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a personal life journey

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

This is a very rough DRAFT of this book that is being edited and added to almost daily. 181123 Dr John WorldPeace JD

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The Objective of this Book

I have written this book to show / prove this reality is nothing but a dreamscape. I am writing this book to show that we individually script out lives in this dreamscape.

I am writing this book to show how religion lies about the nature of this reality for the purpose of control. Religion is just a corrupt as every government and every legal system. The objective of all three is the control of the masses of people at the bottom of the social pyramid to support those at the top of the pyramid.

Consumerism and it twin sister debt to support consumerism are a vicious predatory conspiracy by those at the top of the social pyramid to economically enslave the world human society.

Religion promotes and consumerism seems to confirm the lie that this reality / dreamscape is the true reality and the spiritual reality is the dream. This reality is finite and mortal. The spiritual reality / dreamscape is infinite and immortal. Obviously the finite is never superior to the infinite.

The lies of the law, governments and religion is used to enslave the minds and bodies of human beings such that they become confused in this dreamscape where everything that manifests in time disintegrates back into the Infinite Oneness.

Governments and Religions are the educators of the world human society and they deliberately teach lies that keep human being confused and economically enslaved. It is only in death that most human realize what has happened to them during their journey though life.

The truth will set you free ! The truth will give you peace !

The world is kept in chaos and tension by purpose and design of governments, religions and courts of law that are controlled by those at the top of the economic pyramid. Your truth is a lie !


I was born Kenneth Edward Wolter, April 24, 1948, in Houston, Texas, USA to Vernon August Wolter and Joyce Elaine Ellis Wolter. I committed to change my name to John WorldPeace on April 1, 1988 (Good Friday and April Fool’s Day) to proclaim my commitment to, for the rest of my life, increasing the level of peace in the world human society. I legally changed my name on April 5, 1988.

I am a follower of Jesus, I am not a card-carrying Christian. Following Jesus is spiritual. Being a Christian is corporate.

I came into this life with God and Jesus and a global agenda. I am not a born-again Christian. I have remained on my path all my life and I have never lost my faith in God or Jesus.

I was blessed with loving, caring and supportive parents and 4 grandparents the same. My ancestry is ¼ German, Swedish, Scot, 1/8 French, Irish.

I have the focus, energy, commitment of the Prophet Elijah, the Apostle Paul, and Martin Luther of the Protestant Reformation.

I have never used marijuana or illegal drugs nor smoked tobacco. I have imbibed so little alcohol that I can say I very seldom drank.

I have degrees from the University of Houston, Texas, USA:
BA, Political Science 1970, Bachelor of Accountancy 1978, Doctor of Jurisprudence 1984. I worked full time while going to college. I served in the US Army, 1970-72, as an infantry sergeant. I was trained to go to Vietnam but was sent to SETAF in Italy September 1971. I fathered one daughter ‘71 and 3 sons ’74,5,6.

I have no significant assets. I have no organization. I am a Johnny Appleseed with regards to communicating with the world about WorldPeace. I relate to being a Fool on the Hill to virtually all .


The purpose of this book is to relate what I consider personal God related miracles, Inspirational thoughts in different formats, and other significant events in my life. The purpose is to communicate an alternative lifestyle and how it works in the consciousness of this dreamscape most humans call life.

When I began to make a list of miracles for this book, I thought I would have about 20 miracles, but the list grew rapidly to 50 and beyond and I am sure before I finish this book it will be far more that I realized.

Some of these miracles may seem minor and others are without a doubt incredible.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that every spirit incarnate in a human vehicle has numerous helpers in spirit. Some miracles are from these spirits, some from angels and some undeniably from Jesus and God if you need some kind of hierarchy.

Life in this dimension, or dreamscape (a word I prefer because I believe we script our lives) is hard even for the best of lives. Into every life some rain falls. Without spiritual helpers, I don’t know if anyone could tolerate a life in this dreamscape.

I believe the vast majority of spiritual beings do not incarnate in this dreamscape because it is just too hard. On the other hand, I think there are spirits/souls (words I pretty much use interchangeably) like myself who reincarnate almost immediately after every death for different reasons.

I believe that the problem in life is that almost all humans become confused in thinking that this finite mortal life is the true reality and the infinite immortal spirit is the dream. When this happens, humans begin to make decisions that cause complications in their life that are not necessary.

We all walk in the physical and spiritual dimension simultaneously whether we ignore the spiritual dimension or not.

This book is about living a life in constant awareness that we are spiritual beings and not human beings. Human bodies are just vehicles and like any vehicle they wear out and are discarded.

Every religion warns about becoming attached to this dreamscape. The religions are all saying what Jesus said, “Don’t get attached and try to hold onto anything in this dreamscape/reality because you come in naked and alone and you leave the same way.”

I have, as far back as I can remember, known this. I came into this dreamscape with this understanding and over the years I just expanded that understanding/awareness.

I have put the miracles and events in chronological order as best I could. I have placed the inspirational and guiding thoughts randomly throughout the book.

In the biographies and autobiographies that I have read, they all have some incidents like I have written about. But I have never seen a book of just these incidents unless they were relating events from many different lives.

I have a full autobiography for my first 60 years written and I think I will interlineate these incidents into that autobiography before I publish it; which I expect to happen before November this year.

Dr. John WorldPeace JD


“Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and it will be opened to you. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. If you believe in me, you will do the works I do, and greater works will you do.” Jesus
The most important personal message of Jesus to every human being is that we are all scripting our reality. This book is evidence of that truth.
Dr. Jwp

I absolutely believe that Jesus Christ is the supreme spiritual teacher. I believe he was crucified, died, was buried, and was resurrected after three days and is ever present in the world human society. There will be no Second Coming because Jesus never left.
NO OTHER spiritual teacher who ever lived on this earth has accomplished a resurrection from death. But this absolutely does not mean that these other spiritual teachers do not have significant messages that apply to the entire world human society.

“The Lord Buddha’s mind was constant and at peace, undisturbed and unchanged by events around him.”





Prior to birth I found myself somewhere in the heavens/universe in front of what looks like the typical wormhole seen in the movies.

In front of the entrance to that wormhole were two guards on either side who were dressed like Roman soldiers with a sword and spear but no shield. They were obviously there to guard the entrance.

The wormhole lead to the womb of my mother in this dreamscape.

I was waiting to be born and considering what this life was going to be like.

I began to hear voices challenging me. The gist of what they were saying amounted to irritating me about always having preset the conditions of my birth to guarantee success. Things like being born into families with money, education and social status.

They said if I had not preset my life on earth (this dreamscape) I would never had been able to accomplish the significant things I had accomplished in my past lives.

We argued an argument that had taken place forever it seems. But this was more heated than prior debates.

I decided in my arrogance that I would take what amounted to their bet and change the family I was going to be born into. One without money, status, education, and high level contacts. After I made the bet, they shut up and disappeared.

Almost immediately I was irritated with myself and I began to question whether I was going to be able to accomplish my work that I had agreed with God that I would complete.

For me there are two Gods, the all inclusive infinite unknowable God of the All There Is and what I call the Infinite Potential of everything and the anthropomorphic God with a human image. I relate to that old man with a beard and long white robe and always carrying a tablet.

The truth is, like the Tao te Ching says, any definition of God is limiting and therefore not God. The human mind cannot conceive of the reality of God.

I looked up and about 30 feet from me was the image of God I described above. He was in a spotlight in a dark space to emphasize his presence. (God is not male or female there is no sexual orientation in the spirit world because beings cannot procreate other beings. Sex is an aspect of this dreamscape, not of heaven (the universe, Infinity, etc).

I looked at God as he looked at me and I apologized for being stupid and putting my agenda in jeopardy and asked if I was going to make it.

Before I received an answer, I was drawn into the wormhole and born.

It is necessary to say here that I did not realize until I was 38 that those spirits who I was arguing with intended to incarnate with me and thwart me my whole life. In other words, it was not enough that I changed my birth parents, these spirits wanted to stop me from achieving my goals.

I can identify all the significant players and will in this book or in my autobiography. For the most part they came at me one at a time. Or I should say one major adversary and a few secondary ones at a time this life. Seldom has there been two major nemesis working on me. As soon as I would defeat one, another one on that level would appear.

For the most part these beings quit attacking me when I moved to New Mexico in 2011. I have not had any major adversaries here. But I have had minor ones.

For me it seems God has intervened and pronounced that 63 years was enough time for these dark beings to waste my time and energy. They never stopped me from anything significant on my path.

To do the work I intended to do, required 70 years of preparation. So I do not know if they had any real affect on me. Even without the bet, I understand now, I had to experience and learn a lot of different things for the purpose of gaining credibility for my work.


UFOS 1956

Until I was 8 years old, I had a relative normal and pleasant childhood with loving parents and all 4 grandparents. I was the oldest grandchild on my father’s side and the oldest male on my mother’s side where I had one female cousin older than me.

A lot of events happened to me around the age of 8.

One event or conversation at that time introduced me to the reality that I was going to die. I thought this is crazy, why would I come to a place where I was going to die. So I decided that my first priority was to understand this death thing so I could order my life accordingly.

My mother insisted that we go to church and Sunday school 50 Sundays out of the year. That continued until I started college at 18. Then there was just no time. I was working full time and going to school full time.

A second event around 8 was the memory of the pre birth experience.

Also, at this time I loved my toys. I begin to think I would never get tired of playing with my toys. Then all of a sudden, I just lost interest. I put them away and never really played with them again. My father remarked one time about this happening to me.

Another event that happened about this time was I heard the Sunday school teacher say that Jesus was coming back. I thought he meant someone like Jesus and I said to myself hey I want that job. I told God I wanted that job. A week later I found out in that same Sunday school class that the same Jesus was coming back. I thought to myself, oh well that’s life. Pretty significant thoughts for an 8 year old.

The most important event of that year of my life was my encounter with a UFO. 

My fathers parents lived on a farm near El Campo, Texas. My father left my mother and myself there and I guess my sister too, but I had very limited interactions with her during my childhood. She was just someone around the house.

Anyway this was 1956 and my grandparents had a nice house that my grandfather just built after carefully tearing down the prior house and using those materials for the new house. The windows were open and there were no fans. So it was hot. This was Summer time.

My father had gone fishing in Palicios I think. He liked to going fishing for flounder which was a nighttime thing.

Anyway, I was laying on my back with my head right next to the window. I was remembering what I thought was a dream. In the dream I had been taken from the house and walked outside to a small UFO that was a sphere about 12 feet in diameter. There was a 50 year old male and two grays there.

The UFO was standing on 3 legs and had steps that dropped down from the bottom of the UFO. The bottom of the UFO was about 5 feet off the ground.

The inside was white and they did some kind of medical examination on me. Nothing hurt.  I was not afraid in any way. I am sure they drugged me somehow because I was not fully alert.

I was thinking about this when I turned over onto my stomach and looked out the window. It was a full moon night and so it was almost like daytime.

I saw the UFO go from my left to my right about 10 feet off the ground, with a spot light shining down in front and it made no noise. It was going about 15 miles an hour and picking up speed.

Some how I could see the two grays at a control panel in the front and the 50 years old guy standing bent over looking out the window to the front and watching the control panels on the desk built into the front wall.

I did not see though the UFO I just knew how it looked inside and I think I just had a quick peak in one of the site windows. About 2009 I found a picture on the internet that looked 95% like the UFO that I had seen.

I never told anyone about it. As I kid I really did not talk that much. I think I always felt that no one would know what I was talking about. I always seemed to have an adult perspective and my friends could not relate to those thoughts. They were kids. LOL.

I had three more UFO related experiences in my life. Once when I was about 12. I spent the summers on that farm and spent a whole lot of time just walking around on the 65 acres. I would carry my dad’s bow or a BB gun or later a 22. Every night I would check myself for ticks

One night I saw these two red dots by the calf on my left leg. They were not chigger bites or tick bites. They were just two tiny red dots about 1/32” in diameter. I thought this is weird. I think in a few days they were gone.

In 1988, I met a guy about my age who was into the New Age community as I was and he told me about two similar marks he had somewhere on his body. He claimed that the aliens had electronically injected his personality at the entry point of those two red dots. I never really tried to verify things like this. I just make a mental not of it and never really discussed it with anyone except my 2nd wife Kay who had listened to Aaron that day.

In 1990, Kay and I moved to Groesbeck, Texas to live with her father who was in bad health. He died about 11 months after we moved there.  We sold the farm to Kay’s sisters and came back to Houston in June 1992.

About a week before we left the farm, we both woke up with fresh blood on our pillows. This is something that a lot of UFO abductees report.

When we actually left the farm, we were caught in a severe lighting and thunderstorm that make it seem like dark. It followed us all the way into Houston. A journey of 3 hours. This is another UFO associated phenomenon.

When I got to Houston I went to the dentist and in my bottom right jaw there showed up on the X-ray a rice grain shaped object. I figured it was a UFO implant. I think the dentist knew what it was because he pressured me to remove it. It was just below the tip of the root of the tooth. I told him to leave it alone without mentioning that I thought it was an implant. He was not happy but he had to obey my wishes.

I felt if it was a UFO implant then the aliens needed to remove it.

There was also a time on my grandfather’s farm when I was about 11 when I was awakened by another severe lighting and thunder storm. It was like leaving Groesbeck, where the lightning was striking all around us.

When I got up and went into the living room, I noticed my grandparents were not in bed. I thought that strange because to go out in that lightning storm would be very dangerous and I could not imagine anything that would draw them out into it.

My aunt had just had a baby and about 5 minutes after I got up she came into the living room, not seeing me at first. She noticed my grandparents were not in bed and asked if I knew where they were. I told her they were not there when I got up.

I feel I was abducted that night as well. I was not fully awake when I got up and about 5 minutes after my aunt got up I went back to bed. I wanted to know what was going on but did not want to stay awake. I felt they may not be coming back for a while and I would ask in the morning.

Funny, the next morning I did not ask my aunt or my grandparents and never did for the rest of my life.

There was another time in 1987 after I moved across the street from my office after the first divorce. I was involved with a New Agers and I had been making some copper and crystal mobiles. I set one on the porch and took some pictures at night. There were all kinds of lines on the polaroid pictures that were not like moving a camera while the shutter was in motion.

A few years later I saw one of those UFO shows on TV and these people in Canada were being interviewed about pictures that looked just like mine. I wrote the show’s producers and told them I had similar pictures but never got a response. Again, I figured it was just another UFO incident and moved on with my life.

Most of the really significant events in my life have been associated with major rain storms. The night I started law school there was such an intense rain storm that the parking lot flooded and my car was in about 2 feet of water. All the underpasses in the city that were below street level were full of water.

I have been living in Albuquerque since 2011 and it seldom rains here. But in the last two weeks since I have been intensely working on publishing my books it has rained 2 out of three nights and every night for the last 6 or 7 days.

I lived most of my life in Houston, Texas and Hurricanes and violent weather are not unusual. The first Hurricane I was in was Hurricane Carla in 1960. We were house bound for three days. But the kind of storms I am talking about are not predictable like a Hurricane that you know is coming your way for weeks. The kind of storms I am talking about are freak events.


Sound like biplane.
In 1954, my uncle was a 50’s, Marlon Brando, hoodlum who was a great uncle to me, always laughing. One day my other asked him to go to the store for something small and he took be along for the ride. It was a huge Harley Davidson motorcycle to my small body. And the noise was fantastic. I was forever bonded.
In 1987, I began to buy Harleys in the winter and sell them to a friend of mine who owned a motorcycle repair shop and would sell the bikes in Australia where Summer was just beginning. It was a great business until he was put in jail for some illegal transactions regarding other motorcycles than mine.
At one time I had about 15 in inventory. The point is how you put things in your mind, like owning a motorcycle at age 6 and then at 39 that vision works its way into reality.
Thoughts are so very powerful. They determine your reality. And the more energy you put into those thoughts the faster they manifest in your physical dreamscape. Jesus said “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter: if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountain; if you believe in me you will do the works that I do and greater works will you do.” Jesus was saying that everyone creates their own reality. I have found this to be absolutely true in my life.

Now I am engaged in what most consider a frivolous impossible dream; increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

In my life, I have found it interesting how things that I needed and wanted and did not know I wanted manifested in my life. One example of that was that I always attended new schools.
We lived in an average post World War II neighborhood expanding cities across the USA.
When I began school I went to a brand new elementary school, and then a brand new Junior High School and then a brand new Senior High School. By new I mean within two years old.

Later on I saw how trashed out many schools were with graffiti everywhere. It was hard for me to relate to how those schools for the 1950’s were trashed out.

When I was in the Second Grade I was extreme bored. I had a friend who lived down the block from me that her memory of me was of me always staring out the window. I thought that was interesting. I am sure I was.
One day the teacher decided she needed to test everyone’s ability to count to 100 by choosing a few students each day to do it out loud. I did not know how to do it because I never wasted my energy learning it. I think I could count to 12.
I found it interesting that almost everyone called on could count to 100. I was at the end of the alphabet so it took a few weeks to get to me. I knew my day to count was coming. I refused to take the time to learn how to count. This has been typical of my life. I have a certain block against doing things on the time line others have set.
The morning came when I knew I would be called to perform. So about 10 minutes for leaving for school I asked my parents what came after 12. I sort of memorized the numbers to 20 and got a once over 30 second lesson on 20 to 100. I went to school knowing I was not prepared but no matter what it would be over after I performed.
I really could care less what harassment I would get from the other students. I thought they were are too readily conforming and too ready to be trained dogs.
The teacher was drawing little cars for every one on the chalk board as a way of keeping track of who counted and giving a little reward to those who accomplished the task.
Well she started me off on the count and then went into her own little day dream until I stopped at 13. She asked me if that was it. I said, “That is it.” The class laughed and the teacher gave me a care with two flat tires. I sort of like the distinction of my car from the others. Looking back I would have probably only counted to 13 even if I knew how to count to a million. As boring as school was I was sure I would have time to figure out how to count to 100 when I needed to.
What is interesting is that you can do math without being able to read the results. Makes me laugh.

Anyway, at the end of the 2nd grade the teacher felt I needed to be keep back in the Second Grade. My mother would have none of it. So she confronted the teacher and agreed to put me into Summer school, which was usually about 6 weeks, half the Summer.
I thought OK Summer school was better than sitting at home with nothing to do at all. As it turned out I went to Summer school every Summer. I would perform at a C level during the year and then catch up in the Summer which was a review course.

From the second grade until I graduated from Law School I always went to Summer school. Never missed. But of course when I went to college I went to Summer school to get rid of courses I hated in 4 weeks as opposed to 13. And in Summer school you could focus on one or two courses instead of 4 or 5.

In 1957 when I was 8 I began to visit my father’s parents who live on a 65 acre farm near El Campo, Texas by a one horse train stop called Hilje. I would go there after I did my Summer schooling.
My grandparents were farmers and lived a very simple life. No excesses. Just worked hard at farming and in the winter my Grandfather would work odd jobs.
My Grandparents were Christians but they lived like Zennist; very simple basic lives, never aspiring to anything beyond their 65 acres. Never had new cars or new furniture or new anything.
I would help them wash clothes once a week in a open top basic washing machine with rollers at the top to squeeze out the water from the clothes, as opposed to a spinning tub. And my Grandmother used hand made lye soap. She would use a small knife to carve off the soap from the bar.
After the clothes were wrung out we would hang them on the clothes line and use 8 foot 1” x 2”s to keep the lines from sagging  such that the sheets would drag the ground. Later in the day we would take them down and fold them.
I have always enjoyed washing clothes and still do it at the washeteria once a week. I no longer wear starched clothes so few things go to laundry.
In the Army in Italy, my wife and daughter lived with me on the economy, and I would load up a duffle bag and ride my bike 2.5 miles to the post, wash clothes and ride back. I loved the experience.
I have always enjoyed moronic tasks that allowed me to free my brain to meditate. I was never one to meditate in a sitting position. I liked to have my hands busy doing something. Of course I was an adult before I realized I was meditating instead of day dreaming.
Then I realized that meditating was a way to manifest just about anything I wanted. Back to Jesus, we write our own script in life. And as I heard later, we get what we really really want and what we really really don’t want. So it is best not to focus on negative things when meditating. Meditation for my father was mostly about worrying. He had a cartoon posted next to his desk where the character expressed concern that he was worried about not worrying about the right things.

Your life is going to unfold by default or by intent. Meditation is the key to achieving your desires.

In 1961, I began went to Junior High after Elementary School and was introduced to going from class to class every hour as opposed to sitting in the same room the whole school day.
Every student was either put into art or music class for the first half of the 7th grade and in the opposite the second half. Fortunately, I began in art. I liked art and was glad I did not have to waste time learning how to play an instrument. My dad had spent some time in those years rebuilding player pianos. The first one was his great grandmothers. So I would play the piano almost every day.
My mother put my sister in piano lessons. And later asked me if I wanted to take piano lessons. I said no. That decision was more a concern that she would have to stretch to get the $10 per lesson than my rejection of music. The point is I had no desire to spend my time learning how to play anything but the radio.
At one of the PTA meetings my parents met my art teacher, Henry Gadbois, who told them he was going to set up a special art class for 9 students, 7th to 9th grade, and he wanted me to be in that class which would start with the new semester in January.
My parents came home and told me and as per usual I did not really react more than saying something like “Ok” or “That’s nice.”
Somewhere about the time I was 8, when I was experiencing a lot of attitude and other mindset changes I realized that getting excited over things sometimes was disappointing and getting depressed about bad things was an emotional roller coaster ride that I did not want to deal with. So I decided that I would not allow myself to get really “screaming, wet your pants’ excited about anything or let myself get disappointed about anything. I would just keep those emotions within a 10% of normal range. I just rejected being manipulated to extremes by my environment. I never mentioned this to anyone in my life until now. What would be the point of it. Who would believe a 13 year old could or would make such decisions about his life.
The deal with the special art class was that the 9 of us could do anything we wanted to do. Paint, sculpt, draw, etc. There was about 15 minutes of art history each day and about 10 minutes of contour drawing our hands, which was drawing without looking at the paper. The rest of the time was devoted to working on our project.
Mr. Gadbois became my only mentor in life. I never found anyone else in my life who I respected enough to call a mentor. Except my parents and grandparents as a special category of mentor. This lasted for the 7th and 8th grade when Mr. Gadbois moved to another high school. I tried a regular art class and hated the stupid lack of imagination bureaucratic teacher and refused to take art my last semester of the 9th grade. I tried again in the first semester of the 10th grade and quit art as a subject again because I hated doing art by the numbers and being limited on time I could spend on a project. Later in college I took on course on color and found I was never going to adapt to art classes.
During the first semester in the special art class I determined that I was not going to paint pretty pictures; couch art. I was good at it but the lack of creativity in doing that kind of commercial art annoyed me. So I made a determination that I would paint out of my head. But I had no idea really what that ment.
I did a little 12” x 20” oil painting of some children’s toys and my English teacher wanted to buy it for her children’s room. I knew right then I could make money painting toys for kids. But I rejected the idea of being control by money. $8 was a lot of money for a 13 year old kid in 1962. But I had done a painting of stuffed toys and I wanted to do something else.
In 1984 after graduating from law school I went to the art store and bought some canvas and oil paint and did a few canvases in the garage. My wife freaked out. She was certain that after all those years of college and three degrees I was going to become a starving artist with four children. She was always ignorant about these things not to mention ignorant about who I was.
For years she said I would not graduate from law school because I was a professional student. She was wrong. Then she said I would not take the Bar examine. She was wrong. Then she said I would not practice law. She was wrong. In 1986, she left me and the 4 children when I fully expected to gross about $1 million in my accounting, tax and law businesses. She never said why she left.
Anyway, in 1962 the church we attended decided they wanted to craft a fore arm and hand with an index finger pointed skyward to be mounted on top of the cross at the top of the steeple of the church. My mother told me what they wanted to do and they wanted me to do it. I was sort of surprised and said I would think about it. I think I was bothered that all these church members were going to try to manage the project which I was definitely not going to put up with. If I was going to do it, I wanted some general guidelines and them freedom to do it my way. They seemed to be OK with that but I did not trust them. So I said no. I am sure I would have been paid $50 to $100 for that project. But a $1000 would not be enough for me listen to people who were not artists and ignorant of art give their opinions about the project.
About a year later I was painting a 3’ x 4’ painting and my parents would come by and say they really liked the painting. I did not like it even though I finished it. I told them not to give me their opinions because I did not care what they thought. The only person whose opinion matters was mine. I am sorry I said that even though it was true. I should have allowed them to interact with me.
That same year my mother paid for me to do 3 painting under a tudor. One a weekend. I was good at it. When I was finished the teacher would add the final strokes that brought the painting to life. But it was couch art. And I was there with a bunch of old ladies doing couch art. I realized there was something to learn but the extent of that learning was complete after the third painting. Again I could have sold those paintings for $25 and given my mother her $10 back but there was nothing I needed money for so I did not pursue that income stream. I have never regretted that decision.
In 1986, I found my way in my art and have painted about 100 over the years. Some of the most recent ones required about 700 hours to complete. I only sold about 7 and regretted it. One day I will sell the prints.
Painting was meditation and I was always astounded as to what was coming out of my head. Some of the paintings would see in my dreams and then paint them.

The important thing was that I learned a process of connecting with the spiritual reality and bring forth this art. That process has helped me in almost every other creative endeavor from writing to starting my own businesses. It made me very much aware of walking in two realities and it emphasized what Jesus and other religious and spiritual teachers hammer home: don’t get attached to this reality (dreamscapte) because it is just a dream. I was always adverse to accumulating money and assets and the fact that that attitude was a significant teaching of holy men justified my attitude and has allowed me to live a more peaceful life; even though I look like a work-a-holic to most everyone.

When I was about 8 my father gave me a bow that he had and I would walk around my grandfather’s farm practicing with it. I became pretty good at using it.
One day around 1961 I took the bow to my other grandfathers in Houston, my mother’s father, who was going to watch my cousin and I. I had about a dozen target arrows and one broadhead.
My cousin wanted the bow and I gave it to him and he notched an arrow and when I turned my head he had shot the arrow strait up into the air. It was about noon in November because the trees had no leaves on them. I looked up to try to see the arrow but was looking right into the sun. My grandparents lived in a typical suburban home.
My cousin and I were standing about 2 feet apart facing each other both looking. About enough time had elapsed for the arrow to have come back down based on the strength of the 30 pound bow. I looked at my cousin and he stepped back about two feet and as soon as he did the arrow landed right where he had been standing.
Had he not stepped back the arrow would have hit him. We both looked at each other. Then he laughed nervously. For whatever reason I did not really react. The arrow could have drilled into his head or on his shoulder and gone into his chest or it could have hit a bone and glanced off and maybe struck me somewhere on my lover body. Since it was a target arrow it would not have  gone through his body severing arteries.

I would call this a typical miracle that I have experienced in my life. A life threatening event from which I was protected. As an adult I would have run as fast as I could to get next to a big tree or next to the house. But that never occurred to me. Based on the time the arrow was airborn I would say he pulled it all the way back before he let it go.

In kindergarten I met the only person I would say became a friend. He lived on the next block and we were always at one or the others house.  I had a big family and other than other kids on my block who were not really friends, just kids I played with. When I was 17 I went to work and finish high school which did not leave any time for friends. Same in college. I worked full time and went to school full time. I had acquaintances but no one I would really call a friend. After the Army again I was busy working full time in my own businesses, raising 4 kids and going back to school. So I never really had a friend until 2016. My wives filled the friend role.
When we were 13 we had been in cub scouts together and it was time for us to join a Boy Scout Troup. He went to a Baptist church and I to a Presbyterian church and our parents begin to argue about which church scout troop we could join. Both sets of parents were unyielding.
So I  made pack with my friend that we would both refuse to join the Scouts until the parents resolved the issue. Scouting was no big deal to me. I was getting a scouting education at my grandfathers farm and from working with both grandfathers with tools and carpentry, hunting and other things. Scouting to me was for city boys.
One day months after we made the agreement I began to realize my friend was not coming over or calling for what seemed like a month. I was waiting for the bus when I saw him come by on his bike. He stopped and we talked and he said he had joined the scouts at this church.
I really could not believe it. I had no understanding why he would break out agreement like that. And he never gave a reason other than his parents were just more insistent than mine. He said I could come join his troop and I said no. No way I was going to do that. I had no reason to even be around him after he broke the agreement without telling me. That was the end of the friendship.
I could tolerate a lot from people but I could not tolerate disloyalty. I have not idea where I acquired a requirement of loyalty from friends. But his action did strike a negative cord in me about disloyalty and backstabbing as well as simply being a liar. As far as I knew he had never lied to me. But since he had lied I began to go over our whole relationship trying to determine if he had lied to me in the past.

Even to this day, I tell people I meet, that if they ever lie to me I will have to consider that everything they ever told me was a lie and I would immediately and completely terminate our relationship. I make this even more clear to my wives. Other than my parents and grandparents and some aunts and uncles I never trusted anyone enough to be affected by any lie they may tell.

From about 11 to 15 I flew model airplanes with control lines and gas engines. When I was about 13 I built a small free flight biplane that I painted red. This was a balsawood model with about a 2 foot wingspan.
It took me about a week to build it. I took my time to do it right. When it was finished on a Sunday I think, I told my dad I wanted to go and fly it. He said there was too much wind and I should wait. I was not in agreement and I pushed him to take me down to the local stadium where all the high school football games were played. There was about 15 acres of undeveloped land next to it.
We parked by the stadium. The open field lined by trees was down wind so the plane would have gone in that direction. The land had tall weeks and had not been mowed or maintained for a long time.
I started the motor and let the plane go. It flew in a counter clockwise circle as it was supposed to do but it could not gain any altitude because of the wind. I would say it got up about 20 feet but it went out about 300-400 yards. We saw it go down by the tree line. We walked over there where we thought it went down but could not find it. My father was really bothered about the loss of the plane. I was like, OK if it is lost I will build another one.
My father was always concern about me being upset about things which I never was. He was always very protective of me but not overly so.
The next day after school I saw his car when I exited the building and ask him if there was a problem. I had no sense of anything urgent like someone in the hospital. He just told me to get into the car. I asked him where we were going but he did not answer immediately. About 4 miles down the road he said he had had a dream about the airplane and where it was and he want to go check out the dream.
So he said he was going to do exactly what he saw in the dream. And related that everything about the route and his car and so on. He was on a feeder next to the open area and he was looking for a street sign on the feeder. He was talking the whole time relating what he had seen in the dream.
When he saw the sign he said this is the place and he pulled the car off the feeder an onto the grass. He told me to get out of the car and walk around the front and kept relating the dream step by step.
He then spotted a little mott of about 20 pine samplings and he told me to go around to the right and he would go around to the left. Then he said I turned my head to the right and the plane was in the open area in the mott, about 15 feet in diameter. And as he looked to his right he said there it is. And that is where the plane was lying.
I said did you come out and find it and then come get me. He said, “No.” And I believed him because I never knew a time in my life when he lied to me. As in NEVER. And I doubted he had found it because it was too important to him to leave it out there after finding it. And it was not covered up with pine needles or anything. I asked him again about 40 years later if he set everything up and he look right at me and said, “Absolutely not.”
That was my first experience with a real psychic phenomenon. And it verified to me that there is a connection between the real world and the spiritual world. I did not have any knowledge of these things until later. All kinds of psychic events. That knowledge did not come until 1972 by reading everything I could find about Edgar Casey and then in 1985 when I was around a significant number of professional psychics through a psychic I met named Penny Looney who gave me my first psychic reading at 38.

I always had a lot of credibility. So much that I had to quit telling jokes in the 8th grade because until I delivered the punch line, people would relating a true story. I was never seen as a joker or a clown.

When I would go to my grandfather’s farm my routine was to get up about an hour before dawn and go walking looking for rabbits to kill. I would be for before the horizon would begin to get lighter. I would walk for about 3 or 4 hours and then go back to the house because it would be hot and the rabbits would not be moving around. And because I was hungry. I would stay inside more of the day doing various things and going and walking around the barn and other out buildings. I never got tired of exploring.
About 3 in the afternoon I would go back out and walk until it was night time. Once in a while my uncle would show up about sundown and when it got dark he would drive his car in the pasture with the lights on and we would shoot rabbits. In those days there was not much poison put on the crops and we would see hundreds of rabbits running everywhere. It was amazing.
One day when I was about 14 I was walking in the pasture an it was right after sundown.  I had not seen any rabbits and so I decided to just shoot up a box of 22 shells at rocks and things in this small stream that cut across my grandfathers property. It was very unusual for me to was bullets.
After I had shot all the shells I had, I turned around and there were about 20 rabbits looking at me like they had come around to see what I was up to. I laughed that I was shooting all my bullets while the rabbits were creeping up on me from behind.
I noticed that everything was sparkling. The sunset, the power lines, the rabbits. It was strange but I just thought my eyes were reacting to being out in the Summer sun. Later I realized I was having an out of body experience. I have had one other experience of seeing everything as energy and it was this time in 1986 when I connected to what I was seeing in 1962 or 3.

Later when I knew more about psychic experiences I am sure I black out more than a few time while walking around the farm. There were times I felt I had only be walking short time and other times when I thought I had been walking longer. I always went out at certain times and came back at certain times every day. So there was no reason for me to feel like some days were shorter than others.

In 1965, my parents who went to church every Sunday, decided to attend a Billy Graham Crusade at the AstroDome in Houston. 40,000 people came to see Dr. Graham every night for 5 nights I think. I always admire Dr. Graham and loved the cadence of his voice.
At the end of each event he would make a call for people to come down to the floor of the AstroDome and turn their life over to Jesus. I had done that from birth really. I was never a born again Christian.
Dr. Graham quoted scripture that said if we acknowledge Christ in public he would acknowledge us.
I felt the need to get up an go down and show myself. I did not tell my parents what I was doing or ask permission. I just got up and went.
It was one of those times in my life when I knew that that moment that event I was involved in required action on my part because that same set of circumstances would never come my way again. Many other things would happen in my life, but that particular decision time would never return. In other words I knew I had to go down as a sign of faith or for the rest of my life regret not going.
When I got to the floor of the AstroDome one of the members of my church greeted me. He was apparently one of the workers that night. I just smile to myself. There was nothing down there that I needed, like a book or something. It was just the act of going that it was all about.
My parents had thought I went to the bathroom but was gone to long. Then my sister spotted me on the floor and pointed me out to my parents. They never questioned me. I never spoke about it like so many other things. It was like so many events in my life between me and someone or some event and it did not matter what other people thought about it. If questioned, I will respond of course. But I would not open the conversation about what I did.
This was a major event on my life path as an Advocate for WorldPeace. Probably in the top ten of such events and interactions with others.

In early 1966 I was about to graduate from Waltrip High School in Houston, Texas. I had an appointment with one of the school counselors, Ms. Keller. She was going to set me up for some aptitude tests to try to determine what career path would be best suited for me. When she got up to do something I looked at the corner of her desk and there was the last lines of a Robert Frost poem.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
I had been considering what I wanted to do with my life and I had not determined what that would be. I knew I was going to college and so I had some more time to make that decision. The first two years of college are just generic subjects.
I like Robert Frost and I was familiar with that poem. But for some reason all of a sudden I felt a sense of what I would do. It was not a sense of a particular career but it was a challenge to myself to go far beyond what anyone else had done. To strive to achieve something worthy and to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
I have followed that path since that moment and I think most people who know me would agree that I have in fact taken a road less traveled if not a road never yet traveled.
I have devoted 52 years of my life at this point in gathering the foundation I needed to be an effective Advocate for WorldPeace. All my businesses, my art, my writings have been focused on giving me the tools and knowledge I needed to take on this Advocacy work.
In 1981, I started a bookkeeping business from scratch. I left a job as an Financial VP making $5000 a month in November 1980. My wife freaked out. But at the end of June I was making $6500 a month working for myself and I had $40,000 of backlog of work to do.
My wife had joined me in the business, our 4 children were all in school. But I was going to school and selling the new computerized accounting services and I taught here how to do the accounting.
The business was bigger than both of us and I hired a CPA to come in and supervise my wife and bring on some other workers. She did not work out.
I had my business in my father’s insurance office and had been working their selling insurance in my own business since 1972 and doing well but I hated that business. Acconnting was what the tests Ms. Keller had me take indicated that accounting was the work I should do. And the tests were right. However, I was not going to do accounting until computers began to take over the moronic work of accounting.
After working with me for a few months, Cheryl told my father that she was the hardest working person she knew. None of her friends worked as hard as she did. But compared to me, she felt she was lazy.
My father told her, “He will do whatever it takes.” Cheryl and I ended our partnership about 2 weeks later.
I was surprised to see that my father summed up my energy that way. I had gone to college and worked full time, and been in the military, and done well in the insurance business for 7 years and I had found a job in accounting for $12,000 a year, which was half what I was making in the insurance business, and in June 1980, I was making $60,000 a year after changing jobs 3 times.
When that job ended, I had a choice of finding another corporate job for about $75,000 or go into business for myself.
In 1981, my first year in the bookkeeping/accounting business I grossed $96,000. The decision to have my own business was the right one.
At some point, I read or heard the following about being in business as opposed to working for a company as a career path.
“You can rule in hell, or serve in Heaven.” I have found that to be absolutely true. Owning your own business means you can never really leave work like you can in an 9-5 job. 90% of my business career has been self-employment. I started work in the 11th grade. And including school I have always worked 80+ hours weeks.
Working 80 hours a week, means the person doing it is actually moving his or her career along at twice the pace of someone only working 40 hours a week. So at 70, I can say I have the business experience of someone who has been working 100 years as opposed to 50. Yes there are only so many hours in a day and so that much time at work or working means you have to give up other things. Most people are not willing to make those sacrifices no matter what the rewards in the future. Most people want immediate gratification for their work. Work was my gratification.
And from another Robert Frost poem, Two Tramps in Mud Time
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation

That is what I have done and why I will never retire.

I never drank or smoked. When I began college the drug culture was beginning. I did not try marijuana because I did not smoke due to allergies and minor Asma as a kid.
With regards to hard drugs I had a fear of taking drugs and ending up in an asylum in a catatonic state sitting in a wheel chair and staring out the window. I was have visions all the time and I knew the drugs would take me too deep into those visions. I had a fear of going to a party and someone giving me drugs without my knowing or my permission. I assumed people took drug to achive the alternate state of conscious that I lived in basically all the time. I never remember a time when I was not in some low level of meditation.

I hated to be out of control. I guess I feared that. Drugs could lead to that mental state. LSD would definitely be a bad experience.

COMPUTER SIGN: on the side of a building downtown Houston 1968
In 1968 I was working in downtown Houston in the data processing department at Exxon. Every night when I went home at midnight I would pass a 6 story office building that took up the whole city block. On the out side of the fourth floor was a white sign with red letters that was about 20 x 50 feet. “Computer” was the word on the sign.
It was an advertisement for a technical school. This was about 10 years before personal computers appeared.
I felt that sign was telling me if I would get into computer I would make a very significant amount of money in my career. I had no doubt about it. But I also felt that like all my prior jobs, I would get bored within 6 months. I needed more that just money to be satisfied in a career. I needed a job with a ongoing significant challenge.
In October 2003, I opened a web design business from scratch. In 3 months I had more business than I could handle. I partnered with my youngest son who is a computer engineer genius but cannot keep a check book. In December 2006, we grossed $75,000 and were growing at 30% a month and if you run out those numbers it means about $5 million in 2007. I was in the right business at the right time. Web design was just taking off.
My son was manipulated to try to take over the business by his ignorant wife and evil mother. He shut down production and demanded $30,000. My middle son told him that I was not a person who could be controlled and all his calculations about what was going on were wrong. Like I said he was an engineer mind not an accounting mind.
I shut down the business. Let go the 30 people I had in sales in Houston go. There were 480 websites in production. We were building 75 prototype websites a day and closing 10% the next day.
Chaos happened. My second wife left the marriage after 19 years because she could not deal with the chaos and pressure which was unimaginable. So I went from 40 employees to just me in a week and lived in hell for a year.
The point here like in other events you will read about, I clearly saw the future with regards to computers, internet etc. Not the specifics but that was the next big industry. In 2003, when I got involved my business exploded. Like the Accounting in 1980, the web design business in 2003 was a gold mine.
Incidentally in January 1986, I had an accounting business with about 100 monthly clients, 1200 tax returns and 504 open legal files and with school behind me expected to make $1 million in 1986. New Years day 1986 the first wife and mother of my four kids quit the marriage the businesses and the kids. I shut down the business and went to raising children until 1996 when the youngest son when off the to Marines; following his two brothers enlisting in the Marines.

As you see the patterns of my life you are going to come to understand a lot of things about life and how to navigate the good and bad times and how to set a vision for your future and make it happen. There are other books like this one but not one with just one person having all the experiences. Most books like this relate the stories of specific incidences as opposed to a lifetime of incidences in one lifetime.

I graduated from High School June 3, 1966. I had been working about 30 hours a week in a grocery store since November 1964. I needed a full time job. My cousin had begun to work at Diagnostic Center Hospital in Houston as an Inhalation Therapist. That field was just starting in the mid 60’s. It was a job of giving breathing treatments for patients with various lung problems, like post surgery and emphasema. And I would be called when someone died on my shift to hook them up to the breathing machines while the doctors tried to bring them back. The job was the evening shift from 3 to 11. That would allow me to go to college full time during the day and work full time in the late afternoon and evening.
I got the job. The hospital was new. I only had to work about 2-3 hours a night and the rest of the time I just studied. So I had a full time good paying job where I could study 5 hours a night. That is how I was able to work full time and go to school full time.
My grades were c’s. I just did not have the patience to make the effort to make As and Bs but I certainly had the brain pan. Had I know in junior high and high school I could self study and take tests to skip courses, I would have graduated about 3 years early. If there were computers when I was in school I would graduated 5 years early.
Diagnostic Center was a general hospital. Six months later my cousin moved to M D Anderson Cancer Institute and I followed her over there. Same arrangement but there were several people working with me but I could still study 4 hours a night.
In 1967, M D Anderson had about 125 beds and all the people there were essentially guienny pigs. 5 east was radical head and necks surgery, 6 east were terminal kids who were bald and yellow. I stayed there a year.
Cancer has a smell to it. Not pleasant. One day I went to work and was going up the stairs to the office and that cancer smell hit me. That was it. I quit the next day giving my two weeks notice. The CPR I learned there allowed me to help a few people years later.
One of my cousins died of Lukemenia at about 13. My father’s father had bladder cancer and was treated and cured at M D Anderson. My other grandfather had several cancers. One was supposedly terminal.
My grandmother was given morphine for him to kill the pain. He has about 9 major operations for various things. Survived all of them. On about 4 different occasions during my childhood I would be taken with my cousin who was a year younger that me to go say goodbye to grandpa. A month later he was home. He died of old age at 77 in 1977. The terminal cancer he had also went away.
Then my grandmother had to wean him of the morphine. She began to cut back the doses. My grandfather could do some serious yelling and put on a significant act when he wanted something. One time about 4 months after he beat the terminal cancer he started screaming for morphine. My grandmother told him he hand only been getting saline for 2 months. He said, “Why didn’t you tell me,” He was off the morphine and back to normal.
I have no doubt he was in pain. He was a kick in the pants. He would mow his front yard with his shirt off. People would see his stomach and chest with a couple of overlapping tic tac toe boards and wide and long scars and be shocked. It was his way of starting up conversations. Makes me laugh.
But in all seriousness, I have seen miracles with both grandfathers and other family members regarding stepping aside and letting death pass by. I saw the ability of family focus and overcome significant health issues. The one grandfather with all the surgeries was scrared to death of being buried. My dad said that was his motivation to stay alive.
My parents both lived to 86, and had a few serious health issues. My grandparents to 77, 82, 82 and 91. I expect to make 100 becaue I have actually taken care of myself all my life.
I saw people come to M D Anderson and go into some simple exploratory surgery and the doctor come out and say they had a week to live. And other get a death sentence and like my grand father go home.
I absolutely came away from my family experiences and the hospital experience convinced that people die when they are ready to die and not before.
Sadly cancer takes a while to kill. And often, too often I would see family get tired of coming to the hospital and just tell the nurses to call them the their loved one died. I stayed off 6 East where the kids were but those parents did not abandon the children.

I saw some people that were seriously mess up with surgeries. Horrible visions. I wondered why some did not find a way to kill themselves. But there is a drive for people to live if they want. Different things motivate a person to live or give up.

In 1966, I was with my High School girl friend who I thought I would marry. We were at Galveston for the day.
I did not know how to swim but I had been in the water often during my childhood.
In Galveston and I think on many beaches there are two trough that run parallel to the beach. The undercurrent makes them. They are about 100 yards from shore. You are about chest deep and two more feet and you are over you head and another 10 feet you are in knee deep water. The shore fishermen fish these channel with very large fish rods.
Melanie and I waded out about chest deep and I saw a piece of paper about 3 feet from me and decided to dog paddle and get it. It kept moving away and so I gave up.
When I went down I was about 2 feet over my head and in trouble. I came up and yelled for help. Melanie looked at me like I was up to some game. But I never played games like that. I went down again and up again and down again.
The last time I went down I told God, which he already knew, if I go down again I am going to drown. That was what I was thinking when I came up the last time. I could see people on the shore pointing at me but no one doing anything.
When I started back down I was again in chest deep water. A significant God miracle. I have had incidents like this all my life but not so dramatic. I think this one was to make it clear to me that God was always present.
When I got home my mother then my father told me that my father was sure I had drowned. He and I were always psychically connected. He really was surprised to see me alive.
I also knew something else. My parents had a lot of psychic energy. I have no doubt that in this case my dad did some significant praying during the event. Very significant and since he told my mother what he was feeling I know she prayed as well.
My mother was no nonsense religious. She believed the Bible and believed in Jesus and dealing with her father believed in miracles. She went to church virtually every Sunday her entire life. She was not born again. She was a solid follower of Jesus.
I inherited my parents spiritual nature and I saw it in action. My faith is pretty rock solid. It is time I spoke about how faith has ruled my life. That is the purpose of this book. It is my witness to how things are in this reality.

It is important in life to pay attention to everything that is going on in your reality, your environment, your mind, your body. Your higher self, your spirit, your spiritual helpers and your guardian angels, God and Jesus (Buddha, Muhammed, Krishna) are always communicating with you in various ways. Communications come in many ways. The communication vehicles coming from the inner planes (spiritual reality) are more dynamic than a black and white email or text. Understand and know and believe that it takes many spiritual entities to support an incarnate spirit in this dreamscape because even the best of lives here is hard. Pay attention!

* * *
I conceived this book mid-July. I began to make a list of he miracles on July 18, and actually began writing on August 2, 2018. From about the time I began to write it began to rain. There is a drought. I rained about every other day after I began to write. I took a break on August 7 and 8 because the book which I thought would be about 25 page looked like it was going to be 125 pages and now looks like more than 200 pages.
I was trying to get this book done in 10 days because I have 30 other books to publish. This book had to be written. The other were already written and posted to the internet and just has to be reformatted for the Amazon Create Space format.
I stopped writing because the book kept growing and I need to decide if I was going to write until I finished it or slow down and do some more poem books so I could publish 2 books a week. I need to have all the books finished with a few excepts by the November elections.

I began to write again this evening, August 9 and the rains which had stopped for a few days began again. When I am working on a major project it usually begins to rain this has been true since 1990. There is a definite association between these projects and the rainy weather. Jwp 180809 1952
Going to bed. Lot of energy. Look outside. storage lights came on

Melanie Walker 1967

Speed Reading class 1969 Jewish Community Center
Prior to getting married, it was decided that I would push to get out of college by the Summer of 1970. I had looked into the various departments to see which one would take the most credits that I had accumulated. It came down to History or Political Science.  I could graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in either. I chose Political Science. History was boring to me.
In order to graduate in the Summer of 1970, I would have to take 27 hours of political science and 2 hours of PE.
The problem was that there was a whole lot of reading to be done in political science. 3-4 books per class. Even working part time was not going to allow me to get through all the material. So I decided to take a Speed Reading class that the Jewish Community Center. I had take one in the 7th grade and another one the first year of college.
I decided I was going to approach this class differently. First as an aside the teacher was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. A real distraction and temptation. But she was married and out of bounds.
By the time I came to this course I had 3 years of college behind me so I had more than a cursory familiarity with text books. And over those same 3 years I had learned a lot about mind control by reading books and practicing the methods I felt in sync with.
I thought about how I was going to proceed. First, I decided that the only limit to how fast I could read would be the rate at which I turned the pages. I did practice the methods to expand my peripheral vision. Other than that I would go to the University of Houston library and grab a stack of books and flip through them as fast as I could for an hour 5 days a week.
I told the class and teacher what I was doing. They laughed. As I expected. Only one in ten million humans are not subject to under achieving performance programming.
When we begin a 2 minute test, I would flip the page in 1 second and answer the questions on the text getting about half correct which was about what the rest of the class accomplished. Most were shooting for 350 – 500 words per minute.
The class was suppose to last about 5 weeks. I was disturbing the class by my acts within the first class. I began to realize I was causing my classmates too much diversion of their concentration by focusing on what I was doing and not their exercises and tests.
At the send of the second week class the teacher asked me if I would be willing to take a test of my skills. I said yes. Her plan was to bring in a Book that she would be certain that I had not read. I would read the book and tell the class what I remembered.
I practiced as usual until the next class.
The book she brought was The Chosen by Chaim Potok. I had never heard of it or the author. I sat in front of the class and read the book in 2 minutes. The teacher kept the time. She said I read at a rate of 100,000 words per minute.
This was a novel and I had been practicing reading mostly text type books. So the reading was a lot easier. There were not as many facts.
What was interesting is that the book played out like a movie in my head. I was mindlessly turning the pages. I would turn the page and look at the center where the pages came together and turn the page. I was totally focused on what I was doing.
The class laughed. The teacher asked what I remembered. And I began talking about generalities. It was about baseball. The more I talked the more I remember. It was very strange.
The teacher was astounded. He was certain I had never read the book. And she was right. She asked me to do it again the following week when she would invite some friends. I said OK knowing I would not return. I had accomplish my goal of increasing my reading speed and I did not want to be part of a freak show and I did not want to try to further communicate with dullard minds.
I never saw the teacher again.
My metaphysical mind took the next step and believed I did not even need to open a book. I could hold the book, read the title, close the book and know its contents. I am sure that is possible. I just never tried it. My life has been to busy. And what would be the point?
At this point I would say two things.

  1. When you go to the beach and get into the water, you are touching all the other people on the earth who are in the ocean at the same moment. You are literally connected.
  1. Ancient religious texts claim the world is holistic. That means in each atom a miniature copy of the entire universe is present. I believe we are all subconsciously aware of the entire universe but in these human bodies we cannot become conscious but of a small part;.actually, an infinitesimal part. Science says we are only using about 2% of our brain, I believe we are using .001% of our mind or less. There is an event horizon where the mind becomes a bootstrap into All There Is. A point a which you break the bonds of the physical brain and expand infinitely. This happens a death but one does not need to die to experience it.

Air National Guard GEORGE W. BUSH 1968.

When I graduated from High school in 1966, the Vietnam was getting real hot. If I had not gone to college I would have been drafted. I always intended to go into the Army so I was not going to college just to stay out of the war. I fully expected that the war was going to be going on when I graduated in 1970. So the plan was to get my degree and then go into the military and probably go to Vietnam.
In 1968, I decided to get on the list to join the Air National Guard in Houston. There was a long waiting list and I had two years before graduating and so I decided to apply and then if I got accepted I could make a decision as to what I wanted to do at that time.
Some time in early 1969, I got a call from the Air National Guard that they had a place for me. I was really shocked. The Air National Guard would have been weekend warrior duty after six months full time training. I would have had to serve for 6 years.
The way my mind works, I could not deal with having my life interrupted on weekend a month for six years to go play soldier. I preferred to just be a full time soldier until my time was up. So I turned down the offer.
The friends who I told that I had turned down the Air National Guard thought I was crazy.
I would not have benefits that let me go to law school and provided medical care. This was another consideration. There would be more benefits from being in the Army full time.
What was interesting is that George W. Bush, the future president, was a pilot in that unit. George Senior was the Representative for the 22nd Congressional District of Houston.
I was not impressed. I had my agenda and going into the Guard was not going to be influence by getting close to a politician directly or indirectly. I figured W. was just a rich kid with little value in society hiding out in the Air National Guard.
Looking back there is no telling how knowing W. would have changed my life.

On December 1, 1969 the Vietnam Draft Lottery was held. The bottom line is that a decision had to be made as to the order in which men would be selected to be drafted. The determining factor would be one’s birthday.
I was hurrying home from school to listen to the lottery as the birthdays were drawn. When I got home my grandmother, my mother’s mother, called and said that my lottery number was 2. April 24. They had started the lottery on Eastern time and I had put in my head it was Central time.     

It was obvious I would be going into the military as soon as I graduated from college at the end of August 1970.

In early 1970, I decided that I would go be smart and try to get into the Marine Corp Officer Candidate School. So I filled out the application and was inducted into the Marine Corp expecting to go into the Marines in the class for September 1970.

On July 7, 1970, I received a letter from the Marines that I did not qualify for the September 1970 school. I called the recruiter and was told that they had received order from Washington that they could only accept applicants with engineering degrees. I would have political science degree. The letter discharged me from the Marines.
At that point, it was obvious that I was going to be in the Army.
I went into the Army October 12, 1970. On October 14, 1970, I got a priority call from my wife. I was called out of formation and taken to the phone.
My wife said the Marines had called and said they had a place for me in the March 1971, Officer Candidate School. She said they would get me discharged from the Army and I would come home until March.
Those time were a nightmare for guys who were waiting to go into the service. No one would hire you because they knew you were going to be drafted so they did not want to waste time training you.

I told the wife to tell them no. I was in the Army and it was too much hastle to discharge. Also, my thoughts were they may cancel the March class or change it and I would be screwed again.

Projecting going into the army, sgt, Europe then going to Army 1958, 1970 
My father and his brothers were in the Army. My father went to Korea, his youngest brother to Germany in the 50’s and my other uncle was in the National Guard. My father was a staff sergeant but I thought he was a sergeant. The difference is that the staff sergeant has a rocker under the sergeant chevron.

I decided sometime between 8-10 years old that I wanted to go into the Army, be a sergeant and go to Europe.

In October, 1970 was in the Army. I was at Ft. Polk, Louisiana where they were sending 2000 guys a week to Vietnam. I was trained for a year to go to Vietnam at Ft. Polk and Ft. Benning, Georgia. I had volunteered to go to NCO school for 12 weeks for advanced infantry training. The NCO school was established to provide more trained sergeants to Vietnam because of the high casualty rate there.

So being at Ft. Polk gave me a 99% chance of going to Vietnam and NCO school increased that percentage to 110%.

In the last weeks of training in July 1971, going to Vietnam was getting real. Within about 2 months I would be there. I felt that it was up to me to make a decision at this time to go or not to go. I felt the choice was mine to make. I felt there were two distinct paths for my future and going or not going to Vietnam would set me on an irreversible path.

I felt I would probably come back from Vietnam a decorated hero or in a coffin. I also felt that coming back a decorated hero would close out other paths in my future because of the blood on my hands that could not be overcome. At the end of July, I chose not to go to Vietnam. This did not mean I was going to go AWOL and move to Canada. It meant simply that I had chosen not to go to Vietnam and that God would work out the details.

I went home to Houston in late August for leave prior to reporting to Ft. Dix, N.J. to ship out supposedly to Vietnam. When I got to Ft. Dix I entered a typical WWII shack from the end. There was a bar going across the room where you stood and behind it was map that I paid no attention to.

A clerk came out from behind the map and asked for my orders. He went back behind the map and returned and asked me where I wanted to go as he pointed to the map.
I looked at the map and said that is Europe. He said, “Yelp.”
I asked, “I am going to Europe?”

He said, “Yes, where do you want to go?”
I said, “Since it is not Vietnam, you chose.”
He disappeared again and returned and said I was going to Vicenza, Italy. I did not know until I got there I was assigned to a 1000 man company assigned to the NATO forces for the Southern European Task Force.
So that dream I programmed so long ago of being, in the Army, making sergeant, going to Europe manifested.
If there is anything you, the reader, must realize, it is that this dreamscape is flexible and multi-dimensional and we are all scripting our lives. This is the meaning of Jesus words, “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. And if you believe in me you can do the works I do and greater works than these will you do.”

I can assure you that this is absolutely true.

Px in Italy 1971
My wife and daughter were allowed to come to Italy with me. We would live on the economy. This was truly incredible. Just another miracle.
We lived 2.5 miles from the Base and I bought a bike and road to work each morning and home at lunch and back to the base after lunch and back home in the evening.
On the weekends we would go to the Base PX to buy groceries. We had to ride the bus. One of us would carry our daughter and the other would carry the groceries. I was a long way to the front gate where the bus stopped and the bus ride hope was a pain.
We were checking out and I was thinking that I did not want to deal with the walking and bus ride and carrying the groceries home. But there was no alternative.
I thought to myself that God does not have time to bother with this issue.
We walked out of the PX and about 100 yards when a sergeant pulled over and offered us a ride. It was the only time this happened during the 7 months we were there.

God and Jesus are present at every moment of our lives.

There was nothing to do in Italy but to read after work. We could travel a bit by train and bus on the weekends but money was limited.
I began to read about Edgar Cayce an early 20th century psychic. I read about 10 books that were available in the small bookstore on base. Those books were a good foundation in psychic phenomenon and metaphysics.
I studied and worked with cards and meditated intensely for an hour a day and sometimes more. I was also reading warnings in these books about getting to deep into mediation without a guide or guru, mentor, teacher etc. I ignored those warning and kept proceeding in my studies, research and practice.
I was also seeing paintings in my dreams and so I bought some oil paints and small canvases and began to paint those dreams. I had been in special art classes in the 7th and 8th grades and so I had some skills to go along with my interest in painting. Now I connect the art with the meditation and metaphysics.
One day in early 1972 I came home from the base and realized I had experienced a blackout. I arrived home about 3 PM but could not remember anything about the prior 5 hours.
I thought some of it had to do with the fact that I had ridden the same path so often and I was riding in the snow that day that I had a version of white line fever (riding a highway at night and being hypnotized by the white lines on the highway. One time when I was 18 I experienced a black out for about 60 miles between Houston and Dallas.
I was also feeling disconnected from my body to some degree all the time. I never used drugs or drank alcohol. I was afraid they would take me into those blackout spaces. I knew from my experiences as a kid and young adult that I could shift my reality to some degree. That is why I was so interested in reading about Edgar Cayce. He was having the same kinds of experiences I was having but more significant and dynamic.
At any rate the blackout got my attention about needing a mentor.  Not to mention the face that I did not want to be spacing out on my bicycle on a dangerous road in the snow. I decided to stop all my meditation and reading and so on in order to get grounded. I had also received discharge orders for May and I needed to get ready to go back to the USA. And I needed to be fully grounded to make those preparations.

I told myself I would stay away from metaphysics until a teacher appeared. And I would not go searching one out. When it was time for me to get back into metaphysics a teacher would appear. I had little doubt that I would get back into metaphysics one day. I was in sync with those processes and I felt it was just a preview of things to come. As it turned out, it was 13 years before the teacher appeared. She was a professional psychic who one my clients was going to see. We talked and I got the woman number and called her. It was an interesting first call. She was very abusive and then became friendly. I never asked her why.

Mason Lodge 1972
My father in 1972 decided the wanted to become a Mason something he had wanted to do for a couple of decades. My great uncle was a Mason. He was a tail gunner in a B-24 tail gunner over Italy and being a Mason had benefits if he had been shot down. He did his 32 missions.
At that time the Masonic ring or lapel pen had a significant presence in society and it would give you an edge in most any endeavor, like looking for a job.
When my dad told me he had been accepted, I decided to apply myself. He had just finished his Entered Apprentice when I was accepted. My father had wanted me to become a Demolay when I was a teenager but I was never one really to join groups. I had other relatives who were Masons as well and so I was not unfamiliar with the Mason or the Shriners who were Masons.
I quickly learned the Entered Apprentice work and started working on the Fellowcraft work with my dad. My father had a life long problem with test taking. He would freeze up. Same with my sister. We worked together and he took the test a week or so before me. We both passed and began to work on the Master Mason degree.
We took the test the same night. It made me smile. My dad sat between me and another guy taking the test and when my dad would get stuck we would whisper help to him. He knew the work but the anxiety of taking a test was significant with him. We all three passed. The Lodge members knew my dad knew the work so there was no problem helping him on the test. The tests are all oral. Nothing is written down. The test is answer a question and then ask a question. If you are alone, you have to do both.
Shortly after my Dad and I went through the Scottish Rite and then became Shriners. At the end of 1972 I had to get back to work and did not go to the lodge that often. But my dad went weekly for years.
The Masonic Lodge is a conservative organization. It is Christian based but discussion of Religion and Politics are strictly forbidden at the Lodge. Consequently the conflict between members is greatly reduced.
Most of the Founding Father of the United States were Masons. Many of the ideals of the Constitution are Masonic based. The organization is certain not focused on taking over the government. There are secrets but with the internet almost everything is published. So anyone who wants to know the Masonic teaching can find them with no trouble. There is not so much about how all the pieces fit together on line but the content is available. Reading the content should end any stupid discussion about the Masons being a subversive organization in a Democratic and Free Society.
In 1988, when I changed my name I exited from all the organizations of which I was a member, including the church. I had to stay a member of the State Bar in order to practice law.
In the early 20th century in the South most of the politicians were both Masons and KKK members. By the 1950’s not that many Masons were also Klan members.
When I was in high school classmates would attend Klan rallies with cross burnings and so on. I never had any interest in Holloween that much and so wearing a sheet was really somewhat laughable to me. But I would not say that to others. No one tried to push me to go to a Klan rally.
I do not know what the state of the Masonic Lodge is today. I still respect it and feel most of the members are good Americans. But I have not seen a Masonic right or lapel pen in a very long time. Probably in the early 80’s was the last time I saw either.

I am glad I was a Mason. I saw nothing that conflicted with increasing the peace in the world human society despite the fact that some of the Masons were Klansmen. But as I said, politics, Klan politics discussion included were not allowed inside the Blue Lodge.

In 1972, after an honorable discharge from the Army, I went back to selling Life insurance which I did for a few months before I reported for duty in the Army. My dad was in the insurance business and was instrumental in getting me a job.
In 1972, I followed my normal procedure and read everything I could about selling life insurance and selling anything. I read 20 plus books and so much of selling was about positive mental attitude I began to read Metaphysical books. The books on selling techniques were only 10% of the need to program a positive attitude mental attitude and reprogram yourself to deal with the high rejection factor that went along with selling almost anything.
In time, I acquired my Chartered Life Underwriter certificate and my Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter certificate. Both required 5 years in the business and about 30 hours of college level work. When I finished these courses, I was one of about 5 others in Houston with both designations. If I am involved in something I am usually going to learn everything I can about what I am doing.
In 1977, I had enough of selling and went back to college on the GI bill to acquire an accounting degree. Accounting was what the aptitude tests in high school indicated I was best suited for.
The accounting degree was just a stepping stone to going to law school which I also did and graduated in 1984. Again with the aid of the GI bill. Consequently, I never borrowed any money for education. But I also worked full time 9 of the 10 years of my total college experience.
During my entire life, I have had a focus on understanding how society worked; all aspects of society. The reason came down primarily to not wanting to be controlled or manipulated by others. My education was never about making a lot of money. It was about knowledge and wisdom that incidentally would provide a good income.
I was self employed 90% of my working career and even now at 70 I have many high end job alternatives to support myself by starting another business or going to work in a corporation.

It was always important to me not to be in a place where I needed to take any welfare money and I never have. I have top end experience and degrees.

March 1975 First Son born
In March of 1975, my first son was about to be born. The wife’s father had only daughters and my wife was really up that she was about to deliver a boy. She had to be bed ridden for the last month due to bleeding and she had two first trimester miscarriages after out daughter was born in 1971.
She went full term and delivered a healthy boy. We had decided to name him Nathan Edward Wolter. My birth name was Kenneth Edward Wolter.
The father and mother-in-law came to the hospital and the
father-in-law was his typical big mouth self. He asked what we were going to name the grandson. The wife told him and he immediately went quiet. Speechless.After a few minutes he said he would never call him Nathan. Then he said if we named him Nathan he would disown him and never speak to him.
The wife and I were shocked. He would not say what the problem was and he and the mother-in-law left shortly there after. Neither my wife or I could figure out the problem. She of course was devastated. It was probably the high point of her whole life to deliver a grandson and she had been slammed to the mat as they say. I told her I would get to the bottom of the matter when I left the hospital.
I enter their house and found them in the den. I was very mad. I sat down and asked, “What in the hell is the matter with your people?”
The father-in-law, still very agitated said, “I am not going to be accused of having a Jew bastard grandson. You cannot name him Nathan.”
Then the air head mother-in-law says that Tiger, the father-in-law’s nick name, was not prejudiced because he best childhood friend was a Jew. It was hard for me to keep from laughing. I managed to keep a straight face. I was angry and amused at the same time.
The wife and I had already decided we had no choice but to find another name. We were not that attached to the name. It was just one we liked.
I knew Tiger hated blacks. He talked nice to the ones at his office and the maid and such. But in a restaurant he would use the N word to call the waiter over to the table.
He at some point told me when he was a teenager he was riding in the back of his father’s convertible with another man in the front seat. This was 1940 in Franklin, Louisiana. There were some tomatos next to him they had brought from hardware store his father and uncle owned. They would trade for fresh produce.
Tiger said he saw a black man walking on the side of the road coming toward them and he was fondling a tomato as they approached. When the car pulled close Tiger threw the tomato at the black man and said, “Got you, you SOB.” He had obviously forgotten himself. His father stopped the car and made him apologized and I am sure compensated the man in some way.
On another occasion he said he and his buddies were walking the streets in the little town of Franklin and they say a black man grab a woman’s purse and run with it. As it so happened the sheriff was close by and witnessed the event. He ran to his car.
Tiger said he and his friends knew the man was going to run home to colored town and they knew when he would come out of  by the railroad tracks. They got to a place where they could see the black man when he came out from between the building. And they knew where the sheriff was going to be with his car.
The sheriff pulled up and the black man came out between the buildings and started running down the tracks. The sheriff shot him in the back and killed him.
My father’s father who lived on a farm near El Campo, Texas said there was a black man working the cotton fields. And he made the mistake of taking a drink out of one of the white man’s water jug. The sheriff was notified and that day or the next he rode his horse out to where the black man was and asked him if he had taken a drink from the white man’s water jug.
The black man said he was a WWI vet and all the men shared water in the war. The sheriff told the black man he was not in the war but in Texas and killed him.
That is the reality of the South where I was raised; in Houston, Texas.
I never understood the way people talked about blacks. Even at 7 or 8 I knew that black people were not different than whites outside their skin color and for the most part being extremely poor.
I did not talk that much as a kid in part because I wanted to stay under the radar regarding almost all issues because I knew I did not think like everyone else.
People would talk about blacks like they were dirty ignorant monkeys saying they were good for nothing except manual labor. I hated that talk and never believed it. I knew a lot of ignorant whites.
I think I was born in Houston to give me a good education in this raw prejudice.
I wondered how this could be almost 100 years after the Civil War. Then when I was about 50 I realized that when my grandparents were born in the early 1900’s there were still a lot of Confederate war veterans still living. Like in the 1950’s when almost all the men had fought the German’s or the Japanese. And like now, lots of Vietnam Vets still alive. Those Marines who fought the Japanese hated them and some of my friends who fought in Vietnam hated the Vietnamese.
I realized the Southern Rebels lost the war but not their attitude. So my grandparents listened to a lot of prejudicial statements about blacks from some Confederate War Veterans.
When I was a kid, there was open prejudice against Blacks, Jews and Yankees. All the Hispanics who did not look white were referred to as wetbacks which alluded to the fact they swam the Rio Grand illegally entering Texas.
Most of my friends would not really seriously harm blacks. But when I was in the Army in 1970 with a lot of boys from Mississippi,  those guys were dead serious about keeping blacks in their place and were fully capable under the right circumstances hang them or kill them or hurt them real bad.
The crazy part is how many men I knew who talked racists talk against blacks but had black mistresses. Like so many people about so many things, they are not bothered a bit about the disconnects in their philosophies. Most people just talked the local talk and justify whatever they want with regards to themselves personally.

Racial, Religious, Nationality, and the subordination of women is a global reality. It seems critically important to most people that society have a clear social and enforce hierarchy. All prejudice is grounded in ignorance. Hatred against defined social groups is a learned experience without any basis in truth. Every social group has it fair share of for saints and criminals, no exceptions.

EVENTS TO BE WRITTEN UP.- this is not a definitive list.

law school bad grades 1977
Getting into law school with Tiger help  rejected by S Texas and U of H called. Enemies and Friends
Increase in pay 1977 to 1980
Poems written stream of conscious, same with novels. 1970

felt in 2014 I would never buy another car Never bought a car after 1980
Father and Snake
setting up businesses   tax biz 1981
Dad said I would do whatever it takes
timing of computer and bookkeeping 1981
meditation to Polaris 1983
timing of tax biz 1984
They never win, 1985
First Experience with Penny Looney 1985 First Reading Granddaughter of Quanna Parker. On tour. Elizeabeth Kubler Ross.
sailboat and kids and Snake 1985
Going to Polaris 1985
Psychic and Penny Looney, ability to read cards 1985 Met Penny Looney
round Table a Gem show October 1985 with Snake
Reading Seth Speaks 1985
Teach Teachers 1985
Mark of Ram on Davids Stomach 1985 he was attacked
seeing Roxanne coming night of decision to divorce 1986
David and running man. Then dreaming art. 1986
Surviving Kay, Snake David got back up 1986 2007
Needed an unachieveable goal after my life with the Snake ended. 1987
Berta Raborn
Tiger Mistress
saving Linda Lee 1987
meeting kay after affirmation 1988
Getting house with kids coming 1988
Kay as good mother for kids 1988
Name change Cia Sun 1988 April Fools Day and good Friday no one would pick up baton
Carmel Temple Easter Sunday after name change 1988
Dream of Fire and Water painting 1988? not resolved
Going to Kay’s father’s farm when needed to go and remember and process 1990
Hundred Cardinals 1990 territorial
Kay and letter from Karla 1990
Snake and IRS 1990
Kay and Karla letter 1991
Kay and the way women came into my life 1991 LeAnne Rachel None since
There when Charlie died like Linda 1991
stone with black specs at farm and in Colorado (not a native stone) 1991
3 deer two shot in heart one through neck 1991
Horse kick 1991
almost got shot in head 1991
Putting up wind mill, 1991
Money in encyclopedia 1991
Planning to move to Europe Charlie Died 1991
Hundreds of Cardinals Groesbeck 1991
Feeling my fathers pain
Street Lights on and off
Seeing Picture of art gallery that was in Clear lake 1992
Pinto Horse Kick
Kay channeling about going to Denver 1992
flint find in Groesbeck 1992
Accident Killing dove thinking hate of Snake 1993
Going to Colorado 1993
Brian and John in Groesbeck Restaurant, Brian to hospital, Murders.
JoAnnes Kays sister
Vernon giving us a place to live. 1996
Grandmas tool box 1996
Swords to Plowshears coin 1996 Thunder
two bible verses from Grand mother 1996
Near death 1997 and vision 1997 December
Finding last leaf painting on street 1998
Run for Governor 2000
Democrats tried to screw me 2002
Disbarred 2003 -Disbarment not pled no jurisdiction
timing of internet 2003
Death of Randy and Cal and David treachery
going to jail 2007 Picked up by cops
Always dreamed of being chased by cops – never caught. self confidence
bible in Jail cell 2008
hearing choir in jail 2008 no choir
plea bargain 2008
Prison gave me peace advocate bona fides 2008
Began hiring apprentices 2009
Painting of women in my life 2009 forward
prostate cancer functional 2010 divinci machine
Rachel and art and coming to Mexico. list of 20 things 2010
Meeting Rachel 2011 – she had done a psychic painting of me.
Vultures in Street – finish moving
Going to Albuquerque 2011
Truck stolen 2014  Thought I would never own a car again.
Roses at Height Christian Church 2015
nearly dying two times of heart problem 1997, 2016 Healing quick
Friends who gathered in 2016
Bitch in heart recovery 2016
Meeting Bernie 2016
Onyx Candle Holder
Pacemaker 2016
oil drain pan 2018
fixing 1986 Honda Shadow 2018 innate knowledge of computers, motorcycle, sailing, horses
blue bicycle 2018
black korea jacket 2018
ID bracelet 2018 was projecting buying one
paintings in dumpster 2018



Dreamscape – the physical reality the human body interacts with each day. Basically the earth and everything on the land, in the air and in the oceans.

WorldPeace Advocacy – the efforts by Dr. John WorldPeace JD and other to increase the level of peace in the world human society.
Perfect Peace – In the Book of Revelation - the peace that Christians claim Jesus with bring with the Second Coming. Per Dr. John WorldPeace JD there can be no perfect peace in an environment that is in a state of constant change. Nor in an environment where beings are allowed to interact with each other.