my name. As I have said, I have no following, no church, no organization and do not solicit money. I am just one man with one message: WorldPeace. I do have an opinion on a lot of religious, political, economic and judicial matters and issues and I almost daily comment on these matters and issues through my web pages. But I am not subversive. I am not an anarchist or terrorist. The reality is that between my business clients and my family I have little time for socializing. I have a lot of acquaintances and only a very few people I would call friends but no one with whom I socialize regularly.

    Lastly, people are generally operating on an eighth grade level in America . In sales they tell you to gear your pitch to that level and all lawyers are taught to speak to jurors on that level as well. Certainly if you have ever watched a political commercial on TV you know they are geared to eighth grade mentalities who vote for the slickest commercial.

    The reality is that the vast majority of people will never understand what I am saying even if someone opened their brain pan and chiseled it on the inside of their skulls. Those who understand what I have to say are generally too afraid or too apathetic to do anything about it. So what you are left with is a guy named WorldPeace who is an enigma banging the drum of WorldPeace in a world of deaf people.

    My signature statement sums it up, “How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all religions, all races, all nationalities and both genders) in our vision of peace? A Christian peace will not manifest WorldPeace. A White peace will not manifest WorldPeace. An American peace will not manifest WorldPeace. And undeniably a masculine peace will never manifest WorldPeace.

    In the end, it does not matter what I accomplish. All that really matters to me is that I tried so that I am not considered to be a part of the mindless herd of fearful apathetic (both due mostly to ignorance) human beings whose lives amount to little more than eating, sleeping, working in moronic jobs, having sex, and in America watching TV till Christ comes.

    Dr John WorldPeace

    March 27, 2005 (Easter Sunday), November 11, 2014


    Dr John WorldPeace is not a pacifist

        If you think I am a pacifist, forget it.  If you think that the passive advocacy of peace and WorldPeace will accomplish much of anything in this world, you are wrong.  Jesus was not passive.  Jesus was a revolutionary who actively confronted the hypocrisy of the religious bureaucracy of the Jews.  He also confronted the lawyers of his day.  He even warned people to settle their differences outside of the courts.  Jesus was a man who confronted the three foundations of society, religious bureaucracies, political bureaucracies and the judicial system which is more than just an adjunct of politics.  Did Jesus get a fair trial?  I think not.  

        I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist. I advocate love, but I have no delusions about the lack of active love in the world society.  If you have expectations that John WorldPeace is a pacifist in his advocacy of peace and love, think again.  In, 1988, I changed my name to John WorldPeace from my birth name Kenneth Edward Wolter.  In the years since, I have personally experienced the fact that people hate peace. They hate the concept of peace and they fear those who stand up and actively promote it.  They give lip service to their religious beliefs while at the same time turning deaf ears and blind eyes away from the pain and suffering which they have the ability to relieve.  

        They love their families and children and tell themselves that other races and nations do not.  They refuse to embrace humanity.  In fact, people generally believe that those who are not of their religion, race or nation are sub humans to be exploited and ignored in their suffering no matter how great and are legitimately subject to genocide.

        The last thing the world needs is another passive advocate for peace, love and justice.

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