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When Peace becomes our priority,
WorldPeace will become our reality !

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Inner Peace comes in remembering our Oneness. 

We are each at one with God, at one with the universe, at one with the
earth and at one with each other. This is the indivisible truth that is the
nucleus of our sphere of reality. It permeates the Infinite Potential. To know
the truth of this oneness, all we need to do is to look inside ourselves.
When we look inside ourselves and remember our oneness, we begin to clearly
see our individual paths to inner peace.

Inner Peace is the foundation of World Peace.

Until every human being possesses a sense of inner peace, Peace on
Earth will never truly manifest. Laws can be written to generally ensure
external peace but until every human being experiences a transformation
wherein he or she is permanently at peace with himself or herself, Peace on
Earth will be no more than a facade that could collapse at any moment in