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WorldPeace is one word !

When Peace becomes our priority,
WorldPeace will become our reality !

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In 1988, after changing his name, John WorldPeace withdrew from all organizations (Membership in Church, Mensa, Masonic related organizations, etc) because to be a member of any organization (not American citizenship - citizenship is required and dictated by place of birth: not the State Bar of Texas because it is required to practice law) is to have an elitist, exclusionary attitude in the world human society: WorldPeace is all inclusive and democratic.

It is the intention of Dr John WorldPeace JD to in time apply for dual citizenship in all the nation states of the world human society for the purpose becoming the world's first global citizen.

Jwp 171004
WorldPeace is one word but Dr WorldPeace
uses Jwp as his initials.

Birth Certificate

Baptism Certificate

High School Diploma

Master Mason Certificate - Kenneth Edward Wolter

Master Mason Certificate - Jwp's
Father's Certificate

Kenneth Edward Wolter a/k/a Jwp
Masonic Apron

Jwp's Blue Lodge Membership Card

KEW's 32 Degree Scottish Rite Certificate

32 Degree Scottish Rite Certificate KEW's father

Jwp's Arabia Shrine Temple Fez

Order for Name Change from
Kenneth Edward Wolter to John WorldPeace

10 Year Mensa Membership Certificate

Jwp Dicharge from USMC Officer Candidate School because he did not have an Engineering Degree. After being drafted, Jwp was offered a place in the March 1971 OCS class which he rejected because he had entered the Army October 12, 1970, and did not want to discharge and trust the USMC not to change their mind again.


Honorable Discharge

Bachelor of Arts - Political Science

Bachelor of Accountancy - 5 year degree

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter - CPCU

Chartered Life Underwriter -CLU

State of Texas Bar License -
Jwp no longer practices Law in any jurisdiction