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The Impotence of Peace Groups 

    There is never going to be peace in the world until all the peace organizations realize that to compete with the lies that are spewed by the world's most powerful politicians and religious bureaucrats there must be one individual with one voice confronting the lies and deception; advocating peace and justice and human rights globally.  As long as the many peace groups act independently, or in a loose coalition, they will remain impotent: banging the drum of peace within a global community of the hearing impaired.  The voice must be an independent voice for peace.  Kofi Annan and the Pope are just global bureaucrat speaking politely and moving slowly in a world where pain and suffering from conflict, hunger and sickness is killing thousands every single minute world wide.  There must be a global leader with a global secular agenda who can and will shout instead of whisper; someone who will stand up and speak up with certainity.  

    The nature of all organizations, including peace organizations, is exclusiveness.  Peace organizations will not embrace their peers because their leaders fear a loss of power.  Each peace group considers itself "THE PEACE GROUP".  Consequently, you end up with a lot of noise but not much action.  You cannot belong to both the Zionist and the Arab Anti-Defamation Leagues.  

    I am the only person in the world who changed his name as a show of commitment to peace and WorldPeace.  I have no organization, no followers, no disciples and no charter, doctrine or dogma.  I have one simple message contained in one simple word: WorldPeace.  I do not belong to or endorse any organization.  I am a supporter of all peace movements but I am not a card carrying member of any.  Only a peace activist who is unaffiliated with any particular peace movement can truly be all inclusive of all human beings.  Membership in any group defines one as an exclusionist.  Membership in a group requires that one skew truth to conform to the official group doctrine. It is the inherent flaw in every group.

    I am the world's first world citizen.  I am a world citizen because I proclaim myself to be a world citizen.  I was born a white male and I cannot change this physical reality.  I was born an American and it would make no difference for me to reject my citizenship because I would be forced to become the citizen of some other nation.  I was raised a Christian but I embrace all the major world religions as being equally good and equally bad in their missions throughout the world.

    The world is full of evil and corrupt men and women of every stripe. This will not change in the foreseeable future.  Therefore, I reject pacifism.  I am an advocate of peace but I am not a pacifist.  If you intend to harm other human beings, I will use whatever legal force is necessary to stop you.  Turning the other cheek is a nice ideal but it is not realistic in contemporary society.  The advocacy of peace must be aggressive and the concept of peace embraces law and order and rejects chaos and anarchy.  Murderers and those who sponsor them must be neutralized under the law.  (WorldPeace through World Law) The bad acts of some human beings must not be used as an excuse to collectively punish other members of that person's race, religion, nation or gender. 

    Based on the above; based on the fact that I am the only person who embraces all human beings  and all peace initiatives yet affiliates with none; based on the fact that I am the only peace activist who has been willing to change his name for the cause of peace; based on the fact that no other person has a commitment to end the worldwide atrocities of religion, racism, nationalism and sexism as opposed to concern about limited violations of morality and the law; based on the fact that I advocate peace and WorldPeace as opposed to exclusively endorsing any specific peace initiative;  I ask for the support of all peace activists and peace organizations worldwide to support me in my pursuit of increasing the peace on the planet.

    The one challenge I have for everyone who is truly interested in peace, is to write WorldPeace as one word.  As long as it is written as two words it will remain two separate things.  Psychologically and metaphorically, the refusal to write WorldPeace as one word is an indication of an exclusionary mindset that is an impediment to peace.  It is an indication of a determination to maintain the divisions in the world society that have always manifested disharmony, chaos, pain and suffering throughout human history.  It is the obtuse attitude of the blind and deaf.

John WorldPeace 

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