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Turn out the lights Molly Beth

    Well it has been two years since the campaign for governor of Texas began.  I was the first to declare my Democratic candidacy on January 1, 2001.  But the Democratic Party sold out to the corrupt billionaire Hispanic Tony Sanchez.  

    Early on the word was that John Sharp, who lost to Governor Rick Perry in the lt. governor's race in 1998, thought that if  he could recruit a rich Hispanic to run for governor, then it would energize the Hispanic voters and give the Democrats the edge they needed to reestablish themselves in the state.  It was a brain fart of gigantic proportions and one that all White males in Texas over the age of 50 understood to be a joke.  All White males over 50 who were raised in Texas as children came up in segregated schools, in a segregated society.  And their silent mantra was always, "No Way Jose'"

All children born before 1950 in Texas came up hearing the words that are no longer used in public.  Those were times when all Blacks were called niggers, coons, spooks, coloreds and all Hispanics were referred to as Mexicans or Mescans and wet backs ( a reference to swimming across the Rio Grande from Mexico to Texas), pepper bellies and beaners.  These are all very ugly words that evidence the previous level of contempt of White males over 50 for people of color.  These words are now only used in the most back woods areas of the state (oh yes, they are still used).  Sometimes when old White boys gather to shoot the bull you still hear these words occasionally.  You have to be a over 50 White male raised in Texas to know the truth of what I am saying.

The generation that fought in World War II never considered the possibility that Texas would become an integrated society.  These White guys were born in the nineteen twenties when there were still a few Confederate veterans alive.  The fact that the South lost the Civil War did not change their attitude about Blacks.  These men were only three generations removed from the Civil War.  These men all knew that the KKK was alive and well even if they did not belong to it or participate in its terroristic activities.

These were times when there was a poll tax ( A fee charged to vote) and when Blacks were harassed and threatened away from the voting booths.  This is when Blacks were given a Chinese newspaper to read to prove they could read the ballot that of course was in English.  Times when Blacks rode in the back of the bus and didn't dare try to eat in a White restaurant.  And integrated couples lived in other states.  For a Black man to be seen with a White woman was equal to a death wish in those days all over the state.  Now this attitude is pretty much limited to Vidor, Texas.

(Incidentally, the only other place more racist than Vidor, Texas is Laredo, Texas, Tony's home town which his ancestors founded.  Percentage wise, there are fewer Blacks in Laredo than in Vidor.  When the campaign started the "Stars and Bars" (Confederate Battle Flag as opposed to the Confederate Flag) was flown at the Laredo International Airport and the flag is a large part of the terminal floor still.  When I pointed this out early on in the campaign, the flags in front of the airport were all changed to American flags.  This was to hide Tony's own racism.  Has anyone looked at how many Blacks have jobs at the top of the Tony Sanchez International Bank of Commerce empire?)

In Texas, the Hispanics generally consider themselves White and superior to Blacks.  I used to know Hispanic that hated Blacks more than any Whites I knew.  And the integration of Blacks and Hispanics in Texas neighborhoods is rare.

In the not too distant past there were no Blacks in management positions and generally the only Blacks a White kid saw was when the garbage truck came by or the maids got off the bus to go to work in a house or two in the neighborhood.

And what about now?  The largest corporations still have a glass ceiling at the top of the pyramid.  There are no Black or Hispanic governors or U S Senators in the United States.  At the top of American society, White men rule.  The all White top of the social pyramid is shrinking but it is still significant.  And it still controls and rules.

The Republicans understand this.  They understand that Whites rule and they were not stupid enough to  run a person of color in the top four offices in this state. (governor, lt. governor, attorney general and U S Senator)  

One must consider that the WWII generation came up celebrating San Jacinto day.  And many are still silently mad that now Cinco de Mayo is the big event in the state and San Jacinto day is no longer a state holiday.

After the Civil War, the Blacks were Republicans because the Republican Lincoln freed them.  And so the Whites migrated to the Democratic Party.  Texas has always been White and conservative and from the 1870's to the 1980's these White conservatives were all Democrats.  But then in the 1980's there began a migration back to the Republican Party where America's conservative (and Christian) Whites have been for a long time.

Now, due to the vision of John Sharp, almost all the rest of the White male Democrats have gone Republican in response to the rainbow dream team.

John Sharp had a great liberal idea of integrating Blacks and Hispanics into the Democratic Party.  It was great right up to the point where the Whites males in the Democratic Party were made to feel like second class citizens.  A fatal mistake.  What was John Sharp thinking?  More than one Democratic county chair whispered to me that they were not going to vote for no Mexican.

It was interesting for me on the campaign trail to go to large political events and see mostly over 50 White faces and about ten percent Black faces and very few Hispanics.  I kept wondering where all the Hispanics were outside of South Texas.  I kept wondering where the much touted Hispanic enthusiasm was. The reality was that it was all a lie spun out by the Tony Sanchez campaign money.

The reality was that these White males were not attending these Democratic functions to decide on the best Democrat for each office.  They were deciding if they were going to remain Democrats.  

Sanchez didn't even campaign until January 2002.  He only went to controlled events where he did not have to interact.  He refused to attend any of the rank and file events.   And he did everything he could to avoid sharing the stage with WorldPeace.  He was an ex-Republican.  He was a political dud.  He had no enthusiasm.  He had no charisma.  And he is just too arrogant.    The last thing the over fifty White males are going to put up with is an arrogant Hispanic or what used to be called an uppity N.

Sanchez is a liar and unindicted criminal.  But he has a lot of money and the party bosses could not resist the money.  Nor could the newspapers and other media outlets who took Sanchez's millions for advertising.  The three great whores of the 2002 governor's race were the Democratic Party bosses and the newspapers and television stations.

Nobody cared about the fact that Sanchez refused to attend their events.  Nobody cared that he refused to campaign.  No one cared about his Mafia connections.  No one cared about his Vietnam Era draft dodging.  All they cared about was his money.  And the naive Sanchez mistook the friendly White faces as acceptance of him when it was just joy over getting his money.  Few over 50 White males in Texas will ever consider a Hispanic their equal much less a Black.  No amount of money or education or anything else will make that happen.  The most low rent cracker always considers himself better than a man of color.

I was pushed to the side in lots of places on the campaign trail.  Party bosses manipulated events to give Sanchez a priority on the podium.  And the Neighborhood Democrats in Houston actually called the police to make sure that WorldPeace could not get into their Democratic event where Tony was going to speak.  The police, the hotel security and Tony's Mafia goons got toe to toe with me and kept me out of the event.

And during all this time, I never stopped saying that no Hispanic was going to become governor of Texas and especially one who was a borderline criminal and all around worthless person like Sanchez.  I kept asking why the party did not put a man like Victor Morales in the governor's slot.  A man of integrity and a real Democrat, not an ex-Republican Bush Pioneer.  A man who almost beat Phil Gramm in the 1996 Senate race.  A Hispanic of substance has a chance of becoming governor of Texas.  But Vic did not have any money.

You can see on my WorldPeace for Governor of Texas web page that from the beginning of my campaign I said that if the Democratic Party tried to run Sanchez in the governor's slot, the only thing left to do after the election would be to turn out the lights.  

And  guess what?  The lights were turned out.  The Republicans not only took all the state wide offices, they picked up 88 seats in the House.  Liberalism is dead in Texas.  And people of color have been sent a very strong message about their place in Texas society.

The future of the Democratic Party is to move to the middle.  Its future is to become conservative while at the same time pushing a pro business platform and a social agenda of health insurance for all, quality education, equal rights and protection of the environment.  But unfortunately, John Sharp and his dream team idea turned into a nightmare as the remaining White males left the party in droves.  And ditzy Molly Beth Malcolm, Chairperson of the Texas Democratic Party is still flitting around saying stupid things like "this was just due to the popularity of George Bush."  Hey, Molly Beth, its racism stupid.

There are a lot of Whites who want to vote Democratic.  Or I should say older White males.  But they are going to have to be acknowledged as the backbone of the party.  One half of the Hispanics are Republicans which speaks to their successful integration into White society.  ( And by the way Hispanics have a history in Texas of splitting 50/50 between the parties so no matter how many new Hispanics you bring into the electorate the Democratic Party attains no advantage.  I said this from the beginning as well.)  

The Blacks have never fully integrated.  Therefore, it is the White males who are going to continue to run Texas for the next decade or so.  There is only going to be real social change with time when the older White males who came up in a segregated Texas begin to die off in large numbers.  Until then, politics is Texas is going to remain racist and controlled by Whites.

It is doubtful that any Hispanic or Black is going to waste his or her time running for governor or U S Senator in Texas in the next decade.  If Sanchez could not do it with his $64 million campaign, then there is little or no hope for another rainbow candidate.

The message to Democrats in Texas and America is to move to the center politically because liberalism is dead as a door nail in America.  The great civil rights experiment didn't actually end with this election cycle but it is no longer a viable issue. All the energy of King's civil rights movement is gone.  Mostly due to the corrupt and ego centric leadership that tried to fill the vacuum his assassination left.

The one thing that I was wrong about was that all over fifty Whites were racists.  The truth is that the over fifty White women voted both Republican and Democrat.  It was the over fifty White Democratic males who abandoned en mass the Democratic Party.  These are the men who run Texas.  These are the men who said, "No way Jose'".  This is the voting block I was talking about when I said early on that no Hispanic had a dog's chance in Hell of being governor of Texas.

A reading of my web pages will clearly indicate that I and no one else has so committed himself to racial, religious, national and sexual equality as I have.  My commitment is so entrenched that I changed my name to John WorldPeace fourteen years ago.  Anyone who terms me a racist is just stupid.

The reality is that no one wants to admit that Texas is racist.  And further, that racism exists all over the United States and that is why there are no Black or Hispanic governors or U S Senators even now.  And that racism is the reason why there is little resistance to the wholesale killing of Arabs in the Middle East.

What is interesting to me is that the real turning point is always going to be the 2000 Presidential election in Florida and the appointment of George Bush President by the U S Supreme Court.

Lastly to all you reporters who laughed and wrote the crap you did about me, do you have the guts to print the fact that you were wrong and I was right? No, I do not think so.  

I am the new Democrat.  Pro-business.  Pro-equal rights. Pro-education. Pro-environment. and spiritual.

In the end, WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace 
November 7, 2002

I am working on what I believe will become an Internet book about the 2002 governor's race in Texas.  This is the first of many articles to come over time.  I am going to try to bring all my notes together into a coherent readable story.  So stay tuned if you are interested.

    The following is history in the sense that it is the web page I maintained during my run for governor.

I have been silent since the March 12, 2002, Democratic Primary, trying every way possible to stay out of the politics regarding the race for governor of Texas.  However, even though I still consider myself a Democrat, I cannot in good conscience vote for someone like Tony Sanchez for governor of Texas.  Tony Sanchez is a coward and a liar, he is a Vietnam Era draft dodger (in an age of terrorism), he is connected to the Mafia by way of his undeniable laundering of drug money and the late Morris Jaffe, and he is trying to spend his ill gotten wealth to buy the governor's office.  (See below for more details on my position.)  I support the rest of the Democratic ticket but I can not support Tony Sanchez.  Tony Sanchez is bad for Texas.  I will support the rest of the Democratic ticket in November but I will vote for myself for governor.

IN ADDITION:  I am declaring myself a write in candidate for Governor of Texas.  Therefore, when you go to vote for governor of Texas this November, I am asking you to write in WorldPeace in the appropriate place on the ballot.

John WorldPeace
August 28, 2002

   The United States of America is an example to all the world that all races, all religions, and all nationalities can live together in peace.  The United States is one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.  To all of those who think WorldPeace is foolish, I would offer up the United States of America as an undeniable example of a place on this earth where human beings of all nations, of all races and of all religions abide in peace.  Therefore, we must conclude that racial, religious and national wars that continue to cause human pain and suffering around the world and which demonize people based on religion, race or nationality are not inevitable.  These wars are caused and continued by leaders who spread the lie that somehow their nation, their religion, their race is inherently superior to all others and  therefore murder and genocide foisted on these "others" is justified.  The truth of WorldPeace, the validity of WorldPeace is exemplified by the undeniable democratic reality of the people of the United States of America within whose realm religious, racial and national wars do not exist.  When people come to America, they leave their generic prejudices at our borders. This is the reality of America and the hope of WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace

The following is the majority of my web page as it existed when I ran for Governor of Texas.  I was defeated in the March 12, 2002 Democratic Primary because I did not have $20 million to spend on advertising like Tony Sanchez did.



and the 2002 Texas Democratic Primary

Fourteen years ago, I changed my name to John WorldPeace as a commitment to equality and justice in the global society. A year ago I declared my candidacy for governor of Texas and the foundation of my political agenda was equality and justice for women and people of color who are undeniably second class citizens in the United States. For all our high ideals which are embodied in our Constitutions both state and federal, the reality is that equality and justice is still an unrealized dream in America.

Out of one million people who voted in the Democratic Primary for governor on March 12, 2002, twenty-thousand voted for WorldPeace. Approximately 800,000 of those who voted were women and people of color. Only about 200,000 were White males. Yet these 800,000 rejected my absolute commitment to an affirmative action plan whereby I would allocate half my appointments to women and a percentage to people of color in which they voted in the November 2002 general election. Instead, these 800,000 voted for one of two of my Hispanic opponents who made no such commitment: in fact one of my opponents repeatedly stated his aversion to affirmative action.

I also made a commitment to give teachers a $2,500 raise as a token of my commitment to education. And the voters also rejected this and voted for my opponents who made no such commitment. The reality is that those in power have an unstated understanding that to educate the populace is a bad thing. They understand that the vast majority of people in America operate on an eighth grade level. The reality is that the majority of people simply cannot understand what I am saying and for that reason continue to be manipulated by those in power. 

There is an economic stratification taking place at an increasing rate in America and the world. Money is daily being transferred from the average citizen to a small number of individuals who control the economy and thereby control the population. In Texas, people are now allowed to borrow their home equity to pay off credit card debts. And there is a move in the United States Congress to prohibit credit card debt from being written off in bankruptcy. The net effect is the economic enslavement of the population. Only education can deter this process. Yet again the majority of people have no idea what I am talking about.

During my campaign, I also said that I would bring God back into the schools by legalizing a moment of silence to acknowledge God. My position is that if "In God We Trust" on our money and "one nation under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance does not establish religion in violation of the United States Constitution, then neither does a moment of silence to acknowledge God. In addition, both the current governor, Rick Perry and Tony Sanchez who spent $25 million to win the Democratic Primary for governor, refused to attend a Rally for School Prayer in Palestine, Texas. (Again, few can appreciate the irony) I promoted and attended the event while Mr. Perry and Mr. Sanchez turned their back on God. The reality is that prayer in the schools really isn't an issue with Christians.

I also said that I would remove the Confederate Battle Flag (The Stars and Bars as opposed to the Confederate Flag) from publicly funded places in Texas. I believe that the Confederate Battle Flag represents 300 years of slavery in America (the Black holocaust) and is comparable to the Nazi flag and the Jewish holocaust. This is a big issue with Gary Bledsoe of the Texas NAACP. But not a single word of support from Mr. Bledsoe for my campaign. Just another example of insincerity about a what is apparently a non-issue.

The women and people of color voted to maintain their second class citizenship, they voted to keep education a secondary priority, the Christians don't really care about prayer in the schools, and the Blacks couldn't care less about a flag that represents the South's determination to continue slavery. The irony is that hundreds of thousands of men died to take down that flag, end slavery and preserve the Union. And the contemporary Black mindset is undeniable apathy.

The majority of Blacks in Houston, Texas live in neighborhoods where the streets are full of potholes and without curbs, ditches carry all kinds of toxic runoff including human waste when it rains, houses burn all the way to the ground and there is a lack of police presence. Major grocery stores and retail stores do not exist in these islands of poverty in a vast sea of wealth. Yet the people who live in these areas time and again vote for Black leaders who for the last 30 years have done virtually nothing to improve these conditions. Some of the worst enemies of the Black population are wrapped in Black skin.

On the global stage, America supports the war that Jewish terrorist began over 50 years ago to carve Israel out of Palestine and displace over a million people whose ancestors had lived on that land for 1900 years. And because of that unresolved conflict, America suffered the atrocity of 911. It is Palestine, stupid.

America has now killed over a hundred thousand people in Afghanistan in retribution for the 4,000 Americans who were killed on 911. And now consideration is being given to unilaterally striking at Iraq; and the insanity of nuclear weapons is being considered. It is oil, stupid.

The solution in the Middle East is simple: 1) Create a Palestinian State. 2) Make Jerusalem an international city under the control of the United Nations that will give secure access to that Holy City to the Jews, Christians and Muslims who represent half the world's religionist. 3) Allow the Jews to rebuild Solomon's Temple next to the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. 

The world powers continue to exploit the underdeveloped countries. Cigarettes that are banned in the United States are sold abroad. Genetically engineered grains that are banned in the United States for human consumption are sold on the world market. The United States is the only nation who refuses to acknowledge global warming because it is one of the biggest contributors to the problem. The United States and Israel are the only two nations that refuse to acknowledge their racism. The United States refuses to acknowledge the immorality of slavery which it supported until the Civil War and it continues to refuse to acknowledge the fact that it undeniably committed genocide against the Indian Nations.

I am an American who served his country in the United States Army. I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist. I believe in and I am committed to Democracy and capitalism. 

I believe that the United States as the social melting pot of the world is the hope of the world. Yet I must acknowledge the reality that the United States continues to subordinate people of color and women and thereby continues to deny equality and justice for all. And on a global scale, equality and justice is barely given lip service.

Fourteen years ago, I changed my name to WorldPeace and by so doing committed the rest of my life to increasing the peace and harmony in the world society by advocating and manifesting equality and justice at every opportunity. That journey continues. Even if I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

I make my living by practicing law. I have no WorldPeace organization, no disciples, no followers.  I am just one man with one simple message: "WorldPeace". If you want to support my efforts regarding WorldPeace, then send your contributions to WorldPeace at the above address. All contributions will be used to foster peace, WorldPeace and equality and justice for all world wide.

John WorldPeace
March 21, 2002


"There is nothing more tragic than to know right and not do it."  Dr. Martin Luther King

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come !


The WorldPeace Agenda

1) Equal opportunity and justice for ALL!  50% of my appointments will be allocated to women and a percentage of appointments will be allocated to Blacks and Hispanics in relation to the percentage in which they vote in the November 2002 general election.  2) No tax increases in the 2003 Legislative session.  3) $2,500 across the board raise for teachers to show my commitment to education where we rank 48 among the 50 states.  4) We already have gambling in Texas.  I will legalize gambling on the Indian reservations and the state's share of the profits will be earmarked for education.  There is no reason for Texas education money to go to Louisiana.  5)  I will initiate a vocational program for high school students who do not want to go to college wherein they can graduate with a vocational degree in law, nursing, auto-mechanics, computers, etc that will allow them to immediately go to work after high school in a good paying job.   6) Return a moment of silent to acknowledge God in the schools.  If "In God we Trust" on our coins and "one nation under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance does not establish religion, a moment of silence to acknowledge God does not either.  7) I will find a way for the state to purchase medicine from the manufacturers at a significant discount and pass that discount on to our senior citizens.  8) Establish a Public Defenders Office to make sure that criminals who are in jail and who are executed did in fact receive a fair trial with a competent attorney.  9)  I intend to begin rewriting the post Reconstruction Texas Constitution of 1876 for the purpose of securing a greater degree of equality and justice for all the citizens of Texas.   10)  I support abortions where the mother's life is in jeopardy.  Otherwise, I will advocate a pro-choice position for the first four months of pregnancy and a pro-life agenda after four months.  I am adverse to anyone who advocates a pro-life, anti-welfare agenda.  11)  I believe in the right to bear arms, mandatory criminal checks before gun purchases (including gun shows) and harsh sentences for crimes committed with guns.  12)  I am pro-business, pro-labor and pro-environment.   Businesses create jobs and unions and environmentalist are necessary to create an adversarial process to make sure that workers are paid a livable wage and the environment is not destroyed without careful consideration.  (We do not own the environment but are caretakers of it for future generations.)  All three interest groups will have equal access to my administration.  13)  I will stop unsolicited internet pornography to email addresses of the citizens of Texas.  14) No more Corruption.  As in Savings and Loans and Enron. 15)  No more Monicas.  16)  I believe that the farmers and ranchers, both large and small, are critical to the future of any society and I will support programs that will reduce the risk of farming and ranching without creating an agricultural welfare program.  17) I intend to become the governor of ALL Texans, not just the governor of the Blacks or Whites or Hispanics.

John WorldPeace


    Tony Sanchez  1) He is a Republican who gave George Bush $350,000. 2) He laundered $25 million in drug money through his Tesoro S & L before he bankrupted it and cost the taxpayer $161 million in a bail out. He paid $1 million to settle a potential lawsuit by the government regarding his management of Tesoro. Essentially he made loans of $250 thousand to his friends on property that was only worth $50 thousand. The friends defaulted on the loans and the taxpayers picked up the FSLIC guarantees. 3) He called the Secretary of State Henry Cuellar a homosexual. 4) His best friend Tony Canales defends Mafia drug lords like Juan Abrego who brought 16 tons of cocaine into the US. 5) He made money on Enron stock which is going to be the next S & L type scandal. 6) He has Mafia connections through his deceased friend Morris Jaffe who caused Jim Wright�s downfall and who also funneled money to Henry Cisneros� mistress and was connected to Carlos Marcello of the New Orleans Mafia. 7) He helped defeat legislation that would require banks to look into the backgrounds of very large depositors. 8) He was an intern for the corrupt Ben Barnes who was connected to Frank Sharp and his banking and stock fraud. Sort of like Tony�s International Bank of Commerce which 12 years after the Tesoro fiasco is worth $6 billion. 9) He refuses to release the supporting schedules for his tax returns so we can see how much money he made on the Enron stock which has left thousands of pensioners destitute. 10) He has used illegal drugs, hired illegal aliens and is a Vietnam era draft dodger.  If you loved Ken Lay and Enron; Scott Sullivan and World Com, Tony Sanchez and the International Banc of Commerce is coming soon !


    Morales/Sanchez Hispanic gubernatorial debates 

There have been two televised debates to date:  One at KGNS-TV in Laredo on Thursday, February 21, 2002 and one on KBMT-TV in Beaumont on Friday, February 22, 2002.  All the candidates were invited to both debates but Tony Sanchez refused to attend.  And by the way, Laredo is Tony's home town.

Presently, KERA-TV in Dallas is trying to put on what I, as an attorney, believe to be an "unconstitutional" "Hispanic only" debate on March 1, 2002.  Many stations from around the state have agreed to carry it.  No stations picked up the Laredo or Beaumont debates other than KGNS and KBMT who presented them.  

I filed suit to stop the KERA March 1, "Hispanic only" debate .  On February 26, 2002, the Federal Court in Houston determined that even if the "Hispanic only" debates were racist in KERA-TV's allowing only Sanchez and Morales to participate, and excluded WorldPeace and Lyon the White candidates, it was legal under both the Texas and United States Constitutions.  

Between the birth of our Nation and the Civil War, the Federal jurist upheld slavery despite its immoral, degrading and destructive impact on the Black race.  It took the purging of a great Civil War before dedicated and determined men were able to overcome the law of the land by sacrificing their lives.

Consider the fact that two Hispanics, Morales and Sanchez, say they want to be the governor of Texas and yet intend to participate in a debate that locks out the White candidates.  I guess Dan and Tony each intend to become the governor of South Texas not the governor of Texas just like I have been saying all along.

February 27, 2002  WorldPeace refuses the KERA-TV interview offer. 

March 1, 2002  The "Hispanic only" debates reckoning 

[Tony Sanchez the Vietnam Era Draft Dodger]











[WorldPeace, Father, Sons as Veterans]























"...Whenever you are in doubt or when the self becomes too much with you, try the following expedient: Recall the face of the poorest and most helpless person that you have ever seen and ask yourself if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him or her.  Will he or she be able to gain anything by it?  Will it restore to him or her control over his or her own life and destiny?...Then you will find your doubts and your self melting away."  Mahatma Gandhi.

"Then he will say to those at his left hand...'I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not give me clothing, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.'  Then they also will answer, 'Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not take care of you?'  Then he will answer them, 'Truly I tell you , just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.
Jesus - Matthew 25:31-46




by Randy Travis

There is a point, when you cannot walk away,
when you have to stand up straight and tall
and mean the words you say.
There is a point you must decide
just to do it just because its right.
That's when you become a point of light.
There is a darkness that everyone must face.
It wants to take what's good and fair and lay it all to waste.
And that darkness covers everything in sight
until it meets a single point of light.

All it take's is a point of light,
a ray of hope is the darkest night.
If you see what's wrong and you try to make it right,
you will be a point of light.

There are heroes whose names we never hear,
a dedicated army of quiet volunteers;
reaching out to feed the hungry,
reaching out to save the land,
reaching out to help their fellow man.

There are dreamers who are making dreams come true,
taking time to teach the children there is nothing they can't do.
Giving shelter to the homeless,
giving hope to those without,
isn't that what this land is all about?

One by one from the mountains to the sea,
points of light are calling out to you and me.

All it takes is a point of light,
a ray of hope in the darkest night.

If you see what's wrong
and you try to make it right,
you will be a point of light.
If you see what's wrong
and you try to make it right,
you will be a point of light.

Joseph went after his brothers, and found them at Do'than.  His brothers saw him from a distance, and before he came near to them, they conspired to kill him.  They said to one another, "Here comes this dreamer.  Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits; then we shall say that a wild animal has devoured him, and we shall see what becomes of his dreams."  Genesis 37:17-20