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by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2002 by John WorldPeace
Houston, Texas USA

All rights reserved

I bring you a world of everything
because I think
everything is.

Flow with it.
It's only a window.
go inside,
depart from
where I was.

Marvel for a moment
at your own

there are no limitations,
everything is.


Out of the darkness
of All There Is
gathered the five
of All That Was.

The five
faced inward and
begin to chant-
Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tom Tom Tom

From their chants,
came a fog
in the center
of the five.

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tom Tom Tom
beat the drums
from the distant
All That Was.

The five that were
echoed through
the great Universal void
returning from 
what and where.

The five focused 
and the white mist grew
brighter and whiter
clearer and condensed.
The All There Is

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tom Tom Tom

The vibration of
the All That Was
traverses the 
here and there.

The chanting All That Were
fired the All That Is
and the All There Is
became more
and more.

The five
began to go
to where they are,
the All There Is
was birthed again.

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tom Tom Tom;
fading echoes
conserved by 
All There Is

The color of blue
was syphoned out of
the void of nothing;
the nothing of
All There Was.

Came red and yellow
from black and white
Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tom Tom Tom.

From the cold,
came the hot.
The cold of All That Was
became the hot of
All There Is.

In the time of ancients
forever past 
was the hot of
All There Is.

Now comes the
swing left of the 
tick tock
the perfect balance
of a to z.

The fire was ignited
once again;
the roar of fire,
the geometric roar
and roar and roar
permeating the All There Was;
the birthing
All There Is.

Time is near;
the explosion
of the Universal
starters gun.

All That Will Be
awaits the starter's boom;
coming soon,
coming soon,
the coming booming.

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tom Tom Tom
a memory remembered loud
in the All There Is to be.


Then boom,
it races across
the endless All
waking all and each
to the new eon;
to the white
of the black

The boom is
now and gone.
The speed of now
everywhere at once;
All There Is
is now


I hitch my mind
to the starlight
of my soul
and go for a 
speed of light ride.

Over the dust I go
and then up and out
of the solar system.

I slow
then drive
back through
my original trajectory.

Again and again

I go enjoying 
pure speed.


The other side of the midnight
is yellow, red and blue.

Universes of color;
color universes
dot the
midnight Indigo All.

Infinite colored lights
merging into
indigo dark;

the earth turns day's 
yellow, red and blue
into the dark of
twinkling night.

light and dark,
dark then light

light and dark,
influencing our
carnate and incarnate


The Dark Eagle
climbs high in the sky
on vibrations of heat.
He soars above the earth

I leap
and find myself a 
vantage point
above his crown.

He knows I am there
but only by sense.
I carry no physical weight.

I connect with his being
and become
all that he is.

I stretch out to the 
tips of his wings
and absorb the sun's heat
on his back.

The hot wind
passes his head
and warms his spirit.

He soars
with eyes fixed
in a contemplative trance
but noticing all
that moves on
the earth's floor.

Two beings
has this magnificent one;

The physical being that
hunts from the arid sky,
the etheric spirit that
trances during this
high riding.

I connect
with his spiritual being
and he connects with mine
but we use his body,
his eagle.

He is all that I am;
our spirits are equals

He is not I 
and I am not him
but our spirits
come from that same

We do not communicate.
There is nothing to say.
In this space
we are all knowing
but concentrating
on the ride.

We trance;
seeing All There Is,
seeing all the earth
with our spiritual eyes.

Riding upon the eagle,
He is the trip commander.
He steers the body
He stays attuned to
the earth.

We observe the earth
but we intercept
the All There Is.

The noise of the earth
is far away,
only the wind
dully sings
over slick feathers.

Only the rush of air-
calming as the silent 
rivers flow below;
a space of peaceful

We soar and glide
and soar and sail.
Hours pass, 
then the magnificent bird
dives on his prey.

Violence comes;
and pain.

I break away
and the eagle's spirit
returns to guide 
his host
at this critical moment.

I do not say goodbye,
nor does he.

Like two very old friends,
we go our separate ways
without the formal

We return home
from whence we came;
renewed and pure.


Who wrote the notes?
Who wrote the songs?
Who sand the words?
Who heard the melody?

Who built the earth?
Who set it spinning?
Who gave it life?
Who said, "well done"?

Who set the seas?
Who colored the waters?
Who breathed in the life?
Who saw the beauty?

Who bounded the Universe?
Who formulated the width and breath?
Who said I will
and smiled?


Comes up the moon,
the celestial pearly sphere,
up up into the
starry night.

I walk the forest trail:
the moon down the lane
hovering over the
path I will take.

The slow motion of the 
Universal clock
moves the orb
over my head
and behind 
my perception.

There'll be other nights
but doubtful it is
that the moon will
climb in front, over 
and behind my path.

On this night in future years, 
I will be on other paths
for I have already
traveled this one.


The clear glass tiger
stalks across 
the Universe.

His etheric self
is made of glass
but his essence
is of the
hunter of the 

What a commanding
spirit you have,
so much power
defining a pure soul of light.

I feel your presence
as you go silently by.
You are about
the business of 
your place in 
this destiny.

As you move along
in the universal etheric jungle,
I watch you go;
marbeling in wonderment
at the glass tiger
that you are.


In the ancient long ago,
in the dark stone corridors,
down stone ramps,
proceed the 
death attendants.

Each carrying
memories of this earth
in bars and boxes
of gold and silver.

Slowly they move,
each and all,
as music permeates
the sacred walls- 
flutes and
bell and chime.

The familiar
cats of eternal life
life cry out.

moves to his place
of honor
forever to be
sealed in stone.

They give their bodies assured
of rebirth in a new life.
They morn for
those who must continue
to bear weight of this heavy plane.

I watch the procession.
I remember the walk.
I come to my place
in the golden chair.

I rest my golden box
upon my lap
and prepare my 
soul for its

I watch 
those who come after me
take their stations.

As in the life of our beloved,
we shall seat our bodies
forever in his presence.

The doors close
and huge stones
seal this magnificent tomb.

Oil burns in the golden lamps
as each soul purposes
to cut
the silver cord.

They await.
I rise up 
with the golden 
box in hand.

I look at each.
I say goodbye
to each,
missing none.

I nod my head
and each bites
the bitter pill.
Then one by one,
they release their

I walk about,
placing each one 
in his life position-
my steward assists

He returns to his place
and takes the bitter
pill between his lips.
I reach out
to touch him 
one last time.

I look at his soul
through his black eyes.

We say farewell
and he sets free
his soul.
His body slumps.
I hold for a 
moment then

I gaze about the chamber
that rests in perfect silence
and perfect beauty of
all the earth
deems worthy

I begin to 
cover the light
but instead move to my 

Long I sit
in contemplation
of this life
I have completed;

And in thought
of the pain of 
new rebirth
again upon this earth.

This life has been full.
It has held and touched
all that was dear in
4543 BC.
Now I prepare
to lay it

I feel all who
have gone before,
calling my light
to join them 
in the journey 

I cover the four lamps
and leave the fifth
at the center

The stone is cold 
but the room is warm.
I linger a bit longer 
not afraid
for I know
the door of death
so well.

I have been here before
at the end of life
with the choice
to linger and contemplate 
moment more.

I remember
in the other 
star system.

I remember
its exquisite beauty:
I remember.

In this room
merge two dimensions;
two lives so so
far apart.

I linger in the memories
until I can no longer
hold my companions.

I bite the pill
and begin to 
float upward.

I watch the room
below and I watch
the other lights
follow mine.

We leave the
solid dark of the pyramid
and traverse the 
light blue sky.

We travel 
out of this dimension
as we move
out of the atmosphere
and into the 
Universal night.

It is only then 
that I turn 
my being 
to the magnificent
cocoon of perfection.

I return to the light
from whence I came
and to which I 
always return.

The light that was only 
two at first light,
I return to the 
billions that are 
of me;
that are my 
true life

I enter 
the large
opening forever
again marveling
at the magnificent
beauty of Light.


I ride the wind
and sweep forth on its crest,
down hills 
and up thuderheads.

Breaking free,
I pierce ahead
untouched by the atmosphere.
Around the world
I move.

I am a thin vapor
alone as I think
from here to there,
from beginning
to end and back.

I return home 
with a sudden jolt
to this body
that I have been given
for awhile.

I know not why
I escape
or why I come back.


I hear the music of the earth
in its subtle notes.

The earth slowly rolls
to an infinite number of songs
in perfect harmony.

I tune in
and hear my own self sing.

I tune in 
and join the peace
in perfect step.
I join in and flow along.

Then I float,
then I sail,
then I glide along,

lost within the perfect harmony,
part of the perfect tune.


Butterflies wings
fold and unfold
as light forms
move across the
etheric All There Is.

With each folding
of the wings
comes a heartbeat
traversing the 
Universal All.

In giant waves, 
they cross the 
cosmic indigo.

The undulating
folding and unfolding,
the coming together
and apart,
gives life and motion
to The All There Is.

Waves of etheric
peace and turmoil
move from now to forever
toward the edges
of the infinite.

Oh, how I love
to ride these
infinite butterflies,

to climb aboard
their being
to find a space
with many 
from many places,

oh, the soul's celebration
as we move through
all of creation,
as we tour
God's All There Is.

Oh, what joy and peace,
what love and beauty,

Oh, how wonderful 
to be a part.
How wonderful
to be.


Formless shapes
march in endless
ranks and files.

As far as I can imagine, 
I see them moving
across the vapor.

I think that I am stationary.
But to them I must be moving.


Far out in the cosmic realm
of stars and galaxies of stars,
I sail my ship of soul
through the wonderful
waves of creative

I sail in and out
and through the peaceful
waves of light year size.

The universe seems infinite
and my long riding
will never experience
more than a 
minute piece
during this

In my infinite existence,
the All There Is will
always be more infinite
than I.

I am all
of the All There Is.

But as my 
physical reality attunes
itself to this
physical place,

and as my etheric conscious
attunes itself to 
that etheric plane,

I find that my 
ability to be consious
of all of me
and all of all
at once
will require
much growth-
almost infinite 

When I come
to that place of all,

I will then and only then
catch a brief
and limited understanding 
of my God



The doors of death
are shallow;

for some a mere second,
no time to prepare;

For others an eternity,
a journey begun too soon.

A thousand deaths
we each die.

A million doors
crowd our futures.

Some are shallow:
some are deep.


Lost memories
flow in the
ancient past.

Through forests
of the ancient
earth, I travel;

A spark of light
traveling over the swamps,
green and tall,
and palm like trees.

On toward the dark
blue purple mountain, I go.
The air is cool
and the sun
has set.

So, so long ago,
so few humans
and so few spirits
have experienced
this plane.

The earth in its awakening,
I was there;
new, new as the earth.

Old as time
but new born on this earth,
how wonderful were those
times of
pure energy;

the time when
light beings could
travel this plane

Now the evolved eye
of me
voids all this out
and the lights
that traverse
the earth are ignored.

I loved the earth
when it was a garden.
I loved the 
awakening earth.


Blue crystal mountains
materializing in 
balls of orange fire;

The ice blue mountains
sitting on the balls of fire.

The ice crystals
will not melt
nor the fire be smothered out.

Fire and Ice;


The stars twinkle in the Heavens
luring all those who
have been called
to their distant

The mind travels to the stars,
quicker than the eye can
focus on it.

Few will go.
even those who can
will not go
because they will not
believe what they preceive.

They will not believe 
because it can't be 

Few realize
what comes from perception;
the tranquility
of the trip.

The reality,
the proveable reality,
is irrelevant.


The fairy lights
twinkly in the 
moonlit night.

They dance to and fro
and work happiness
as a spider spins
a web;

The joy in the darting 
and blinking,
the beauty of the
tiny colored lights.

Tonight is a special night:
the One has awakened
and begins to become

His eyes contain
the universal galaxy,
all the starts
of All There Is. 

The lights sparkle in his eyes:
the lights of wisdom and knowledge
applied with love
all delicately buckle.

Oh, the joy.
The tiny ones
burn bright this night.
The time has indeed come.

The light comes
again to the earth
and darkness
hides in dark places.

The light of the comet
begins to burn. 
The sparkles of its
tail begins to caress
all the earth.

The light awakens
the light 
and All those of the light
awaken as well.

The time has come.
The time has come.
The time of blessings
and love 
and love of light.

The fairy lights
twinkle in the 
moon lit night.

The moon beams dance
on earth's dark floor
and All on the Earth
begins to rejoice.

All on the earth 
turn on their lights.

All on earth
share their essence light
and join in
a matrix of 
universal light
covering the spinning ball.

An ethic sun
is lighted.
Another beacon of light
is founded
in the 
universal sea.

I breathe in vapors
and blow out  light.

I build light.
I intensify my soul.
I move 
toward that ancient peace.

I help build 
that creating


I here sit 
in these modern times
and modern places
but under the light
of lavender
candle burning.

I sit illuminated
by the light
of hot wax burning.

How many yesteryears
in lives gone past
have I written
within the candlelight?

Many times 

I here reflect
in a modern place
with old light.

The light that
has always 
expanded my world.

The Light
from whence
I began.


The night comes
and the cold air 
closes tight
against the
stone house.

I sit close
to the yellow orange fire.
I huddle close
to the warm;
my eyes
to the 
flickering flame.

I leave my 
corporal blood and bone
and glide outside
into the 
cold crisp
starry night.

I am naked
in my ghostly 
misty vaporous

I move down
the path.

My omnipotent
self moves out, 
left and right
up and down.

I touch All There Is.

I reach up to the 
moon and beyond
to the planets and stars.

I expand 
and expand,
free of my 
mortal container.

a couple hundred
thousand miles.

I sit on the 
white bright
and look
at the sun
behind the

I scan 
the earth 
until I find
a small stone house.

I move inside
and see a 
huddled me 
into the fire 
at my soul
sitting on the moon
in the yellow
orange light.


The hand fan
moves the air
about my
face; cooling 
as the sweat 

The pretty fan
with pretty flowers
of lavender
and blue burgandy

I also move 
the etheric
and create 
those flowered
all about my
face and crown.

The disturbed air cools
my face
while the painted flowers
are like cool mint
caressing my
spiritual brain.


Yellow balls of fire
traverse the invisible
theater of my fantasy.

Red roses of love
quickly behind.

From right
to left they
come and 

Oranges, apples,
white clap board houses,
blue summer skies,
and white capped,
endless waves.

Over the waters
to the sun,
past the clouds
out of the 
into the cosmic night
again and again I go 
leaping upon
any thought
and catapulting
into Forever.


I chase the incense
smoke into the 
celestial vapor
of the 

I ride 
and roll
and turn 
out of this

Up, up 
and out;
grain by grain
my spiritual 

into the 

I reachout
my soul,
bathing my spirit
in God's 
Eternal Light.

Each infinite
to its special

its place
of peace
and rejuvenation.

Then back 
I come 

I come 
back together.

I say
a humble
to God.

I say, 


We are sailors
on a blue marble
on endless

by infinite vessels
just the same.

We know not fully 
how we came to be 
on this ship
and we 
do not grasp
the true words.

All we know
is that we awoke 
and gazed out
into the vastness
and then went
back to sleep
with another dream
in our experience


My body longs 
to be on the Indian Prarie;
to smell the pure spiritual air.
To awake as the rising sun,
purifies the body
with it golden 

I miss the night prarie
with the countless stars
and white moon.

In the quiet of the prarie night,
I hear the sounds of the universe.
I hear the harmony from
near and far.

I release my spirit to the
Great Light and travel
the indigo night
as my body 
lays in perfect 
communication with 
its mother the

The rising sun and the starry night,
those were the times
of the living.

I long for the prarie night.


Each day comes and we awaken
our conscious to new
toils and troubles,
joys and chores.

At night we travel the 
inner planes and
freely fly from 
now to then
attending to 
this and that.

We are always conscious of some reality.
We never rest
our split physical and
spirit realities that
take turns 
guiding our

We cross the barriers
of time and space reality,
the same as we
flip a light
switch on and off in 
the dark of this 

Why do we trap ourselves
in these bodies?
Why do we 
chain ourselves
in one reality
after another?

We do it for the same reason
that the moon
travels around the earth
and the flowers bloom
in Spring.

We do it because 
we are part of the All There Is;
little big pieces of one cloth,
all of all,
and part of part.

So here we go,
on and on in infinite circles
trying to achieve happiness
by flowing with all life's rhythm,
riding the 
universal waves.

Here's to life
and to existence.
To all we are and aren't,
here's to just being

Here's to peace
and happiness in a 
traumatic world
of peaceful flowing.

Here's to life 
and God
to the Universe
and the All There Is.

Here's to learning to live 
with what we are
because we are 
the living ebb
and flow
of All There Is.


Alone on the beach,
I watch the sun
traverse the sky.

Many visions pass before me;
some earthly,
some not.

Silent voices speak to me
as clouds fill and 
empty the sky.

here I rest,


I soar with the hawk
in his high flying 
between cold mountain peaks.
I fly.

From him I spring
into the universe
and beyond,
a dot of being
in the 
All There Is.

I send out a small 
piece of thought,
a particle equivalent.

Gone forever, exploring,
sending back tiny signals
of information; 
thoughts that I 
think have no logical
origin in
this corporeal


Oh, the path of constant awakening.

To grow old
then sleeping
then awakening,

Then clouds of rebirth
and new awakening,

The obstacles of incarnation,
the years of maturity,
the years of insight,
the passing.

then begin again all
and again,

until all things
that have been done
are undone,

returning to One
with lessons learned.


that is what I am.

I am ever growing 

I never observe
a season of Fall
or Winter
but only 
Eternal Spring.

I am 
an Eternal Spring

Forever so I 
have been.

And forever
so I shall 

Life and being
are evergreen 
to me.


I sit in my chair,
the center of my universe.
I stare, 

I am at the controls.
I may move I may not.
I will do as I will.

When this body
I will continue
to sit in this chair.

And when this chair is gone,
I will sit in its memory; 

gazing out,



High on the Universal plane
I contemplate
all that has been
all that is
and will be.

I think of the past.
I create the future;
the future 
creates itself.

Away I go, 
one conscious thought
at a time
but seldom
in logical order.

I race through the pockets
and cracks, crevices and caves

I leave you a few words
from those


THE WORLDPEACE PEACE PAGE   Copyright 1988-2018 by Dr John WorldPeace JD USA  All rights reserved