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Friends the world is moving very fast and Genetic Engineering is being fought. Fighting it is useless. Genetic engineering is out of the box. A massive change in attitude will take place in the area of what human bodies are. If you read ALL the religious sacred documents of the major religions you are going to find an agreement that the human body is dust. When it comes alive at birth, it has acquired a soul or spirit. I believe the soul attaches at conception. The human body is just a vehicle for the soul to experience this dimension. I believe souls are multi-dimensional. I believe they can incarnate in any dreamscape, reality, or dimension they want. The body vehicle is finite and mortal. The soul/spirit is infinite and immortal. When the soul exits the body vehicle, the body vehicle collapse. Or the body dies and the soul disconnects. So the body vehicle has no value. It is no different than an automobile. When the automobile wears out, it is discarded and a new one is found if that is the desire of the soul.

This is what is coming down the road like a freight train. 1) It will soon become stupid to bring a child into this reality with known defects. We are going to fix problems at the embryo stage. 2) We will use stem cells and genetic engineer to replace defective parts of humans that appear or happen after birth. 3) We are going to build designer humans to go to Mars. Human bodies as we know them are not going to do well on Mars where water is scarce and radiation too high. Our desire to reach out to the rest of the solar system and eventually the stars demands we genetically engineer human bodies to survive in those environments. 4) In time, there will be AI bodies that will attract a soul. If a soul can inhabit a human body it will be able to inhabit an AI body. Science has not even considered this. But I have and it is dealt with in my Sci-Fi book Jim Chrome which can be purchased on Amazon. This Friends is the freight train bearing down on the cosmology of human beings.

This reality of genetic manipulation and AI bodies is going to blow religious teaching apart and dramatically change secular society. But religion will not be destroyed. It will continue to evolve without all the primitive concepts that will just not line up with the reality of the Third Millennium.

My life since age 8 has been trying to understand what life is all about. There is much more I have to say and I will publish as fast as I can.

Dr John WorldPeace JD

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