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Change - The nature of  the Infinite Potential (God); endless manifestations from
the Infinite Potential and disintegrations back into the Infinite Oneness.

Confusion - When we focus on the manifestations of the Infinite Potential and
distinguish the manifestations, we move away from oneness. We become lost
in the maze of distinctions and lose sight of our oneness. Therefore, we see
ourselves as separate from others and this is the cause of confusion.

Distinctions - Water is distinguished as hot or cold. If it makes no
difference to us whether or not it is hot or cold, we refer to it as water. Hot
and cold have merged into undistinguished oneness.

Harmony - When no distinctions are made regarding the events or the
people that impact and interact with us into categories of good and bad,
all people and events merge into the oneness of life.

Infinity (Infinite Potential) - The underlying intangible essence of everything.
In the traditional Tao, what I refer to as the Infinite Potential is called The Way.
God = Infinity = Infinite Potential

Infinite God - The unknowable, indescribable, indefinable, inconceivable
underlying essence of everything. The Infinite God is the One God of all

Manifestations - Essentially everything tangible but also includes concepts,
ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Oneness - Everything is a manifestation of  the oneness of the Infinite Potential. 
Infinity is the ultimate common denominator of everything.

Peace - Seeing ourselves as one with humanity. All persons are one with
humanity not distinguished by race, sex, nationality or religion.

Personal God - A metaphorical, anthropomorphic being which since
He/She? is conceivable and definable is less than the Infinite God.  A God
associated with a particular religion; Allah with Islam, Jehovah with
Christianity, Vishnu and Shiva with Hinduism, Yahweh with Judaism, etc.

Potential of all things - The Infinite Potential which includes every possibility.