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The time has come for a New Revolution in the United States of America

The time has come for a new revolution in the United States of America.  The time has come for Americans to live up to the high ideals of one of the most democratic constitutions of the human society.  The time has come for those in high places to seize the dream of peace and WorldPeace through the determined application worldwide of human dignity and justice embodied in the the United States Constitution.  

It is time that Americans let go of our exclusive White male Christian prejudice and in deed as well as in word admit that for all the wonderful things that have been accomplish in a free America, women are still disenfranchised, people of color are still disenfranchised, corporate greed is out of control to the detriment of the whole world, and those in power pay only lip service to education knowing that ignorance is essential to control of citizens in any form of government and the concentration of power in the hands of the few.

The institution of democracy is becoming an institution of repression as our legislators pass laws that harm the common man under the mantra that corporations create jobs and therefore whatever is good for the corporation is good for the whole population.  That is a lie.  

When corporations pollute the global environment, then the jobs that are created are meaningless.  When governments invade countries or support corrupt and dictatorial forms of government in the name of profit and security, the whole of the world society becomes bankrupt and democracy degenerates into a farce.  

When corrupt and egocentric judges skew the laws and religious bureaucracies support murder and killing in the name of God, then the two pillars of peace and WorldPeace in the human society are corrupted and democracy is in jeopardy as suffering increases on a global scale.

The core truth is that all men and women are not created equal but generic pronouncements that non Whites are inferior to whites and non Americans are inferior to Americans and women are physically weaker than men (and therefore have nothing valid to contribute to society) and that God prefers one particular religion above all others are nothing but delusional mindsets that create an arrogance within the human society that causes pain and suffering, starvation, rape, wars, genocide and disharmony that blocks any belief in justice and hope for peace on earth.

No one is more corrupt than dishonest judges and no one is more sinful that corrupt religious bureaucrats.  The courts in a democratic society are a barrier to corrupt legislation that benefits the rich at the expense of the population as a whole.  The religious bureaucrats who endorse exclusionary religion in the name of God are an abomination to the spiritual reality that binds every human being in the oneness of God.

A White peace will never manifest WorldPeace.  A Christian peace will never manifest WorldPeace.  An American peace will never manifest WorldPeace.  And a masculine society that subordinates woman will never manifest even a semblance of WorldPeace.

There is nothing wrong in the association of individuals based on their shared beliefs and physical attributes and political and religious preferences.  But there is everything wrong with these subgroups of the human society believing that they are the chosen of the human society and therefore atrocities and prejudices are directed at others for no other reason than they do not share the group mindset or belong to a particular sex or color of the subgroup due solely to birth is justified (and in some cases justified to the degree that death of those outside the group is justified and sometimes a claim is made that subordination of other human beings is mandated by God.).

We have entered the Third Millennium and thanks to George Bush, America has not entered this millennium not in peace but in war.  For the first time, the United States, the most democratic government on the earth, has invaded Iraq without being attacked.  And what is worse, the justification for the war was based on lies that intentionally, knowingly and deliberately came out of the mouth of George Bush. 

There were no weapons of mass destruction.  In fact, in all the video I have seen in Iraq, I have seen nothing that looks like an advanced society anywhere close to America.  I saw no missile silos with rockets pointed to the United States.  I have seen no impressive military hardware.  I have heard of no satellites.  I have seen little more that sand and dust.  And these are the people that Americans are to fear?  

George Bush is a man without vision.  He is a puppet of corporate America but he appeals to the population as a whole because the population as a whole is operating on an eight grade level.  The high school drop out rate is almost fifty percent in some schools in the United States.  

And it is this ignorance that continues to produce adult Americans who cannot understand global events and their impact locally; 
who transfer the belief that American is the best country on the earth into an exclusionary mindset that justifies our undemocratic treatment of all non Americans; 
who are manipulated by the religious bureaucrats due to their lack of understanding that there is only one God and that God does not prefer one religion over any other; 
who are easily manipulated by slick commercials that are the result of a highly technical and scientific study of mass manipulation which was the backbone of Nazi Germany; 
who, due to their ignorance, fear change which can never be controlled or stopped because it is the nature of the universe and the nature of human society to daily change; 
who are enslaved by corporations promoting endless materialism and immediate gratification of all wants in exchange for economic enslavement through debt; 
who hear the words of a democratic constitution twisted to support prejudice and environmental destruction and pain and suffering world wide not to mention the American history of genocide against the native Americans and slavery of Blacks, which by the way will always be an indelible mark on the American Judiciary and a warning against courts who support corrupt laws that are contrary to the Constitution; 
who are too ignorant to even understand what I have said in this paragraph.

The time has come for a new revolution in the United States of America.  The time has come for America to apply its democracy to the entire world.  It is time to treat people of diverse races, nations and religions who live outside the United States with the same respect that they are treated within the American community.  It is time to abolish second class citizenship of all women and move toward a society that is balanced between the male and female energies.

For the most part, this call for a new revolution will fall on deaf ears and create fear among the most conservative of American society.  Yet what I have said is the truth and in time there will be an awakening that America has used it great resources and power not for the manifestation of peace and WorldPeace on earth but for the destruction of the environment and the subjugation and manipulation of the undeveloped nations who we have subordinated simply because they are not Americans.  

It is the White Male Christians who for the most part founded the Untied States but those same White Male Christians have now begun to corrupt the high principles of democracy, liberty and justice for all into an imperialistic capitalistic mindset that continues to create chaos in the world community.

The most recent proof of this was George Bush disdain of the United Nations in his determination to invade Iraq.  There were no weapons of mass destruction, there was no Saddam/bin Laden link, and the oil fields of Iraq due to their disrepair and sabotage by the Iraqis will not pay for the war.  All of this above the heads of the vast majority of Americans who probably would have a hard time even finding Iraq on a world map.


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