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        The United States of America




     The United States of America is an example to all the world that all races, all religions, and all nationalities can live together in peace.  The United States is one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.  

    To all of those who think WorldPeace is foolish, I would offer up the United States of America as an undeniable example of a place on this earth where human beings of all nations, of all races and of all religions abide in peace.  

    Therefore, we must conclude that racial, religious and national wars that continue to cause human pain and suffering around the world and which demonize people based on religion, race or nationality are not inevitable.  These wars are caused and continued by leaders who spread the lie that somehow their nation, their religion, their race is inherently superior to all others and  therefore the exploitation, murder and genocide foisted on these "others" is justified and encouraged.  

    The truth of WorldPeace, the validity of WorldPeace is exemplified by the undeniable democratic reality of the people of the United States of America within whose realm religious, racial and national wars do not exist.  When people come to America, they leave their generic prejudices at our borders. This is the reality of America and the hope of WorldPeace.  

    That being said, unfortunately the present reality of the United States' foreign policy is that non-Americans have no legal rights and are therefore fair game for exploitation, subordination, invasion of their countries and the confiscation of their natural resources.  The future of WorldPeace is dependent on Americans applying the precepts of their Constitution to the rest of the world's citizens. The future of WorldPeace will be founded on a fair and just economic integration of all nations and not through imperialistic wars for oil.


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