The Book of Peace
by John WorldPeace


The John WorldPeace Fundamentals of Peace and WorldPeace

by John WorldPeace

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1 Infinity
2 Creation
3 God
4 Change
5 Incarnation
6 Death
7 Immortality
8 Life
9 Society
10 Sex
11 Money
12 Race
13 Education
14 War
15 Religion
16 Sin
17 Karma
18 Reincarnation
19 Earth
20 Love
21 Peace


We cannot conceive of Infinity.

We cannot conceive of Infinity. We cannot conceive of infinite distance, infinite time, infinite nothingness.

Consider for a moment how far a hundred million billion light years extends. Then consider that once we have traveled that far, we have truly gone nowhere in relation to Infinity.

Also, consider for a moment that if we count all the grains of sand in our physical universe, we have a number equal to zero in relation to the infinite number of grains of sand in the Infinite.

Then consider the number of atoms contained in our physical universe. They are without number in our conception and yet together, like the grains of sand contained in our physical universe, their numbers equal zero in relation to Infinity.

A billion infinities equal zero in the Infinite.

Lastly, consider that Infinity contains every conceivable possibility. For instance, it could contain a galaxy identical to ours except that the other galaxy contains one atom more than ours.

If we can conceive of the existence of a galaxy exactly like our galaxy except for one additional atom in that galaxy, then we will understand the equivalent of one atom as it relates to the total physical universe in attempting to conceive of Infinity.

It is very frightening to consider our physical insignificance in the totality of the Infinite. That is why we limit the boundaries of our universe and believe that an anthropomorphic God protects us from all that is beyond our individually defined realities.

The truth is that our souls are immortal. Our physical sojourn in this time and place is insignificant, yet our immortality is not. Our immortality is infinite and at one with the Infinite Potential (God).

Everything has always existed in the Infinite Potential and so we have always existed. There is no beginning or end. How is it possible that we will not continue to exist? How can we die if we were never born?

Inner peace comes when we recognize that our true essence is our immortal, infinite, peaceful soul and not our transient body.

Inner peace comes when our actions mirror the peace and harmony of the Infinite Potential (God) and not the transient, aggressive nature of the earth.


We really have no idea how or why we exist in this reality much less any truly valid concept of its creation.

Scientists are searching for the primary building blocks of all that we perceive in this physical universe. They are searching for the common particle or energy that combines to create the infinitely complex structures of the physical universe.

Scientists believe that all physical things are made up of smaller atomic
particles which are themselves made up of even smaller sub-atomic
particles. They have yet to acknowledge that there exists a physical
frontier. They have yet to acknowledge that there is a finite physical article which is not made up of smaller physical particles.

Eventually scientists will discover that on some level there exists a physical particle or energy which is formed from something non-physical. This non-physical something is which I define as the Infinite Potential.

Within the Infinite Potential, exists the possibility of all things.

There is no light, yet there is no darkness; no sound, yet no silence: no past, no future; no beginning, no end; nothing and everything.

Try to imagine a windowless room that contains no light, yet it is not dark. Try to imagine the same room with no sound of any kind and yet there is no silence. If we cannot conceive of either of these possibilities, then we have to admit that we have no chance of even beginning to understand Creation.

Within the Infinite Potential, all is in perfect harmony; light and dark
sound and silence, beginning and end.

Creation is the result of a thought projected within the perfect harmony:
"Let there be light!" And from that thought, this reality has manifested.

Inner peace comes when we humble ourselves to the magnificent enigma of Creation and joy in the knowledge that we have been allowed to consciously experience it and to realize that our souls are an immortal,
infinite part of it.


There is only one God, who manifests under many different names and faces. No matter how great our conscious knowledge and understanding, God is beyond our conception.

Somewhere between the finite reality which we perceive and Infinity is the boundary of God's realm. We allow our minds to travel as far toward Infinity as we can, which is nowhere at all, then we define everything beyond the boundary of that which we can understand and conceive as God.

It seems to us that few happenings in our universe are totally spontaneous. Laws of cause and effect create the tangible and intangible realities. God is the totality of all the unknown common denominators of cause and effect.

God can be defined as everything that we do no understand. For example, when we did not understand the nature of bacteria, we thought people became sick and sometimes died because it was God's will. We now know that the cause of disease is, in many cases, bacteria and we act in a manner that will eliminate or control the germs. We no longer attribute the resulting illness to God.

When we did not understand the paths of the moon, the planets and the
stars, we drew a picture of the universe with humanity at the center. The
stars were just a canopy above the earth. We now know that starry
canopy is infinite and that heaven is not a particular place. We now realize that some of those stars are really galaxies and maybe even universes.

Scientists believe they will soon formulate a unified theory of the physical universe. However, they have not even begun to theorize about the Infinite void into which our universe is expanding. They cannot even begin to conceive of what it is that envelopes the entire physical universe.

As we move forward in time, we bring into consciousness more and more knowledge regarding our reality. Consequently, that which was once attributed to God becomes knowledge and understanding and that
knowledge and understanding pushes back the boundary of that which we do not know or understand and continue to define as God.

Our knowledge and understanding continue to expand but the Infinite
Potential does not shrink with this knowledge. The mysteries of the Infinite Potential are infinite. God will always be that which is beyond our knowledge and understanding. Therefore, there will always be a God,
regardless of the name we call God, no matter how great our knowledge
and understanding.

Inner peace comes when we stop using God as a justification to perpetuate prejudice and disharmony among ourselves.

Inner peace comes in acknowledging that the Infinite Potential (God) is one. That the Infinite Potential is beyond our conception, but we are at one within It.


Everything changes!

One of the fundamental laws of the earth, the universe and the Infinite
Potential is the law of Change.

Everything that manifests in this reality immediately begins to disappear.
Everything that is born immediately begins to die.

Not one single manifestation in this reality is permanent. No legacy is
anything more than an illusion of permanence. No empire can withstand
the children of the great king.

Each day has its own agenda. Each day comes in harmony. If one tries to live yesterday again today, one is attempting to stop the world from turning.

When one tries to raise children in the ways of the past, one attempts to
deny them their inheritance of the future. Our way of life dies as we live
it each day and trying to confine our children to the past creates an unpeaceful disorientation for everyone.

Change is so much a part of the universe that any attempt to halt it on
any level creates conflict and disharmony.

Since all things change, peace comes when we embrace change. When we embrace change, we embrace peace. When we reject change, we immediately become a center of chaos.

Inner peace comes when we accept change and do not waste our time or energy considering how we may be able to slow it down or stop it.


Individual souls are either incarnate within a body or they are free of
a body.

Incarnate, as we presently define it, is "the embodiment of a spirit in some earthly form." The biodegradable human body hosts the immortal soul.

Each person who reads this is incarnate in this reality. And each is incarnate because he or she chooses to be.

The time will soon come when we will each return to the spirit reality.
When we do, we will experience the things of the spirit.

It seems important to consider the spiritual side of the Infinite Potential.
But when we are incarnate, it is because we desire to experience the physical world. Consequently, we should be comfortable within the confines of the physical world. When the time comes to pass on or die, then we can totally experience the reality of the spiritual dimension.

We are always where we want to be. We are never where we do not
want to be.

Inner peace comes in knowing that whether we are in body or in spirit,
it is because of a choice that we have made.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we are exactly where we want to be.
When the soul decides it has had enough, it will surely depart this reality
and the body will die.


Our souls release our mortal bodies in death.

All of humanity is mortal. For each life there is a death. Each of us is
conceived by mortal parents, birthed from the womb of our mother, and
we each cease to exist in this reality on the average of 75 years later.

Death terminates human existence in this reality without bias or prejudice
to the rich or poor, to the literate or illiterate, to the famous or infamous, to the honorable or deceitful, to the young or old, to the great achievers or non-achievers.

Death is the great equalizer that separates our souls from our mortal bodies and returns our spiritual essence to the great peace of Infinity.

We each enter into this reality in the body of a helpless baby and we leave behind a rigid corpse. We come into this reality naked and alone and we travel through death's door one at a time.

The overwhelming majority of humanity believes that every body has a
soul and that each soul survives the death of the body. The soul is considered immortal and infinite; a part of God before birth and a part
of God after death.

The body is thought to be no more than a temporary residence for the
soul. However, believing this, we still tend to live as if the body is immortal and, consequently, as if its status and power on earth are everlasting.

When we consider the Infinite Potential and the immortality of the soul
and the brief life of the body in relation to Infinity, we quickly realize
that it is the harmony of the Infinite Potential with which we must
synchronize ourselves if we are to achieve true inner peace and Peace on Earth.

When we associate ourselves too closely with the primal nature of the
earth, where the strong generally victimize the weak, we become out of
sync with our immortal essence and live a life of material gratification
which leaves us unsatisfied, except in the very short term, and in constant search of the inner peace that lies eternally within our souls.

When we harmonize our bodies with the earth which nurtures them and
then synchronize our bodies with our souls which are in constant harmony with the Infinite Potential, we begin to create an earthly reality that mirrors the Infinite Potential and consequently we begin to live in peace.

It is impossible for a human being to live in harmony with the earth and
be in sync with the Infinite Potential and at the same time consider
victimizing another human being; much less turn a deaf ear on the great
suffering of humanity as it calls out in its great pain.

Inner peace comes in the acceptance of the fact that our bodies will wear out but our souls will not cease to exist when our bodies die.

Inner peace comes when we synchronize our bodies with the harmony
of our immortal souls.


We are immortal travelers of times, places and dimensions.

You are conscious of here and now because, more than anything else, that is your desire. Your inner being wants to experience this time and place; so experience it. You have come here with a purpose and you are fulfilling that purpose.

When we consider that we are immortal in our being and only temporarily consciously residing in this reality, everything comes into perspective such that our immortality reduces the transient events of this short life into nothing more than interesting encounters and happenings.

In light of the infinite variety of the Infinite Potential, where there is at times only a grain-of-sand difference in universes, consider that all of those in your reality are here because you have accepted them into your reality and they have accepted you into their reality.

The experiences that your brothers and sisters bring to you are experiences that you desire, even though they are sometimes unpleasant or even deadly to you or to those you consider kin and friend.

Society has many rules that define acceptable behavior within it. Certain
behavior is rewarded and certain behavior is punished. Trespassers will
be punished according to the laws of each society. But this should never blind us to the immortality of the souls who play the roles which society condemns.

Within the Infinity of God, we are each unique immortal travelers of times, places and dimensions. So it has always been; so it will always be. There is no beginning and no end.

We are each at one with God and therefore, we are each as we should be. We are each as we wish to be. If that were not so, we would not be here.

You can rest. You can sleep. But you can never cease to exist.

Inner peace comes in knowing that everything is as it should be.

Inner peace comes in knowing that the universe and our immortal souls
are unfolding exactly as they should.


The purpose of life is to be.

The purpose of life is to live, to experience, to be.

The purpose of life is not to be diseased or sad and it is not to be endlessly overjoyed or to, without interruption, experience any of the other human emotions or conditions. The purpose of life is to simply be.

One should move through the consciousness of this reality as a dimension traveler; participate, observe, experience. The time will soon come when we will each leave this reality and enter into another reality. Everything is as it should be. If things were different, we would not be here, we would be in some other reality.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we can live in peace if we will flow with life and if we do not try to fight it. Life is not something to be battled or endured.

Inner peace comes when we participate, observe, experience and move
through life in harmony with the natural rhythm of the earth and in sync
with the Infinite Potential; knowing that we exist within the Infinite,
perpetual essence of God.


We have become a World Society and, consequently, we must treat all the inhabitants of the world as if they are a part of our local community.

We each belong to several societies simultaneously. We belong to a family, a city or town, a nation, the world and generally to a religious philosophy, to name a few.

However, our membership in most of the societies to which we belong is
generally involuntary. We are born in a particular place, which automatically subjects us to the laws of a particular city or town, state and nation.

From our parents we generally inherit a religious philosophy. We have
little choice regarding this religious philosophy until we mature to an
understanding that there are alternative religious philosophies which
may more closely harmonize with our individual personalities.

Each society has a set of rules which specifically dictates acceptable and
unacceptable behavior for the members of that society. These rules are
generally classified as laws and these laws evolve over time. As a society's needs change, so do the laws. This is a natural process.

As humanity developed and populations increased, families grouped
together into clans, clans grouped together into towns, towns grouped
together into states, and states grouped together into nations. Each time smaller units come together as a larger unit, a new social order comes into existence which considers the needs of all the various sub-units. This a complex process and slow-moving if done peacefully. If done by aggression, it can be achieved quickly but with great and lasting trauma.

We have now reached a point in the world economy where nations have
become interdependent and these interdependencies are increasing in
number daily. These interdependencies will reduce the possibility of war
because a nation tends not to declare war on those nations who buy
significant goods from it nor does it make war on nations who have the
ability to cut off its source of vital goods. Wars between nations will soon disappear because war will be detrimental to national economies and consequently to the individual members of those nations as it manifests as unemployment and its legacy social unrest.

As the world continues to become more economically interdependent, a
World Government will slowly gain power because only a World Government can arbitrate between nations if war is not an alternative.
The United Nations is the embryo of that World Government.

We are one race of human beings and the time is soon coming when we
will no longer be able to exclusively enjoy the abundance of certain areas
of the world simply because we were born there. In very simple terms, no nation with food and energy reserves will be allowed to let the people of another nation go without. This is the foundation of WorldPeace.

What will eventually manifest is an opportunity for an overall minimum
standard of living worldwide. This will not happen overnight, but we must accept its inevitability and try to move toward it peacefully and not use our national power to prolong its manifestation. Is the death of even one child in a war for nationalism anything more than a sacrificial waste of human life and the reinforcement and perpetuation of national prejudices and hatreds?

We are on the road to a World Government because we have become a
World Society. It is our most common social denominator and it is inevitable. Acceptance of this reality promotes peace; rejection manifests
everything but peace.

Inner peace comes when we embrace the whole of humanity as one
and harmonize with it.

Inner peace comes when we embrace the world community and do not
separate ourselves from it.

10 SEX

We each have a primal sexual drive that cannot be legislated or moralized away.

Women are not property.

The biological nature of human beings is that of two sexes. Virtually every creature on the earth is divided into male and female and to procreate they must come together.

Even though society encourages procreation in order to perpetuate itself,
it simultaneously attempts to control sexual relationships in order to promote social order.

Societies pass laws to try to eliminate the potential individual conflicts that result from sexual attraction. For instance, societies designate certain individuals as legally married and punish those who would interfere with that relationship. However, no law can put an end to the primal sexual drive which very often focuses outside the marriage.

Marriage is also a means whereby society attempts to distribute wealth
in an orderly manner. There are many logical reasons to have sexual laws. The majority of these laws relate to the elimination of chaos and conflict in a society.

However, the fact remains that sexual attraction is neither logical nor
intellectual. Sex between human beings is a highly emotionally charged
experience. Few humans come together simply to produce children.
Humans come together sexually as a result of emotional needs and biological drives. Sex is one of the strongest human impulses.

Sex has little to do with logic. When the attraction is great enough between humans, no potential sacrifice of status or power or the incurring of social prejudice or criminal punishment can deter it.

In addition, a person's sexual preference generally has little to do with his or her overall contributions to society. Creative men and women are both celibate and promiscuous, heterosexual, bi-sexual and homosexual.

Further, a certain percentage of society has always been homosexual and that will never change. All the prejudice and legislation in the world will never end it. It is a need inherent in some individuals.

Lastly, a certain percentage of society will always be polygamous. A person
may be legally married but extramarital affairs create a polygamous reality.

We need to stop trying to legislate the morality of sexual attraction with the exception of adult/child relationships and rape. No adult should be allowed to sexually influence a child or to sexually force themselves upon another.

Sexual attraction is emotional and biological and it can never be successfully legislated by social or religious institutions. We need to enact liberal laws that allow people who are attracted to each other live the life that is congruent with their emotional needs.

When emotional needs are satisfied, an individual has a better chance of
achieving inner peace and harmony and, consequently, society has a better chance of achieving peace between its members.

* * * * * * * * * *

There is no logical basis for continuing to discriminate against women.
Women are not property, nor are they inferior to men. Women as a whole are generally physically weaker than men but that is not a valid reason to subordinate women in any society. Men and women are complements of each other and the sooner that women are allowed to assume an equal role in society, the sooner we will have a whole society.

When the yoke of frustration due to sexual prejudice is removed from the backs of women and they are granted a truly equal status in society, a great wave of inner peace among women will harmonize the earth with the love and nurturing which is their nature and their collective love will counter-balance the innate aggressiveness of the masculine orientation which presently dominates the planet.

Inner peace comes in the knowing that it is all right to pursue our sexual preferences and no one in society can, in good conscience, judge another for satisfying his or her innate sexual needs which are a unique, indivisible, biological and emotional part of each and every one of us.

Inner peace comes to women when they are allowed an equal status in


Money is power and those who have power have an obligation to help the majority of society out of its misery.

Money is basically a medium of exchange. It allows us to buy particular
things without having to barter for them.

Money gravitates to those who provide services that are valued by society. It also gravitates to the strong who victimize the weak.

Inherent in wealth is a social responsibility. It is society that has allowed
wealth to gravitate to certain human beings and those human beings consequently have an obligation to society. Each person must decide for
himself or herself how to fulfill that obligation.

There is nothing wrong with wealth, but there is social injustice when wealth is accumulated while the great pain of humanity cries out for help. The powerful must not lose touch with reality by believing that because they were able to successfully achieve power and status in society that those same opportunities exists for more than a very minute percentage of the world population.

The unfortunate of the earth place their hope of salvation in the powerful. The hungry eyes of the world wait in patient starvation for the relief that only the powerful can bring.

Inner peace comes in knowing that the pursuit of materialism for its
own sake can never be satiated and that reaching out to humanity creates a sense of inner peace with which the accumulation of material goods can never compare.


We really belong to only one race and that is the human race.

No generalizations can be made about race except that different races have different skin colors and physical attributes. Intelligence, goodness and badness know no racial boundaries. There is absolutely no combination of human traits that does not exist in every single race. Every person of every race has a counterpart in every other race.

Negative generalized attitudes about race are always false and without basis. Racial prejudice is nothing more than an attempt by certain races
to remain in power and to forever racially subordinate other human beings simply based on their physical attributes.

Any law or any prejudice directed against any race has its basis in ignorance, fear and the complete disregard of the knowledge that we are
all at one with God and at one with each other.

We are different because of the societal impact on our lives and because
of our overall genetic make-up, but we are not different simply due to our skin color or our physical attributes.

Consider the great burden of social disharmony that will be lifted from the planet when we truly fail to notice a person's race. Consider the tremendous wave of peace that will engulf the world when racial prejudice vanishes.

There can never be peace of any kind as long as we continue to distinguish people by race, even if only in our minds.

Inner peace comes in knowing that our skin color and our physical attributes have nothing to do with who we are and that the baseless racial prejudice that presently exists in the world is disappearing as we move closer to a world society.


Education increases the knowledge and understanding of individuals in society regarding the many aspects of the world in which they live.

Education introduces a person to the many varied customs and beliefs that exist in the world. It creates a foundation for mutual understanding between different societies and, consequently, furthers the unity of humanity and promotes peace.

Education enables a person to understand history so that the mistakes of
the past, hopefully, will not be repeated. It allows one to avoid war by knowing the causes of war. It allows one to travel the road to peace by using knowledge and understanding to distinguish the road to peace from
the road to war.

It also enables humanity to perceive the causes of social problems and
then to find solutions to those problems. And it allows us to refine our social institutions and philosophies in order to create a more perfect society.

Education also prevents individuals from being manipulated due to their
lack of knowledge and understanding. It gives one the ability to determine for himself or herself the truth and value of words and ideas proposed by others.

Inner peace comes with an understanding of our relationship to our society and the universe. It comes when one feels capable of evaluating the many actions and events that daily affect one's life.

14 WAR

War is, in reality, one human being murdering another human being.

War is generally defined as armed conflict between nations, but it is individual human beings who do the actual murdering and the dying.

War is one man murdering one woman, one woman murdering one man, one man murdering one man, one woman murdering one woman, one child murdering one adult, one adult murdering one child. War is one human being murdering another human being.

Whatever the stated causes of war, the truth is that it is nothing more than the sacrifice of our children. It is our children who we allow to be murdered in war and their families must then live with an inconsolable sorrow. How can this be acceptable to anyone?

War is the result of frustrations in a society that comes to believe that there is no other solution to a particular social problem. No nation goes to war with clean hands. No nation murders on the battlefield with justification.

Powerful nations murder because they think they can get away with it. They may impose their will on the survivors, but they simultaneously sow the seeds of future wars. The thought that murder is a solution to social disagreements is tragically laughable.

How can we delude ourselves into believing that if a person lives next door to us, he has the same rights as we do, but if he lives in a foreign land, his life has no value? Is human value, in truth, based upon the physical location of one's home?

We are all God's children and we are each at one with each other. The
murder of anyone sends irrevocable and intolerable vibrations throughout
the world. The legacy of violence is always more violence and the legacy of war is always more war.

We are at one with God and at one with each other and we can never justify the murder of any human being. Words like justice or God's will can never justify the great tragedy of humanity murdering itself.

As members of a World Society, we must embrace the great moral condemnation of murder as the legacy of war. There is no victory in war without murder and there can never be victory of any kind with murder.

Inner peace comes in the knowing that when we all accept each and every human being as our neighbor, not only will we refuse to murder anyone, we will never have to concern ourselves that our life's blood, our children, will be murdered by anyone else.


When religions remind us that our immortal, infinite souls are at one with God, they bequeath inner peace to human beings who are caught up in the materialism of the world. When religions dictate laws which make us fear God and encourage us to avoid those who do not belong to our particular religion, they promote judgment, disharmony, intolerance, prejudice, hatred and war.

All of the dominant religions are masculine in their orientation. There is
not one major feminine oriented religion. World Peace can never manifest as long as the subordination of women is advocated and practiced by the dominant religions of the world.

Formal religions, as we know them, define the universe in terms that we can conceive and believe. They define the universe in terms of what we know and what we can potentially understand. Through doctrine and dogma, they institutionalize a system of attitudes and beliefs claimed to be God-given truths, even though written by men.

Christians define the universe and God in terms of Christian doctrine and
dogma, just as each religion defines the universe and God in the terms of
its own unique beliefs.

Each religion tends to believe that it is the sole possessor of the Truth. Each refuses to acknowledge that it is just taking a turn at understanding
the universe. Each refuses to believe that its doctrine and dogma is just a
belief system no more or less valid than the belief system of any other religion.

Each religion defines all the followers of the other religions as infidels and marks those infidels as fair game for genocide, at the worst, and bars them from its heaven, at the least.

When one contemplates the Infinite Potential, one quickly concludes that
no religion defines a credible universe, much less a common denominator of
Truth for inner peace and peaceful co-existence that has stood the test when applied to the earth. In fact, it seems that humanity's belief in God,
when filtered through institutionalized religion and its teachings, has been undeniably linked with senseless bloodshed and holy wars to convert or expunge the non-believers from the earth.

We are at one with the earth, with the universe, with God and with each
other. We are always at one with God, yet we have ignored this. We have put on blinders in the form of religious doctrine, dogma and law which in many ways separate us from this One Great Truth.

The Truth is that, at every moment, in every dimension, we are at one with God and at one with each other. This is the only legitimate message of any religion, and any message, doctrine, dogma or act beyond the communication of this One Great Truth is only social commentary and
nothing more than the attempted enslavement of humanity if alleged to
be God's law.

Any judgment or any act by any religion, no matter how seemingly insignificant, which judges, condemns, punishes or rebukes a person, no
matter what his or her alleged sin against God, is an affront to all of
humanity. The act may be a crime against society or it may even be a
transgression against a particular religious institution, but it is absolutely not a sin against God.

Transient social and religious laws apply only to the physical body. It is
nonsense to believe that social and religious laws apply to an immortal,
infinite soul which is at every moment at one with an immortal, infinite God.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we are at one with God and that one of the darkest legacies of religion has been to wrongfully instruct us that all of humanity is not equal in God's eyes.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we can ignore institutionalized religion without, for one moment, losing our immortal, infinite, unconditional oneness with God.

16 SIN

Sin is no more than the breaking of the laws of a religious institution.

Sin is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "a violation of some
religious or moral principle."

It is not against any law to kiss your children in public. But if a society of which you are a member enacts such a law, then it would be a crime to kiss your children in public. If a religion dictates such a law, it would be a sin to kiss your children in public.

Before you can have sin, you must have a religious law prohibiting some
act. Therefore, if there are no religious laws, there can be no sin. I repeat if there are no religious laws, there can be no sin.

If there are no religious laws then the only laws that are left are social laws. The breaking of social law is criminal and socially punishable but it is not sinful and certainly not damning to the soul by any definition.

God may, in fact, divinely inspire the writing of social and religious laws to better order society. But it is nonsense to believe that God would waste one moment writing a law, the violation of which would mean the potential unmitigated, eternal damnation of the soul of the lawbreaker who is truly an immortal, infinite part of God and of every other human being who ever existed.

Inner peace comes in knowing that religious laws are written by men in order to perpetuate some religious institution and that one can only sin
against the religious institution, not against God.

Inner peace comes in knowing that God's love for us is unconditional and we can never sin against God because we are always at one with God.


Karma is a metaphor that tries to make us believe that we must balance every negative act we commit.

Karma is an attempt to sort out the reasons why things happen to us. "Why am I the one who experienced this?" is the riddle Karma attempts to solve.

Karma generally defines a belief system whereby our sins of the flesh, our mortal shortcomings in the material world, must be accounted for. We must be killed if we kill, to be very simplistic.

Karma allows a killer to avoid being killed if, by grace, he or she comes to truly understand what he or she has done, so that it is not necessary to be killed in order to balance the scales of Karma.

Karma is just another one of our belief systems in which we try to project into the mind of God a way in which we can enter into God's presence.

The truth is that when one kills, he or she is sometimes punished by society, and that is as it should be. It is the law of most societies that to kill one of your own is punishable.

The laws of a society are the laws created by the members of that society. If you break those laws, you must pay the defined punishment for your transgressions. This is necessary for the preservation of society but it is certainly not necessary for the continuation of the Infinite Potential.

The Infinite Potential does not adhere to society's rules. If a man is killed, it does not mean that the killing is punishable in the eyes of God. It is possible that both the killer and the killed have agreed to come into this reality for the purpose of staging a death in order to help teach others a lesson by their act; and not necessarily to balance the scales of Karma
because their roles were reversed in some prior lifetime.

Infinity is not interested in keeping an account of every transgression of
each individual soul. The soul is its own scorekeeper. Each soul is its own infinite universe. Each is at one with God. Each is at one with each other. And each soul is unfolding as it should.

Lastly, and most importantly, how can we possibly know if any act is one of balancing Karma or one of creating Karma?

Inner peace comes when we realize that it is impossible to live in this
physical reality without creating negative acts at every moment. Not sharing our food while someone goes without food anywhere on the earth is a negative act.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we can never balance Karma and that
we do not need to concern ourselves with it because we are at one with God no matter what we do. We cannot separate ourselves from God even if we wanted to.


Reincarnation is a metaphor that attempts to have us believe that we must reincarnate in order to achieve an eventual oneness with God.

Many believe in reincarnation as the constant re-entry of a soul into a new body. Reincarnation is taught as a necessity for eventual oneness with God. Reincarnation is a school to which one goes in order to receive a certificate of perfection that allows one to be, at some point, at one with God.

Our logical minds never stop striving to create some kind of fiction that will give us the hope of heaven. It is man who has conceived of the reincarnation metaphor as a way to heaven. Man has created reincarnation in order to achieve that which he already possesses, a oneness with God.

In truth, one enters this physical reality as many times as he or she desires. That is all. One comes because one comes. One comes and one experiences.

I am conscious of this time and place for reasons that I cannot begin to understand. But I know that I have not become conscious of this reality
for the same reasons that I may take a math course in order to graduate
from high school. I do not need this lifetime to be at one with God.

We are all a part of the Infinite Potential. We are all a part of God. We are all a part of each other. So it is, has always been and so it will always be.

In all dimensions, on all levels and in all realities we are at one with God. Everything is as it should be and we are in this reality because we wish to be. Our reasons for being here are a part of our individual souls and can be remembered and understood if we will simply look inside ourselves.

We may in fact reincarnate, but not as a test or a condition of eventual
oneness with God.

Inner peace comes in knowing that we are already perfect and at one with God and that reincarnation is a choice, not a requirement.


We are each an integral part of a living earth which sustains our bodies.

Our bodies are an extension of the earth. We are a complex system of
biological functions which depend upon the earth for life.

Our bodies are a part of a perfect biological system which when viewed by those outside the earth classifies us as no more than the trees or other life forms that co-exist with us.

We take in the physical energy of the earth through eating, drinking and
breathing, and we return to the earth our waste, which is then processed into more energy. In this respect, we are no different than any other life
form on the earth.

Undeniably we are killing the earth. We are polluting the land, the water and the air. We are creating waste which the planet cannot easily break
down. We have already begun to poison ourselves with our own waste.

No matter how intelligent and supreme we consider ourselves, without
oxygen to breathe, we die; without pure water to drink, we die; and without the fruit of the earth to eat both animal and vegetable we die. We cannot live outside the laws of nature.

We must create a Life System that works within the laws of nature or we
will surely exterminate ourselves by killing the earth which sustains us.

We are each entrusted with the preservation of the earth. No one has the right to pollute the planet. To do so is an arrogant disregard for every living thing upon the earth.

The truth regarding the ecological maintenance of the earth is that it is
individuals who pollute the earth. It is not companies or governments but the people who work within these companies and governments who poison the earth. No individual can deny his or her responsibility by hiding behind a company or government facade as he or she deliberately, intentionally and maliciously sanctions the pollution of the earth, which belongs to all of humanity.

Inner peace comes in acknowledging that our bodies are inseparable from the earth and when we quit polluting the earth we will live in good health and be able to again enjoy the perfect harmony of a beautiful world.


We can love any number of people equally and totally and we have the capacity to love every person on the planet.

The most basic example of human love in this reality is the mutual love of our parents, our spouse and our children.

One facet of this love is that we can love two parents totally and equally. If we have more than one child, we can love them each totally and equally. In other words, if we have five children, they do not each receive one-fifth of our total love. They each receive 100% of our total love.

In fact, if we think about it, we do not divide our love between our parents, our spouse and our children. They all receive all the love that we have without reducing our total capacity to love one single bit. We love them totally and not as a percent of totality.

However, if we generalize to an elementary example like polygamy, we
refuse to acknowledge that a man can love two women or that a woman can love two men. To further generalize, we tend to believe that no one can love everyone the same. We believe that only God has the capacity to totally love us all. These beliefs are false.

Another facet of love is that when we love someone, we make allowances for their behavior which irritates us or makes us mad. If our loved ones hurt us, we tend to forgive them or ignore their behavior because we love them.

However, we apply a different standard of love to our parents, our spouse, our children and even our close friends than we do to everyone else. We overlook the faults and negative conduct of our loved ones because of our love for them. But we generally refuse to overlook the same conduct in others.

We seem to have a very difficult time applying the same standard of love
that we have for parents, spouse, children and friends to the rest of society even though every human being on the planet, in truth, is possibly someone's parent or spouse, is definitely someone's child and is probably someone's best friend.

Why do we not treat everyone the same? Why do we draw lines that
separate us from the majority of society? And how can we justify treating others like alien beings?

When we forget that we are at one with God and at one with each other, we lose the ability to love ourselves. Loving ourselves becomes easy when we look inside ourselves and remember our oneness. When we remember that we are at one with all of Creation, we flow in the peace and harmony of God's infinite, unconditional love which is the essence of our being.

Inner peace comes when we begin to see other people as our parents, our spouse, our children and our friends.

Inner peace comes when we apply the same standard of total love to
everyone, refrain from judging them and forgive their unkind words and


Peace comes when we remember our Oneness with God, with the universe, with the earth and with each other.

We can achieve peace but first, we must live. We must treat the earth as the provider of life. As we destroy more and more of the earth, we may
soon reach a point where the earth cannot renew itself. As we have created deserts where there were once forests, we could create a desert planet where there was once life.

Second, we are all equal as human beings. We each have a different level of power on earth, yet, in spirit, we are all children of the same God. We have each chosen a path to follow in this reality. We each have our chosen stations in society. Yet, in the eyes of God, we are all immortal, infinite spiritual children of equal birth.

Therefore, let us each respect the spirit in each other. We may not be able to love our brothers and sisters, but we must at least acknowledge their immortality and our oneness with them.

There are many hard decisions which we must make each day regarding
our treatment of our fellow human beings. Many times circumstances are such that we or they will have to suffer. Yet, we must consider whether our actions can be delayed or performed differently out of respect for the immortal, infinite spirit which resides in each of us.

It is true that everything is as it should be. But this should not prevent us from trying to create a more perfect world. There is much to do and it may take millennia but we have come to this time and place with a purpose.

We must realize that we are doing that which we have chosen to do and
our fellow beings are doing the same.

We are here to be, to remember, to experience, to consider all sides of the events which present themselves to us each day and to find solutions that will leave the earth a better place because we walked upon it and society more peaceful because we participated in it.

Know that we are moving toward a perfect day, no matter how far away in time, when we will have solved the problems of our relationship with each other, our relationships with the earth, our relationship with our universe and our relationship with God. We are moving toward a perfect day when inner peace and peaceful co-existences a reality.

Inner peace comes with knowing that when peace becomes our priority,
WorldPeace will become our reality.

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