The WorldPeace Peace Page

WorldPeace is one word !

When Peace becomes our priority,
WorldPeace will become our reality !

The Official Website of Dr. John WorldPeace JD
The only Global Advocate for WorldPeace



The purpose of the WorldPeace Peace Page is primarily to initiate a focused conversation
on the foundations of WorldPeace and it is my sincerest hope that you will join
in this conversation.

I am simply one human being with one simple message; "WorldPeace"

I am an advocate for Peace and WorldPeace but I am not a pacifist.

I believe in God as the Infinite Potential but I am not a religionist.

The purpose of this book is not to begin a new religion. God forbid!
And let no one interpret my words except for themselves. Embrace what
you feel in harmony with and discard what you feel out of harmony with.

The WorldPeace Peace Page is my view of reality. These are the words and 
thoughts that have given me peace and my intent is to share them.   It is not
my intent to foist any part of my reality onto anyone.

I reserve the right to revise these thoughts as I continue to participate in this
conversation. I invite questions, comments and criticisms and I look
forward to hearing from those of you who are so inclined.

Throughout these pages, God, Infinity and the Infinite Potential are
generally used interchangeably.

Further, I have at times used the feminine pronouns when referring to God
in order to challenge the notion that God is masculine. The word God is
neutral but in English it is generally interpreted as Father.

Lastly, since English does not have a neutral word relating to human gender,
I have randomly alternated the use of "he" and "she".