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The Transcendent Reality

    There will never be any real semblance of peace on earth until we temper our materialistic excesses with a constant mindfulness that life on earth is temporary and that in the end we must consider our actions in this time and place.  Virtually all the human beings on the earth acknowledge some sort of transcendent reality (God) which sustains us and to which prayers and meditations are directed.  

    In the end, our bodies will become just another lifeless carcass to be buried or burned while our worldly wealth will be transferred to those who survive us.  We exit this reality with only a record of our good and bad acts; which when reviewed reveals whether our life on earth uplifted the human condition or added to its miseries.  

    Until we begin to acknowledge this one truth, life on earth will continue to manifest hunger, pain, suffering and a general sense of confusion within the global human society.

    In addition, religion is a man created bureaucracy consisting of all the corruption that exists in every large corporation.  Religion is not GodSpirituality can flourish without religion.  Religion is an institution whose bureaucrats allege that they represent God for the purpose of controlling the minds of their true believers but who in fact represent little more than the greed and corruption and exclusionary philosophy that has been the cause of more deaths and genocide in the human society than any other force.  There is not a single verse in the Christian Bible where Jesus had anything positive to say about the Jew Religious bureaucracy who eventually had him crucified.

    Without God, human beings are lost.  Without religion, the world will become a more peaceful place.  

    Within each human being there exists a soul and by prayer and meditation every human being can get in touch with that soul which is at one with God.  Religion is an impediment to inner peace and a detriment to WorldPeace.  No one can deny that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have a long history of promoting racial and religious genocide as well as the subordination of women.  

    It is time to face this truth and reject religion in favor of spirituality where peace, tolerance, love, understanding and inclusiveness are embraced above the chaos, prejudice, hatred, ignorance and exclusiveness that is fostered by contemporary religious bureaucracies.

    And lastly, there is nothing more corrupt and hypocritical than tele-evangelists and their billion dollar Jesus shows who live in enormous materialistic luxury by taking from the poor in the name of Jesus who promoted giving to the poor and who owned nothing but the clothes on his back.  Tele-evangelists are entertainers who cannot live the example of Jesus.  Enjoy the entertainment but never forget you are watching ego maniacs who are making millions by talking about Jesus who had nothing.  The truth is often paradoxical.  It is better to give your money directly to your neighbors who are in need than to these sociopathic charlatans.


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